Yu-Gi-Oh! – Ancient Gear Box (PRIO-EN032) – Primal Origin – 1st Edition – Common

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a strategic trading card game in which two players Duel each other using a variety of Monster, Spell, and Trap Cards to defeat their opponent’s monsters and be the first to drop the other’s Life Points to 0.

Card Name: Ancient Gear Box

Card Type: Effect Monster

Card Number: PRIO-EN032

Set: Primal Origin

Attribute: EARTH

Level: 4

Monster Type: Machine

Passcode: 60953949

Card Text: If this card is added from your Deck or Graveyard to your hand except by drawing: You can add 1 EARTH Machine-Type monster with 500 ATK or DEF from your Deck to your hand except “Ancient Gear Box”. You can only use the effect of “Ancient Gear Box” once per turn.

Product Features

  • A single individual card from the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading and collectible card game (TCG/CCG).
  • This is of Common rarity.
  • From the Primal Origin set.
  • You will receive the 1st Edition version of this card.

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