VIDEO – #BATMAN Forever Stamps US Post Office Ceremony at New York Comic Con 2014

Here’s a video showing the “Batman Forever Stamps” at the US Post Office Ceremony that appeared at the recent 2014 New York Comic Con.

 These stamps are still available at the Post office but they are selling quick. Some people have told me they bought the last ones at their locations so, if you want a set, you better hurry and get yours!

Oh yeah, as a kick side note: That’s our buddy, Ralph Garman, giving the introduction!

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ERRANTS by UHOH Toys To Debut @ New York Comic Con #NYCC2014

Debuting at next week’s New York Comic Con 2014 (Oct 9-12) is UHOH Toys first vinyl toy: “ERRANTS”! ERRANTS is a set including 3 heads – Roku the Turtle/Snake Hybrid, Verge the Mutated Owl and Cutty the Mutated Buffalo, and 3 bodies, an Astronaut, a Scientist and a Cowboy.

Made in Japan of Japanese Soft Vinyl (Sofubi), the trio features mix-and-match the heads, with each set coming with all

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GeekStuff Dead & D4L3K by Kris Dulfer (Kid Ink Industries) for Geek Stuff @ New York Comic Con #NYCC20134

GEEKSTUFF PRESS: “Kris Dulfer has a pile of exclusives he will be releasing at his own booth but he’s saved some awesome ones for Geek Stuff as well. First up is the GeekStuff Dead Vinyl Busts. These will be on sale for $120 each.

The second piece could be the exclusive I’m most excited about this year overall. During a random mid afternoon delirium induced text message brain storming session

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Clutter-Exclusive Buford Mandrake for New York Comic-Con #NYCC2014

PRESS: “Just when you thought it was safe to frequent the city at night again Buford Mandrake returns and this time it’s New York not London he is heading for. A Clutter exclusive release (limited to six pieces $50 each) sees Mandrake return sporting an aged brushed steel and rubbed pink finish. Buford is articulated at the neck and is presented with 2 of his infamous masks (Interchangeable).”

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Monster Island @ New York Comic Con 2014

The Monster Island booth will be jam packed this year at NYCC 2014. Grizlli Atoms, Death Cat Toys, and Snatch Punch Toys will be at the booth #402 with special guests featuring Splurrt, Uamou, Nerdone, Coma21, Dr. Gonzo, Gorgoloid, Meteoratoyz, Blockhead Toys, Bukimi Blasterz, Blood Guts Toys, Kenth Toy Works,…

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Introducing "Sleeptime Bunnies" by Peter Kato x myplasticheart for New York Comic-Con #NYCC2014

SLEEPTIME BUNNIES PRESS: “This year at NYCC we will be collaborating with Brooklyn based artist Peter Kato, debuting his newest creation, Sleeptime Bunnies! This new rendition of Peter’s super popular Bedtime Bunnies are now in full slumber, peacefully dreaming away. Our exclusive Sleeptime Bunnies Sweet Harvest Edition comes in 4 seasonal candy shades of autumn, blind boxed and limited to only

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ReAction Figures: ‘Firefly’, ‘Escape From New York’ and ‘The Goonies’ from Funko

I’m left pretty much in the crunchiest of pickles here … out of the three licensed properties here, I am extremely keen to collect my fan defunct TV series; “Firefly”, and one of my fav retro-future flicks “Escape from New York” (which I inevitably might just get “Snake Plissken” after all ;p) … although I don’t really care much for “The Goonies” … on one hand, I totally appreciate these

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ZCWO 1/6 NYPD New York Police Department Police Officer "Murphy" version 2.0 (Fat version)

There are more variations of 12-inch figure body types than ever before. These latest preview / prototype pictures of ZC World ZCWO 1/6 scale NYPD New York Police Department Police Officer “Murphy” version 2.0 shows a figure that has munched one too many donuts. This is not the first fat figure to be produced. There have been quite a few fat figures released recently and take-up rate wasn’t that great because not many collectors want to own a FAT figure unless he’s somebody from Hollywood and rather famous, and has featured prominently in a superhero movie. We are all still waiting for a 1/6 scale Danny DeVito Penguin from “Batman Returns (1992)”.

ZCWO 1/6 NYPD New York Police Department Police Officer “Murphy” version 2.0 (Fat version) includes 1/6 scale head sculpt, ZCWO male body (specific body type – FAT), eight pieces fat hands (four pairs), NYPD Police octagonal hat (cloth), NYPD police uniform shirt (with police plated chapter badge), NYPD police uniform pants with leather belt, black long-sleeved sweater, black socks, black shoes (with feet), police reflective vest, 4 cloth stickers, Blue / White megaphone (bullhorn or loud hailer), Police duty / equipment belt (made of leather, metal buckle) with pepper spray, pistol, left-hand pistol holster, baton, handcuffs, handcuff case, keys, Flashlight, walkie-talkie radio, double pistol magazine pouch, watch, clip board and pens, White plasti-cuffs / double cuffs x 5, black thigh equipment bag, figure display stand.
Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures.

Click on them for bigger and better views.

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