LEGO Ideas Women of Nasa 21312 Building Kit (231 Piece)

Explore the professions of some of the groundbreaking women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with the LEGO Ideas Women of NASA set. It features minifigures of 4 pioneering women of NASA— astronomer and educator Nancy Grace Roman, computer scientist and entrepreneur Margaret Hamilton, astronaut, physicist and entrepreneur Sally Ride and astronaut, physician and engineer Mae Jemison—and 3 builds illustrating their areas of expertise. Role-play space exploration from planning to moon landing, beginning with the iconic scene from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1969 of Hamilton with software that she and her team programmed. Build the posable Hubble Space Telescope and launch a LEGO version of the Space Shuttle Challenger with 3 removable rocket stages. The set also includes a booklet about the 4 featured women of NASA, and the fan creator and LEGO designers of this fun and educational set.

Product Features

  • Features 3 LEGO builds illustrating the areas of expertise of the 4 featured women of NASA
  • Includes 4 minifigures: Nancy Grace Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride and Mae Jemison
  • Nancy Grace Roman’s build features a posable Hubble Space Telescope with authentic details and a projected image of a planetary nebula
  • Margaret Hamilton’s build features a stack of book elements, representing the books of listings of Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) onboard flight software source code
  • Sally Ride and Mae Jemison’s build features a launchpad and Space Shuttle Challenger with 3 removable rocket stages
  • Includes a booklet with building instructions, plus information about the 4 featured women of NASA, the set’s fan creator and the LEGO designers
  • Nancy Grace Roman’s build measures over 2″ (7cm) high, 3″ (9cm) wide and 2″ (6cm) deep, Margaret Hamilton’s build measures over 2″ (6cm) high, 3″ (8cm) wide and 1″ (4cm) deep
  • Sally Ride and Mae Jemison’s build measures over 4″ (12cm) high, 3″ (10cm) wide and 2″ (6cm) deep


Everybody’s favorite toy company, Funko, has plans later in the year to release a brand-new toy line called “Rock Candy”. These will be highly stylized versions of the “girl” superhero characters from the world of DC Comics. These figures are about 5″ tall.

In the first wave it looks like they’re gonna make two versions of Batgirl (I love the “Silver Age” one on the right), one Harley Quinn, one Supergirl, and two versions of Wonder Woman (Yes, the one on the left is the “Batman V Superman” movie version). 

Knowing Funko, I’m sure they’re gonna go totally crazy with this and there will be MANY more characters. Stay tuned to the BAT-BLOG for more information once Funko releases it.

Small Creative Tattoo Ideas For Women

Here you will find a creative tattoo ideas, but with a smaller size. Small tattoo is ideal for keeping a low image profile. Now tattoos is a trend, a trend that is widely imitated, including the trend of tattoos can be found from the design of the skull, feathers, flowers, crowns, diamonds and anchor. Or you might want to use the symbol, that many women are looking for ideas such as crosses, triangles, a symbol of infinity, and the hearts of music notes and a few words that give us hope, strength, faith, or motivational phrase.

Here are some creative tattoo ideas, which have a small design:

Diamond tattoos on fingers. Among the gemstones, diamond is the most popular tattoos, most women use a small diamond on her finger, neck, legs or body parts to be tattooed. Tattoos diamond indicates a strong character, charm and even magic.

Small arrows in the Finger Tattoo, some women use arrow tattoo at the foot of the signs of Sagittarius stars, but not all the arrows mean that everyone has the stars of Sagittarius. But it could also mean that the arrow tattoo is a fighter in life.

Little Star Tattoo, Star Tattoos are very popular today typically male tattoo nautical star tattoos and also using women choose smaller stars.

Moon tattoo on wrist, tattoos moon very similar to the stars, has the popularity at the same time and they are from the sky. In Yin and Yang is the passive part, while in western astrology, an individual’s emotional nature.

The word tattoo in italics, as quote tattoo, and that words give your some strength, motivation, hope, a very original design, especially if the word using italics.

Heart Tattoo, this tattoo is one of the favorite for women, you can find a small tattoo, large, medium-sized hearts, tribal, with some words or there are symbol that attached beside sentence. One of the tattoos that became well-known in recent years is also an infinity symbol next to the heart indicates eternal love. That’s some creative tattoo ideas that have small size, especially for women. Do you like the design? And Do you get design that you want?

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Rose Tattoo Ideas for Women

Do you like roses,

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rose tattoo ideas may be suitable for you. Not only men who like tattoos. Many women are also starting to use the tattoo. Tattoos are not only for style fashion or body art, tattoos can also show or reflect the characteristics of a person through their body image. In a sense here is a tattoo design is different from the male tattoo designs women. Although, you often find men who use floral tattoo design or in connection with the woman, a woman who uses a macho tattoo designs. But here we will discuss about the tattoo design that is perfect for women, which is a rose tattoo design.

Rose tattoo ideas most appropriate when used woman. That’s because this tattoo design has a very beautiful, you can choose a tattoo roses already in bloom or bud roses, all designs that still look beautiful when worn by a woman. In addition, you can use colored tattoo designs, in accordance with the rose color that you like, or you do not use color but only frame of roses. Everything is up to you. Many women love this flower, so it does not hurt you to put a flower design on your body. You can lay in the arms, chest, back, back of the neck, legs, etc. You can put a tattoo design on the body that you want.

Why are rose tattoo ideas highly favored women, in addition to having a beautiful design, this tattoo also has a lot of meaning. The rose tattoo can symbolize a woman’s elegance, romance, if you use the sanctity of white roses, toughness woman can protect yourself. Therefore, many women do like this design. If you want to use this tattoo design, you have to put in the appropriate place, the intention is to adjust the size of your body parts. Are you interested in using this beautiful rose tattoo? Or more details, you can see some pictures rose tattoo designs that can be used as a reference for you. Show me your beauty side not only with makeup or style of dress, but you can also show your beauty through a tattoo.

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Dragonfly Tattoo Ideas For Women

I will discuss about

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dragonfly tattoo ideas. Dragonflies are one of the very special animals. Many women choose tattoos of dragonflies, but also many men who use this tattoo design. This tattoo became popular in the early 90′s, the year in which small insects become the most popular and full of cultural and symbolic meanings, dragonfly tattoo designs that produce aesthetically beautiful but also the addition of several components that provide meaning. As you will see in the pictures that I provide, many options on this dragonfly tattoo designs, for example Anisoptera.

Many people like dragonfly tattoo ideas. One of the outstanding features of the dragonfly dragonflies is that during his life better able to handle the water, air and earth. Let’s look at dragonflies grow in water, because their mothers lay eggs, usually in the puddles. When the dragonfly wings started to grow, and are free to fly, that is why the dragonfly is closely related to fertility. Parents looking for a child, or those who have lost usually called dragonflies because they provide the components necessary for the symbolic, Also for example, women in situations of domestic violence and physical abuse relationships.

If we are looking for a partner for the dragonfly, then you find the butterfly. They are two very similar creatures, which grow and develop together. Both can fly, has many colors and a clear vision, is really very aesthetic. However, a different physical form. The butterfly has a wing that looks much bigger than a dragonfly, and the latter is more elongated. In many tribal beliefs about dragonfly that a tribe who believe that dragonflies are individuals who control and protect the tribe. So dragonflies are highly respected. In Japan, the animal associated with happiness. For the placement of this tattoo, you can customize to your liking. If you want to look sensual and sexy, you can put it on your hips or chest area. But, there are some women who put these tattoos on the back, it is because a tattoo design that is quite large and very varied. That’s my opinion on some dragonfly tattoo ideas. Are you also interested?

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Pretty Tattoo Ideas for Women : Fleur De Lis

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pretty tattoo ideas that will make a woman falling in love. Flowers designs tend to be more frequent in the world of tattoo motifs. Flowers have a beautiful design. Usually that use floral tattoo design is a woman. Flowers always bring us back to life and nature. This time, I will give you suggestions for using Fleur de Lis tattoo designs, this design represents Lily.

These pretty tattoo ideas much become a design for female choice. You will often find women who use this tattoo design.  Meaning of the Fleur de lis is a symbol that is often used by the different traditions of the French emblem although its origins are found in the twelfth century. Thus, associated with the king, which is associated as a symbol of power, sovereignty and honor. In addition, the Fleur de lis is a symbol of good work and light, the lighting and the ability to see God. Used as a reflection of the tree of life and perfection. Because it has three petals, the Christian tradition associated with the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Spirit) and the Virgin Mary.

Why this symbol is a symbol of the lily and its representation? As we see, it is a symbol that has been used extensively and with different interpretations. Currently, Fleur de Lis is a typical symbol of Scouting. Usually petals Scout badge has a sailor knot around some stars and represents heaven, and have contact with nature. When you are choose this design, to place in your body, you can customize to your liking. In addition, most people choose to draw this design in black, but if you’re a fan of color may choose to use other colors. So, you know, if you want to reflect honor, loyalty, royalty, or if you prefer a good symbol of the Holy Trinity that reflects your faith, Fleur de Lis is right choice for you! That is pretty tattoo ideas for you. Do you want to try it? For more explanation, you can see picture. I am sure that you will like this design.

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Flower Tattoo Ideas For Women

Tattoos are body art that are popular today, but it also includes the way a person’s tattoos to express themselves, especially for Women. There are many flower tattoo ideas for Women. Flowers tattoos are tattoos are favored by Women. You know yourself that in our lives we find a variety of flowers, and the flowers have its own meaning. Women tattoo designs always look feminine and elegant, it is also because of the personality of Women who smooth and feminine. Place to put the most preferred flowers tattoo Women are the abdomen or hip, it’s because it would give impression of sexy for them.There is limited evidence to support these claims. On the other hand, sunlamps may be more dangerous than the sun because they can be used at the same intensity every day of the year – something that is unlikely for the sun because of winter weather and cloud cover.
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Below are some flower tattoo ideas that you can emulate:

Hibiscus Flower, flowers is synonymous with the Hawaiian Islands. Therefore many people are calling this a Hawaiian tattoo. Hibiscus flowers have a beautiful impression, fresh and elegant. Therefore, this design is perfect for their personality. So we can see that a lot of Women who are interested in using this tattoo design.

Color flowers tattoo, flowers are a symbol of beauty and color. Women can get a lot of tattoos flowers with color choices unlimited. Colorful flowers are chosen to give the sense of cheerfulness and happiness in life.

Lotus flowers tattoo designs. The lotus flower begins to live in a small or large mud pond. After grows slowly and the water surface. Once on the surface, there are flowers that bloom and be beautiful to look at. The lotus flower gives the sense that two different religions, may have slight differences but in fact they are both maintain a similar value of life.

Furthermore, for the flower tattoo ideas are Jasmine Tattoo. The word “jasmine” is derived from the Arabic word which means “gift of God.” This flower has a very distinctive fragrance as a gift from God. Many women who is like the fragrance of this jasmine flower, So that not a few Women who use this form of jasmine flowers as a tattoo design. Design tattoo jasmine has impression of elegance, sensuality and kindness.

The last is of course the most preferred by Women is the rose tattoo design. This tattoo design can be placed at any body. Roses have meaning Women who have a sense of love, romance and loyalty.

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Popular Small Cute Tattoo Ideas for Women

Many people are starting to like tattoos, tattoo designs from large to small cute tattoo ideas. That’s because, the tattoo is a body art that is popular. In addition to show the creativity of body art, tattoos also an identity for a person, or as a symbol of a person’s characteristics. Not only men who like tattoos, women love tattoos jug. If men liked tattoos are usually big, masculine look and can symbolize their characteristics. Men usually like animal tattoo designs, tribal, celtic, etc. While women tattoo designs that still look feminine, like a butterfly animal, fish. In addition women also love the design of the show feeling. In addition to great design, now there are many tattoo designs that look small.

Now, I will give some small cute tattoo ideas for women, tattoo designs are most favored by women:

Tattoos placed in the back of the neck. This is one of the favorite places to put their tattoos woman. When she ties her hair, the hidden visible tattoo will look. In addition to making appearances to be interesting, these tattoos can also make a woman look sexy. The designs are often used behind the woman’s neck, like a cross design, hearts, butterflies, flowers, etc. In addition, many women who began creativity to make their own tattoo designs.

Tattoo design that symbolizes love, to place this tattoo placement depends on the wishes of the woman. Love design typically used in pairs with their lover. To show your feelings to someone we love, do not have to use a large tattoo, women also can use the cute little tatao design. The designs are often used to express feelings, such as spouse name tattoos, heart tattoos, etc.

Sexy tattoo design, tattoo designs are not only great to make women look sexy. Tattoo design which is located in the lower abdomen, to form designs can be tailored to the desires of women. But, there are many women who put tattoos on the hip, pictures are like butterflies, stars or flowers.

Those are some small cute tattoo ideas that are often used by women, or it could be said pupuler among women. Happy trying!

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Pretty Butterfly Tattoo Ideas for Women

I will give you some butterfly tattoo ideas that can be tried by women. Nowadays, not only men who use tattoos, but women have also started liking tattoos located on their bodies. Tattoo is a body art that is interesting, and the tattoo is a tattoo design that symbolizes the characteristics of a person. Women are identical with the butterfly, why? That’s because the butterfly has beautiful colors and attractive body. Women love this design, because women love the beautiful colors that are owned by a butterfly. For women, the butterfly is a symbol of the feminine that can boost their confidence.

There are many butterfly tattoo ideas favored by women. You can use the design drawings of butterflies are large or small. It depends on your decision, and if you want to show the tattoo to your friends. Therefore, you have to put the tattoo design on the body that can be seen. Body parts are often used by women to put this tattoo design is in the back of the back or shoulders back, some women also put this tattoo design on the side or back of the neck. If you like swimming, you can put a butterfly tattoo design is on your hips, so that when you wear a bathing suit, your tattoo will steal the show. For the butterfly colors, you can customize to your liking, you can choose a variety of colored or just one color. Sealing it, to Desai’s tattoos, you could use some abstract designs, or 3D. Choose according to your liking.

Butterfly tattoo has a special meaning according place in our body. For example image on the neck or shoulder that symbolizes women who like to dream about. At your lower back that is symbolizing wit and well-being, trustworthy and health. For you who like to tattoo on the foot or above the ankle is someone who love nature. For you who want to express their love for all living creatures, butterfly tattoo on his chest is the nice option. Some women use small tattoo in the wrist for the beauty factor, that is symbolizes virginity and love. Butterfly tattoo ideas symbolizes of beauty, warmth, and innocent creatures.

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Tattoo design ideas for women with meaning

Not only men, women also like tattoos. There are many kinds of tattoo design ideas for women. Tattoo than as a fashion or beauty, tattoos also has its own meaning. In addition, Tattoo often used as a popular body art. Colorful tattoos will add flavor and a new look to describe the personality of a person.

Here tattoo design ideas for women as well as the meaning and purpose:

Zodiac tattoo emblem explains a lot about the personality. Women have always had a strong relationship with the zodiac. Each zodiac sign has unique characteristics, which give characteristic of a person’s zodiac.

Music Notation tattoo image will symbolize the love of a woman to the music. Perfect design is to express love, passion, and spirit. Many women are music lovers and professional musicians who marked her body with tattoos symbolizing music. Women typically have always felt a very strong attraction to music.

Feather tattoo pictures carry a deep meaning, which is worn by the people to the beauty and aesthetics. The nature feather symbolizes freedom and enlightenment. It is also a parable of love, happiness and dreams. The colors are used for feather tattoos are mostly done in black and white. But colorful also look equally beautiful. Feather tattoo can be carved in any place, but the most popular is in the upper back, arms, shoulders and legs. Designs that can be taken include peacock feathers, turkey or swallowing or crested feathers.

Sun tattoos are popular among men as well as women, and is one of the most interesting tattoo designs. There are many variations of the image of the sun, and you can even try it for yourself. You can also use the influence of certain symbols of trust, the tribe and the Sun is the belief of trust. You can add a touch of design that describes your own distinctive personality.

Tattoo picture of a snake or dragon as a tattoo design ideas that have the symbol of wisdom, fertility, knowledge and many associations have many myths. Tattoos snake follow two different directions, either negative or positive, depending entirely on the depiction. You can choose the picture or it could be a real snake tattoo snake cartoon images. The design may be different snakes, rattlesnake, or the pattern of a traditional snake. It can also be combined with other images, such as a dragon-like creature, a panther, or a skull.

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