FMS Beaver RC Airplane 2000mm (78″) Wingspan with Flaps LED Water Plane (without Float) PNP (No Radio, battery, charger)

One of the things we have learned in this hobby is that there are a large number of RC pilots who love to fly giant scale aircraft. FMS has listened to this feedback and has answered the call with this fantastic new Beaver float plane with a whopping 78″ wingspan!

The Beaver comes with standard landing gear. Floats are optional so you can enjoy flying this giant airplane on both water and land. The wing comes with vortex generators to help improve lift and reduce stalls. The wing has a specialized pin connector that makes taking the wing off or putting it on a breeze. No messy servo leads to connect and disconnect so transporting this giant scale aircraft to and from your flying location is remarkably easy and convenient.

This FMS 2000mm Beaver also comes with LED lights so your flying adventures can occur from early dawn to dusk and beyond. If you enjoy large scale airplanes, this Beaver impresses both on land and water.

Wingspan:2000mm / 78.7in
Overall Length: 1304mm/51.33in
Flying Weight: Around 3800g
Motor Size:4258-KV550
ESC: 70A with EC5 connector
Servo:6x 17g digital metal gear
Radio: 6 Channel(Not Included)
CG: 70-75mm from the leading edge of the wing root
Prop Size:15×9 2 Blade Propeller
Recommended Battery: 6 Cell 22.2V 4000mAh LiPo with EC5 connector(Not Included)
Aileron: Yes
Elevator: Yes
Rudder: Yes
Flaps: Yes
Retracts: No
Approx. Flying Duration: 8-10minutes
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14+
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Assembly Time: 1 hour
Material: Druable EPO Foam
Package Options: PNP(not include Radio, Receiver, Battery and Charger)

NOTE: The glue will be taken out for air shipment (prohibited goods).

Product Features

  • Estimated Delivery Date: We arrange shipment within 48 hours after receiving the order, 7-15 shipping days by EMS home delivery
  • Sporty and eye-catching black and yellow livery
  • Wing pin connector allows for easy and simple transporting
  • Vortex generators to help improve lift and reduce stall tendencies
  • Flaps for slower landings and shorter takeoffs, LED navigation light package for those dawn and dusk sorties

Gowe Aircraft FPV Radio Remote Control Mugin 3m UAV V3 Tail Platform RC Airplane Model Plane DIY carbon fiber V 3 tail without engine

Engine:?50-80cc????? ? ??????????????????????????????????????????
Type: Two-stroke piston valve petrol aircraft engine
Displacement: 55cc(27.2ccx2)
Bore x Stroke: 34mm¡Á30mm
Carburettor: Walbro(Diaphragm & Butterfly Valve)
Max. Output: 5.6ps/7600rpm
RPM Range: 1600-7800rpm
Weight: About 1780g(Engine+muffler+CDI)
Ignition power: Auto advanced CDI(DC 4.8 Volts , 4 cell NiCad or NiMh battery)
Fuel mixture(Ratio of gasoline and oil): 25-40 : 1?
Propeller: 20X12-23X8 two-blade prop( suggest to use 22×8 prop)
package includes:
?1x mugin 3m UAV frame kit(include the fuel tank,landing gear and others)
1x high power propeller

Product Features

  • Aircraft FPV Radio Remote Control Mugin 3m UAV V3 Tail Platform RC Airplane Model Plane DIY carbon fiber V 3 tail without engine
  • Gowe is our registered Trademark, please see more details on pictures

Du-Bro 908 Fillin Station Without Ignitor And 4-Way Wrench

Since 1959, the Broberg family has owned and operated DU-BRO Products, Inc. During that time, the company has grown from a single product, to 4 companies in three industries, offering more than 1,200 items. Innovation and reliability has been synonymous with DU-BRO for all these years and coupling that with great customer service and a knowledgeable, helpful staff, has made DU-BRO a staple line in all the industries they have taken on.

Product Features

  • When you fuel your aircraft with the Fillin’ Station from DU-BRO, you will have everything you need right on board your bottle
  • The Fillin’ Station comes complete with the DU-BRO Kwik-Fill Hand Crank Fuel Pump, Kwik Fill Fuel Cap Fitting, Leak Proof Cap, Silicone Tubing, Built-In Tool Holders, Anodized Glo Plug Holder and Glo Caddy

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UFREE Large mechanical ride on horse PLUS Small rocking horse BUNDLE (Large and Brown without armor)

UFREE-HORSE (Action Pony) is a ride on horse toy can walk without power.
You probably loved to or wished you could ride horses and ponies when you were a kid. It’s just something most kids love to do. Anyone can ride UFREE-HORSE, even you are not kid anymore.
UFREE-HORSE has very similar appearance with the real horse. It uses high quality plush material and leather to make the appearance, covering the sturdy steel frame and complicated drive system. It is the syntheses of stuffed/plush toy, rocking horse toy and moving ride-on toy. The biggest characteristic is that it does not need any battery or petrol power to make it run.
The action pony will run when rider’s body bounce up and down pressing the saddle continually, just like the action of riding real horse.
The horse could not only run in straight line, but also swerve even in the narrow room.UFREE-HORSE can be put in various places as your house, garden, squares, parks, footpath and amusement ground and any flat ground.
UFREE-HORSE also can act as the amusement park ride equipment. Riders can play horse racing game together. Furthermore, it is good fitness equipment for the muscles of waist, abdomen and legs.
UFREE-HORSE is a good toy for both children and adults. It has different dimension and two-position stirrup to meet different peoples’ need from 3 years to adults. It will bring you the feeling of riding real horse. Kids will be very excited to leave their rocking hobby horse and jump on this walkable “real horse”.
UFREE-HORSE will bring the children an unforgettable childhood, and it will bring a happy life to each family. It will be the best gift for Christmas. As the exclusive manufacturer, UFREE welcome the ride on toy dealers and distributors to deal wholesale business.
UFREE-HORSE approved CE (EN71 standard), and USA toy safety standard ASTM F963, tested by SGS, the world’s leading testing and certification company.

Product Features

  • Bundle of one Large Ufree horse and one small horse. video on official site
  • Get the Bundle, play with your kid and save more money
  • 42″ height pony plus 33″ height pony

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Get two Aulani-themed Duffy Bear plushes without the plane ticket

Those of us constantly dreaming of a Disney vacation but lacking the endless funds may, at times, want a little pick-me-up. A little sampling of pixie dust, if you will. And if Disney’s new Aulani resort in Hawaii is on your bucket list (I know it’s on mine), then these two new releases might be up your alley. All told, the pair of Duffy the Disney Bear plushes that were listed at the Disney Store online recently aren’t new to the Aulani. However, up until now, the only way to acquire them was to either visit the resort or try your luck on eBay.

The two plushes in question are Duffy in Aloha Wear and what is simply called Duffy from the Aulani, size medium. Each one is 12 inches-tall. And yes, the US$35 price tag seems a bit high for a plush of that size. I suppose they are justifying it by the toys’ exclusivity, seeing as how these can’t be found at the Parks. Still, the only one I find worthwhile would be the Aloha Wear Duffy. I just love the fabric used on his little button-up shirt.

Would you buy one of these?

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No Western Fort is complete without the Red Indians. Ever wonder why they are called that?

continued from previous post

Wild West forts weren’t built to withstand sieges, simply because the Natives had no opportunity to use artillery or even massed assaults (except for very rare situations). The Army had no need to prepare for any sort of large scale battle, and instead needed to construct something that could at least keep the Natives out as well as to secure an area and give a location that soldiers and civilians could retreat to if necessary.

Besides the fort itself and soldiers, Playmobil 5245 Western: Fort Brave set also came with two Native Americans and their horse, plus weapons. The horse is different from that of the United States Cavalry and both American Indians are not identical.

Indigenous peoples of the United States are commonly known as Native Americans or American Indians, and Alaskan Natives. The European colonization of the Americas forever changed the lives and cultures of the peoples of the continents. Although the exact pre-contact population of the Americas is unknown, scholars estimate that Native American populations diminished by between 80 and 90% within the first centuries of contact with Europeans. Native Americans suffered high mortality rates due to their lack of prior exposure to these diseases. The loss of lives was exacerbated by violence on the part of colonists who frequently perpetrated massacres on the indigenous groups and enslaved them. (source: wiki)

Red Indians are now known as Native American or American Indians. The origin of the term “Red Man” is not clear. Native Americans are known to have a copperish or brownish hue although some Native Americans can get sunburn and turn redish. Many tribes did paint themselves for war and red may have been the most popular color to indicate tribes intention for combat. Other sources say red referred to the bloody scalps of victims.
Playmobil Red Indians also came with flaming arrows. In reality, flaming arrows aren’t as simple as just lighting the end of an arrow on fire and shooting it. It requires covering the end in cloth and oil before dipping it in fire and lighting it up.
Extra accessories include flames and additional plant / shrub.

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S.H. MonsterArts Burning Godzilla now without flames

[Update: Earlier version of this story incorrectly labeled this as the S.H. MonsterArts release of 2014 Godzilla. It has since been edited. -Andres

Godzilla has been a great reason for the S.H. MonsterArts line. Multiple versions have come and gone, and with a new film on the horizon, why not go back and give them some new reasons (aka repaints) to buy them all over again. Enter Bandai with their new version of the previously-released Burning Godzilla, now sans flames.

As with other SHM releases, there will be more than enough articulation, with more than 24 points on the main body, not to mention the fully-articulated tail. If you want to have Godzilla in your pose of choice, this will be the one to get. Also, you will be getting some fire with this release, so you can definitely get some displays out of it.

If you didn’t like the look of Burning but like ‘Zilla, this is the one for you.  It is pretty much the same, and with that one being a more than decent release, this one should be as well. You won’t be able to get this until July, well after the buzz from 2014 as worn off and you’ve bought just about every version that would have been released by that point. When it is released though, it will cost you ¥6,800. Bluefin Distro should be getting this stateside as usual, so expect that info to come shortly.

[Images via TAG Hobby]

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