GBlife 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control Jumping RC Toy Cars Bounce Car No WiFi Kids Boys Christmas Birthday Gifts (Black)

Main functions:
Forward/backward, turn left/right
Bounce,2 second rotation, quick turn, with light, stunt

Model: SJ88
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Charging way: USB charge
Charging time: About 50mins
Control distance: 20m
Car battery: Built-in Li-ion battery
Transmitter battery: 2 x AAA battery ( not included )
Type: RC Cars
Material: Electronic Components,Plastic
Age: Above 14 years old
Remote Control: 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control
Control Distance: 15-20m
Charging time: Approx.50mins
Package weight: 0.479 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 13.000 x 11.000 x 12.000 cm / 5.118 x 4.331 x 4.724 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 20.000 x 16.000 x 14.000 cm / 7.874 x 6.299 x 5.512 inches

Package Contents:
1 x Bounce Car
1 x Transmitter
1 x USB Cable
1 x 3.7V 250mAh Lipo Battery
2 x Accessary
1 x English User Manual

Please Note:
Please read the instructions (Not included WIFI Function), according to the instructions to operate the RC Cars for avoiding accidents.

Product Features

  • High Performance: (1)Speed: 7KM/hour; (2)Jumping height: 31.5 inches in the air; (3)Cruise time: 20 minutes; (4) 2.4GHz transmitter. (5) Remote control distance: 30-50m.
  • Awesome Tricks: The bounce car can spin 180°and 360° within 1 second. Besides, the normal functions such as turn right/left,go forward/back are applicable as well.
  • Music&Light: When the bounce car follow your instruction by remote control, it moves with cool sounds, which adds much more fun to your kids. And the colorful lights shines on the top, just like an elf in the dark.
  • Stretch Freely Wheels: Cool toy features with two anti-shock tires. 2.4GHz transmitter technology supports multiple cars to play at the same time. Pull out wheels and start to race with others.
  • Easy to Operate: (1) Fully charge the car with the USB cable, (2) put two AAA batteries to the controller (3) Turn on the car then the controller, the car is ready to play when led lights stop blinking.

Traxxas XO-1 1/7 Scale AWD Supercar with TQi 2.4GHz Radio System, TSM & Traxxas Link Wireless Module, Red

For 25 years Traxxas has pushed the boundaries to find the next level of performance. The XO-1 represents the absolute pinnacle of R/C performance, design, quality, and precision. 0-60 in 2.3 seconds! 0-100 in 4.92 seconds! Top speed over 100mph! Simply put, the XO-1 is the world’s fastest Ready-To-Race supercar. Traxxas partnered with Castle Creations to develop the Mamba Monster Extreme power system specifically for the XO-1. The proven ESC has been enhanced for higher output on 6S LiPo power with its integrated capacitor bank and proprietary software. The custom Traxxas Big Block brushless motor provides blistering acceleration and true supercar performance with the largest brushless motor ever offered in a Ready-To-Race model. New Traxxas Stability Management allows arrow-straight acceleration on slippery surfaces without loss of control. TSM also makes high speed cornering corrections in the background for you, without unexpected side effects. The TQi 2.4GHz transmitter comes equipped with a Bluetooth module that turns your Android, iPad iPhone or iPod touch (sold separately) into a powerful tuning tool. Download Traxxas link and the factory-installed telemetry sensors collect and record real-time telemetry data as you drive. Up to nine customizable gauges keep you in tune with the performance of your vehicle. The XO-1 features a robust shaft-driven AWD system with reinforced steel-gear differentials. The aluminum driveshaft connects directly to the gearboxes with no dogbanes or drive cups to wobble. Steel-spline axles with dual CV joints engage the wheels strong 17mm hex hubs. The Cush Drive absorbs drivetrain shocks with a elastomer damper housed between the spur gear and the drive hub. XO-1’s front splitter and canards, smooth under tray, rear diffuser and wing work in harmony to harness airflow and convert it to downforce while minimizing drag—critical to achieving 100+mph speeds.

Product Features

  • 25.2V extreme ESC and the largest brushless motor ever offered thrust XO-1 to 60 in 2.3 seconds and over 100mph with optional 3s LiPo batteries
  • Includes telemetry sensors, TQi 2.4GHz Radio with Wireless Module, and TSM Stability Management to harness the power without sacrificing fun
  • Shaft-driven all wheel drive with reinforced steel-gear differentials, shock-absorbing Cush Drive, and steel splined dual-CV driveshafts
  • Machined 6061 aluminum C-hubs, steering knuckles, axle carriers, shock towers, and 17mm hex hubs
  • Bold ProGraphix painted bodies aerodynamically styled to provide high-speed stability and downforce
  • This is an O.E.M. part

DJI RC Aircraft Multi-rotor Helicopter Quadcopter DIY FPV 5.8GHz 8CH 2000mW 2W Wireless AV Video Transmitter Sender + RC805 Receiver with 2dBi Omnidirectional Antennas Set

This DJI RC Aircraft Multi-rotor Helicopter Quadcopter DIY FPV 5.8GHz 8CH 2000mW 2W Wireless AV Video Transmitter Sender + RC805 Receiver with 2dBi Omnidirectional Antennas Set is great for long distance aerial photography. The receiver includes an additional AV output for video recording while using FPV goggles. Requiring certain tech skill, this system is recommended for experts.

Product Features

  • 5.8Ghz video / audio synchronous transmitting / receiving (compatible with PAL and NTSC)
  • 8 working channels. DIP switch
  • 2000mW transmitting power
  • Working voltage (V): Receiver – DC 9-12 (3S LiPo) / Transmitter – DC 7.4-13; Working current (mA): Receiver – 1500 / Transmitter – 1500; Dimensions (mm): Receiver – 100(L) x 70(W) x 18(H) / Transmitter – 69(L) x 31(W) x 26(H); Weight (g): Receiver – 52 / Transmitter – 68.5 (including antenna)
  • Package included: Transmitter with Antenna x 1; Receiver with Antenna x 1; Cables (NOTE: Please tighten antenna before connecting power and DO NOT remove Tx antenna, otherwise, the system may burn)

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Samsung SEW-3036WN Wireless Video Baby Monitor IR Night Vision Zoom 3.5 inch

Samsung SEW-3036WN Wireless Video Baby Monitor IR Night Vision Zoom

The night vision feature allows for safe night time monitoring, and the built-in microphone and speaker let you hear and talk to your baby.
View larger Large 3.5 LCD Monitor Screen & Two-Way Talk. Quiet Mode.

The slim, compact wireless monitor features a large 3.5 inches LCD screen for high resolution (VGA 640 x 480) brilliance in color and clarity. It displays a clean, crisp picture every time you can’t resist taking a peek at your little sweetie pie. The Samsung BabyVIEW monitor goes beyond just listening. Its built-in mic lets you coo back, sing a lullaby or let your little wonder know you’re close by or on your way. The voice activated (VOX) Quiet Mode reduces white ambient noise that comes through the monitor. Set the sound sensitivity level to be alerted only to the sounds that really matter.

Night Vision

The Samsung BabyVIEW camera has night vision capability up to 15 feet using invisible infrared LED lights, so you can keep an eye on your baby even in low-light conditions. The camera’s sensors detect light levels and adjust the image for optimal picture.

Pure Digital Signal Up to 800 ft.

The Pure Digital Signal utilizes 2.4 GHz frequency to provide secure and interference-free video. Unlike other devices, the Pure Digital Signal cannot be interrupted by wireless routers, microwaves, or cordless phones. Be assured that, within a range of 800 feet*, you have the freedom to do what you need to around the house without losing contact with your little one. The monitor displays an “Out of Range” warning should it ever lose contact with the camera. * Range depends on obstacles between camera and monitor.

Sound Level LEDs. Sleep Mode. & Easy to Use. Expandable.

Don’t want to miss even the softest coos? The monitor’s Sound Level Indicator flashes LED lights when sound is detected. The louder the sound, the more LEDS, so even in a noisy room, you’ll know when baby needs attention. The BabyVIEW Monitoring System is easy to set up and even easier to use. The camera runs on A/C power while the monitor uses an internal rechargeable battery. Just charge and go. Samsung’s custom, user-friendly interface makes navigating through the options a snap. The system can monitor up to 3 additional cameras. In Scan Mode, the screen alternates between views from each camera at continual, pre-set intervals. Press the Sleep button to turn off the monitor screen and save battery power. The monitor will continue to detect sound around the camera even when the screen is off. Simply press any button to turn the screen on again.

BabyVIEW Wireless Video Baby Monitor At A Glance: 3.5 inches high quality color LCD display VGA(640 x 480) resolution Secure and interference free 2.4Ghz FHSS signal Pure digital signal up to 800′(244m) Night vision allows for low light viewing up to 15ft with non-visiable IR LEDs Two-way talk audio/built-in mic & speaker Monitor LEDs indicate five levels of sound Flip stand with belt clip Quiet mode to remove white background noise Low battery warning Uses A/C power and rechargeable battery (only parent unit) Expandable up to four cameras What’s in the box

1 x Wireless Camera, 1 x Wireless Monitor, 1 x Camera Adapter, 1 x Monitor Adapter, User Manual, 1-Year Warranty Card, 1 Screw & 1 Plastic Anchor

Product Name & ModelSEW-3036W
View largerBabyVIEW Wireless Video Baby Monitor (3.5 inches LCD)SafeVIEW Wireless Pan Tilt Zoom Video Baby Monitor (3.5inches)SEW-3037W
View largerSafeVIEW Wireless Pan Tilt Zoom Video Baby Monitor (3.5 inches LCD)SimpleVIEW Wireless Video Baby Monitor (4.3 inches LCD)SEW-3040W
View largerSimpleVIEW Wireless Video Baby Monitor (4.3 inches LCD)BrilliantVIEW Wireless Pan Tilt Zoom Video Baby Monitor (4.3 inches LCD)SEW-3041W
View largerBrilliantVIEW Wireless Pan Tilt Zoom Video Baby Monitor (4.3 inches LCD)VOX (Voice Operated Switch)✓✓✓✓Out of Range Alert✓✓✓✓Sound Level Indicator✓✓✓✓Infrared Night Vision✓✓✓✓Two-Way Talk (Communication)✓✓✓✓Expandable System – Additional Camera Up to 4✓✓✓✓Built-in Belt Clip✓✓✓✓Remote Pan and Tilt✓✓

Product Features

  • 3.5″ high quality color LCD display, secure and interference free 2.4 GHZ signal
  • VGA(640×480) resolution, pure digital signal up to 800′(244m), time display
  • 2-way talk audio/built-in mic & speaker, quiet mode to remove white background noise, expandable up to 4 cameras
  • Uses A/C power/rechargeable battery (only parent unit), monitor leds indicate 5 level of sound
  • Night vision allows for low light viewing up to 15ft, non-visible ir leds, low battery warning, flip stand with belt clip

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Wolfcom’s Wireless Spy Camera Bug Scanner Sweeper Detector and Spy Hidden Camera Lens Finder

Ever wonder if somebody is watching you? Or think that somebody is listening into your conversations?

This multifunctional bug and lens detector is the SS-50, the newest improved and best spy detector there is. The small black convenient size of the SS-50 makes this spy gadget a must have. You can carry this detector with you everywhere and it is so easy to store in your suitcase for when you are traveling. Having this lens and bug detector in your pocket, you can see if there are hidden cameras in restrooms, dressing rooms, meeting rooms and just about anywhere you think somebody can be watching you.

Nobody can be trusted in this world where people want to spy on you by listening to your conversations or watching you while you undress. Having the SS-50 camera lens and wireless bug detector will help you protect number one, yourself! And of course, those who are closest to you. People will be surprised to find hidden cameras and bugging devices in places you would not think would have them.

There are so many devices you can detect with the SS-50 detector. The spy gadget detector can expose if there are wireless cameras, GSM bugs, GPS trackers and audio bugs in the room you are in. The lens finder in this all in one detector can spot hidden cameras, spy cameras and all other cameras.

There is an antenna on the wireless bug detector to have a wider range. If you want to be stealth and silent about checking for wireless devices, you can put the SS-50 bug detector on vibrate mode. The vibrate mode will allow the wireless detector to vibrate once a signal of wireless device like an audio bug is caught by the wireless device detector.
The camera lens finder works by flashing a red light that helps you expose hidden spy cameras.

The rechargeable battery means you do not need to buy more and more batteries every time. The newer better models just keep getting better.

Product Features

  • Wireless Bug Detector
  • Hidden Spy Lens Camera Finder
  • Detects RF frequencies
  • Wireless Camera Detector
  • Has Silent Vibrate mode

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Avatar F163 Wireless 4-Channel RC Helicopter with Gyroscope (Blue) + Worldwide free shiping

This product is made of high strength metallic materials, combined with the simulation of aircraft design, the machine has a strong anti-drop capabilities!

Product Features

  • This product has acceleration, lighting control, allows you to control simple and easy to use, the effect beautiful flight!
  • high-performance micro-computer control, accurate response, quickly make a variety of flying and air routes!
  • exclusive first dual side fly mode, players can control the aircraft flying proficiency operating modes to choose sides!
  • The unique product design, replaceable aircraft batteries, so you can enjoy a long uninterrupted remote control aircraft excitement pleasure!
  • can easily control the forward and back, left and right side of the fly, Zuozhuanyouzhuan, drift, hover and fixed to land!

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