Anlising Watch Walkie Talkies, Walkie Talkie For Kids Two-Way Long Range Watch Radio Transceiver 7 In 1 Electronic Outdoor Interphone Watch Outdoor Toy Gift Extra Battery&Scarf&Screwdriver


material: plastic

Product weight: 178g

Product Size: 25.5*18.5*5cm

Battery: Button Battery (included)

Intercom distance: open space 150M


Enhancing communication between parents and children

Fun walkie talkies for children or outdoors

Environmentally friendly plastics, durable, long service life

Walkie-talkie watch style, 150 meters strong and clear range of signals

Mobile toys for children, for games or outdoor activities

It would be a great gift for the child. It can be used for playing games or outdoor activities


If the Walkie Talkies volume get smaller, change the batteries is ok.If you don’t use Walkie Talkies watch, please turn off it.

If you don’t use it for a long time, you should take the batteries out.

Please don’t put it to any damp places.

Gift :Battery, Screwdriver, Scarf

Product Features

  • (*̀ᴗ́*)و ̑̑perfect walkie talkie for kids:the walkie talkie is suitable for children, the Camouflage walkie talkies watch is suitable for all indoor and outdoor activities, and walkie talkie watch seven functions are also tailored for children of this age,①walkie-talkie ②Watch ③Magnifier ④Night-light ⑤Secret capsules ⑥Compass ⑦Reflector.
  • (*̀ᴗ́*)و ̑̑ Safe and high quality:Walkie talkies for kids are made of non-polluting plastic materials. The extensible antenna of the walkie talkies watch applicable to children ,walkie talkies for kids allows a transmission distance as long as 3.7 miles. The LCD can be used as a multifunctional watch for the walkie talkies . The automatic noise reduction function of the camouflage walkie talkies eliminates background noise.
  • (*̀ᴗ́*)و ̑̑How to use: easy to use, smart and cute design. The walkie talkie for kids is for people aged 6 and over. Just press the PTT button to talk while communicating. And we give extra battery screwdrivers and headscarves to make your child enjoy the fun of playing, playing role-playing more realistic, realizing the heroic dream of the child.
  • (*̀ᴗ́*)و ̑̑Quality Assurance; If you are not satisfied with any of our products, please contact us in time, let us know your needs, so that you can buy the rest assured, with peace of mind.
  • (*̀ᴗ́*)و ̑̑material: plastic,Product weight: 178g,Product Size: 25.5*18.5*5cm

Children Tactical Detective Glove and Super Spy Sleeve with Flashlight Telescope Compass Digital Watch Pencil and Shorthand Notes for Children role play COSPLAY

Name: 7 in 1 Detective and Super Spy Tactical Glove The size: 31.1×7.0x26.7CM Weight: 380g Applicable age: around 8 years Main material: ABS Usage: Children role play and summer camp boy scouts gaming Wild explore expedition or backyard safari Unique size fit all 5~12 years old children’s hand with adjustable velcro. The detective glove and super spy sleeve’s various functions will enable them realize the detective and super spy dream. 1.Tactical Glove: Most roles in detective and super spy movies well cool gloves. 2.Telescope: Always see farther and have a longer view than other boy scouts 3.Flashlight torch: See clear even in dark light, and enjoy night expedition while summer camp and backyard safari. 4.Pencil: Leave a message and mark important clues 5.Compass: Never lost the way while exploring 6.Digital watch: Time is always important for detective reasoning 7.Shorthand notebook: Teach the children writing down is the best way to remember something. Build braveness in children’s heart he/she is an equipped and qualified detective, and dare to explore more. To be a Detective! This is the dreamed glove in every kid’s mind while growing up. Most children are fascinated by detective stories, like Private life of Sherock Homes , Detective Conan , The Famous Five , Encyclopedia Brown , Bear Grylls , The Westing Game , , Nate the Great , and dreaming to be a great detective. Children are inspired by the stories and want to realize the dream while playing role game. This detective glove is the strongest prove as a qualified young detective. The kids will be proud to wear it in summer camp and backyard safari. Some Children are inspired by Super Spy stories, like Spy Kids , Agent Cody Banks , Mission Impossible , 007 series . This detective glove is also a Super Spy Sleeve. The detective glove and super spy sleeve’s various functions will enable them realize the detective and super spy dream.

Product Features

  • Cool! For young detective and super spy fans.
  • Lovely! Birthday gift from the parents and or other loved ones who realize the child’s dream of detective and super spy
  • Superb! 7 in 1 multi-function: Tactical glove + Telescope + Flashlight + Pencil + Shorthand Notes + Compass + Digital Watch
  • Exploration spirit training: Play the role of detective or super spy while go boy scout summer camp and backyard safari.
  • Fit all sizes: The adjustable velcro make the glove wearable for all 5-10 years age children’s hand. Size fit all Children’s hand aging 5-12.

Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition, the Authentic, Hilarious, Mouth Guard Party Game

Watch Ya’ Mouth is the AUTHENTIC, Hilarious, Mouthguard Party Game. Originated in viral videos, Launched on Kickstarter, and now on Amazon just for you! In this laughter-inducing, competitive card-based game, teams of players, hampered by cheek retractors, attempt to read and interpret/speak out phrases and…. Hilarity ensues! Good for Ages 8+, with virtually unlimited players (when played using our “Alternate” rule set), Watch Ya’ Mouth is a must for any gathering, party, game night, or family night. Our mouthpieces are FDA and CE certified, our cards are thick and durable, and our community is second to none. With a variety of phrase packs available, ranging from Family-Safe to Adult-Only, there’s something for everyone. Be warned: Stomach-Cramping, Eye-Watering laughter is a very frequent occurrence. “One of the funniest party games there’s been” Learn it in seconds, play it for hours, and create lasting memories with your friends and family. We’re a small, independent, and extremely hard working team whose mission is to make you laugh. Join us, and welcome to the party!

Product Features

  • The authentic, hilarious, mouth guard party game
  • Teams of players, hampered by cheek retractors, attempt to read and interpret phrases
  • 3-10 players wear cheek retractors (one at a time) and speak out phrases
  • Includes 143 family-safe phrases, expansion packs available
  • One of the funniest party games of 2016

Trailer Roundup — Agents Of Mayhem, Watch Dogs 2, And More

This is it. This is the last Trailer Roundup before this year’s E3, and this year promises to be a banger. Granted, more and more gets leaked as June rolls around again and again, so we’re more than prepared to hear about some not-so-secret announcements. What are you guys most excited to see?

I’m guessing we’ll see nothing from Hideo Kojima and his new (but not new) Kojima Productions. And as much as I’d love to think so, The Last Guardian is basically a coin flip and can’t be predicted to any reasonable certainty. Instead, we can look forward to a litany of hot sequels like Persona 5, The Last of Us 2, and Destiny 2. Oh, and the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One updates.

We’ll get there. Right now, though, let’s watch some god dang trailers!

Agents of Mayhem — Official Announcement Trailer

This robots look an awful lot like Sunset Overdrive enemies, which isn’t a judgment. And the writing feels an awful lot like Borderlands writing, though, which is a judgment because those games have a serious problem with being pointlessly crude and simply unfunny. I do, however, like the actual look of the game.

And Volition knocked it out of the park before with the Saints Row series (and Red Faction, if you want to go a little deeper), which should have been way worse than it was. But they instead crafted GOTY candidates with the last two entries, so a little faith couldn’t hurt, especially since they’re going back into that same universe. You can look for it in 2017 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Deus Ex Go — Reveal Trailer

Short and sweet. And, apparently, going back to the well. But can you really blame them? Square Enix tapped into some sort of secret, unforeseen success with Hitman Go and followed it up with the equally and surprisingly brilliant Lara Croft Go. So good on them!

The bigger question is how they’ll adapt the crux of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided into the board game-style framework. Hitman focused on thinking ahead while sneaking around. Lara Croft boiled down into puzzle temple exploration. So what does Square Enix Montreal think Deus Ex is about? It’ll be out this summer on phones and tablets.

Injustice 2 — Announcement Trailer

I really liked Injustice: Gods Among Us. It was an unexpected treat of well-thought-out fighting systems and rewarding utilization of prized DC Comics characters. It somehow hit both sides of the equation when most fighting games tend to focus on the former and either get it or miss both.

It also doesn’t hurt that this trailer is pretty effing cool. Seeing the Flash kick ass is always sweet nectar and following it up Batman? Hell yes. It is pretty funny seeing character after character just emerge from the shadows for no real apparent reason, but it’s also just perfect childhood imagination juice seeing them double suit it up. You can see gameplay this Saturday at 5 PM PST on Twitch. Expect it to hit the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2017.

Watch Dogs 2 — World Premiere Trailer

There’s actually a lot here to see. There’s the above 18-minute video that has the two-minute cinematic reveal wrapped up with developers talking up the game. And then there’s the separate trailer for the new main character Marcus as well as the protracted one about the new setting.

It’s genuinely surprising that there’s so much gameplay accompanying these videos, too. Well, to an extent because Ubisoft already has the Watch Dogs template laid out and they already have their set patterns and ideals for approaching open world games. And you know what? It looks fine. Like, just fine. Look for it on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 15, 2016.

Destiny: Rise of Iron — Reveal Trailer

Yeah, I’m into it. Destiny eventually became the game it wanted to be, so having more of that isn’t a bad idea. Well, let me back that up. It got closer to the game it wanted to be despite some deep, irreversible flaws. And with its sequel on the horizon, it’ll be interesting to see what new ideas Bungie tries to float before they commit.

Not to mention the look of this thing is pretty slick. It’s like high fantasy mixed with, well, Destiny sci-fi. Some of that is straight Tolkien shit and it’s awesome. And who doesn’t want a to hit a six-player raid? (I hope you have five friends on deck.) The expansion comes out this September 20.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice — E3 2016 Trailer

Like, come on. What are you even doing anymore, Sonic? You’re killing it on the comics. Your TV show is a success. Kids are buying up the toys like they’re Skylanders. But you still don’t have a good game to match!

At least your Twitter game is on point, but that’ll only get you a modicum of cachet from the older youths (and, admittedly, many of the press). Fire & Ice looks like more of Shattered Crystal, and pretty much no one thought that was fun. Get your shit together, guys. It comes out for the Nintendo 3DS on September 27, 2016.

Yooka-Laylee — E3 2016 Trailer

First off, yes. A thousand times yes. I will play your Banjo-Kazooie knockoff. Second, why are there now trailers for E3? E3 is basically a gauntlet of trailers. Do we really need to complicate things with pre-trailers?

But back to Yooka-Laylee, there’s actually good reason why it looks so much like the beloved N64 series, and that’s because a good number of the folks at Playtonic Games actually worked on the originals and Donkey Kong Country. You know, when Rare made non-Kinect games. The game comes out for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, OS X, and Linux early next year.

Horizon Zero Dawn — Aloy’s Journey Trailer

Expect to see this take center stage during Sony’s press event next week. Not only does it look like classic seat-rumbling theatre fodder, it also looks like a neat game. Also it’s coming from Guerrilla Games, who has probably earned a lot of stage time with Sony after slogging through the Killzone series with them.

Judging by this trailer, the game is some insane, overwhelming combination of everything the designers ever loved about other media and other games. (Those dinosaurs really look like the Transformer Grimlock.) And there’s nothing wrong with that. Let’s just hope it ends up as good as it could be. The game comes out exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on February 28, 2017.

Thimbleweed Park — Video Teaser

I kind of love how strangely grassroots Thimbleweed Park is. That video is hosted on Ron Gilbert’s personal YouTube channel, for crying out loud. That’s pretty much insane. The only other videos on there are another trailer for the game and a clip from Jeopardy where his Double Fine venture The Cave was an answer.

I guess it’s not surprising. It’s not like Gilbert was ever one for extravagance. The game’s Kickstarter only asked for a rather modest $375,000, though it eventually secured $626,250. And if the tagline “the story of a town where a dead body is the least of your problems” doesn’t grab you in the way Gilbert’s writing has a tendency to grab people, maybe move along. But it’ll come out for the Xbox One, PC, OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android early next year.

Mafia III — E3 2016 Teaser Trailer

So now we know there’s some sort of meta narrative going over the game’s more meaty core. It makes it feel like something akin to the first season of True Detective. And you can bet we’re going to see more of it next week at E3, and not just because of this trailer either.

The game has struggled with existence since at least 2012 and possibly earlier. It’s basically been nut-up-or-shut-up time for the game for the past year or so, making its arrival later this year rather timely. And publisher 2K Games loooooves putting on the Ritz at trade shows. Get ready to hear a lot about it in the coming days before it lands on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and OS X on October 7, 2016.

VTS TOYS (VM-016) 1/6th scale Nightmare Stalker aka Aiden Pearce from Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs (stylized as WATCH_DOGS) is an open world action-adventure third-person shooter stealth video game developed and published by Ubisoft. Set within a fictionalized version of Chicago, Illinois, the single-player story follows a hacker and his efforts to seek revenge after the killing of his niece. The open world design lets players freely roam Chicago, which includes the urban city, suburbs, open countryside, and the run-down neighborhoods that surround downtown.

Players control Aiden Pearce, a highly skilled grey hat hacker who can hack into the “ctOS”, a centralized operating system which manages the hyper-connected city of Chicago, and formed after the Northeast blackout of 2003 was caused by a hacker. After a hacking job gone wrong, a hit is sent out on Aiden. While intending to kill him, hitmen accidentally kill his niece Lena, and Aiden seeks to bring his own kind of justice to the people responsible, all while protecting his sister Nicole and nephew Jackson.

VTS TOYS (VM-016) 1/6th scale Nightmare stalker will come with real-like head sculpt, 12-inch action body, two (2) pair of hands, scarf, cap, leather jacket, jeans pants, belt, boots, white sweater, t-shirt. Weapons: Desert eagle pistol, Beretta 92 pistol, police baton. Accessories: cellphone, backpack, figure stand

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I had no idea Gerard Butler was playing the part of Aiden Pearce in the game LOL maybe it’s the company’s way of trying to get Butler to play the part on the big screen. It worked for Marvel – they created a Nick Fury character based solely on Samuel L Jackson’s likeness in the Ultimates universe and when they made the Marvel films, guess who played Nick Fury himself? Not David Hasselhoff although he did play the man in the 1998 American television film “Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.” based on the Marvel Comics character. Not kidding.

Bkids Watch Over Me Tell Me A Story Bedtime Lamp

B kids present the Watch Over Me Tell Me a Story Bedtime Lamp which makes a perfect Baby Shower gift idea. Soothe your child to sleep by connecting this 2 in 1 night light and Bluetooth Speaker with your mobile device to play favorite stories and songs. Other features include an auto-off timer, a USB, rechargeable battery, plus light and volume control. A fun-to-hold handle makes the lamp easy for toddlers to tote along; also a free bedtime story app is included. At B kids, we put great passion into our products. Each toy is designed for a child and parent to experience and create lifelong memories. We care about the happiness and well-being of little persons; therefore, safety and trustworthiness are of utmost importance to us. We ensure that all our products comply with the highest quality and International safety standards. Finally, B kids is all about enjoyment by allowing young ones to simply do what they do best – Be playful, be happy, and “just be kids.”

Product Features

  • B kids present the Watch Over Me Tell Me a Story Bedtime Lamp which makes a perfect Baby Shower gift idea
  • Soothe your child to sleep by connecting this 2 in 1 night light and Bluetooth Speaker with your mobile device to play favorite stories and songs
  • Other features include an auto-off timer, a USB, rechargeable battery, plus light and volume control
  • A fun-to-hold handle makes the lamp easy for toddlers to tote along and a free bedtime story app is included
  • Love, Care, and Fun! B kids brand designs engaging, colorful, imaginative products to enhance little lives – our products are all about allowing kids to just “Be Kids” plain and simple

Watch 1966 JAMES BATMAN! Bootleg #Batman Movie with English Subtitles

HA HA HA! Here’s a nice bat-treat for all you super-crazy serious BATMAN FANS out there! It looks like someone on Youtube uploaded a “Batman Film” that is pretty hard to find, JAMES BATMAN!!

This was a bootleg movie made in the Philippines that has become a cult classic. It was made around the time of the 1966 BATMAN TV Series. I guess, to capitalize off it’s fame. I recommend watching it with an open mind. I mean, it’s not in English and you will have to follow a story line that is insane. I mean, it’s SO super-cheesy!

Oh yeah, if you want more in-depth information on this classic-cult film then please check out this WIKIPEDIA page.

Spy Gear – Field Agent Spy Watch

The Field Agent Spy Watch is a real working watch delivering 8 unique gadgets in a single piece of Spy Gear! Write, deliver and decode secret messages with the spy paper, safe-drop capsules, decoder screen and reading light. Or catch intruders in the act with the motion alarm and time stamp. The Field Agent Spy Watch also features a stopwatch, international clock and wake-up alarm because failure is not an option! Gear up with the ultimate 8-in-1 Field Agent Spy Watch!

Product Features

  • The Field Agent Spy Watch is a real working watch delivering 8 unique gadgets in 1 incredible piece of Spy Gear!
  • Write, deliver and decode secret messages using secret spy paper, safe-drop capsules and decoder screen.
  • Detect intruders with the built in motion sensor alarm. Time missions using the stopwatch.
  • Verify international times using the world clock or set a wake-up alarm so you never fail a mission!
  • The Field Agent Spy Watch comes with 2 Message Capsules, Sky Paper and runs on a button cell battery (included). Made for Secret Agents ages 6+.

SPY GEAR Field Agent Spy Watch – with 8 special features! battery included -2014

SPY GEAR Field Agent Spy Watch with 8 spy features! This 8-in-1 watch features many secret spy communication tools all protected by armor Stash and decode secret messages with decoder screen Other features- Night vision light, 2 safe-drop message capsules, stop watch, wake-up alarm, motion alarm, special spy paper, and world time clock! (1 cr2032 3V battery included) Perfect gift or costume accessory for the spy in your life!

Product Features

  • Officially Licensed

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