Michelle Valigura Amanda Visell Llama and Zebras!

Michelle Valigura and Amanda Visell have just released two new resin sets. First, the Macrame Llama and ToadstoolMacrame Llama and Toadstool set ($90) features a clear sparkly Llama. From llamas to black+white stripes––the adorable Zebra y Zebrito Burro features a cute little rider atop a Zebra Burro ($90). Both are…

Amanda Visell x Coarse — First Days of Despair for Blooom Art Fair

Boom. A few days ago Amanda Visell sent out a flier for her upcoming collaboration with the alchemists at Coarse for the Bloom Art Fair in Cologne, Germany [10.24 – 10.27]. Little did we know that the flier painting of a house-phunt ablaze was going to be the basis for…

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COARSE + Amanda Visell at Art Scouting Gallery for Bloom Art Fair

Amanda Visell and COARSE Toys will be making their way to Cologne, Germany for the Bloom International Fair for Converging Art. They will be showcasing some collaborative art pieces at the Art Scouting Gallery from October 24-27. If you’re in the area, be sure to take a gander of what…

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Coarse + Amanda Visell @ Blooom Art Fair with Artscouting Gallery

“This month I will be participating in the Blooom International Fair for Converging Art, in Cologne, Germany from October 24-27 with Artscouting Gallery. My work will be snuggled up to some fancy things from Coarse and we’ll be showcasing some new collaborations that I’m pretty excited about.” -mentioned Amanda Visell

Artscouting Gallery
Messeplatz 1
50679 Köln Deutz

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Rotofugi x Amanda Visell x Coarse 200% Omen Customs for SDCC (7.24)

Rotofugi will release custom 200% Omens from Amanda Visell and Coarse on Thursday. Amanda created three variations – Omen Bat (16”), Omen Jackalope (17”), and Omen Lumber (16”), each in editions of 3. Each of the pieces are 200% vinyl Omens hand painted by Amanda with resin additions. The customs…

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Amanda Visell x COARSE SDCC Custom Omen Blinks? at the Rotofugi + Squibbles Ink. Booth

Rotofugi posted this teaser with the mention of Amanda Visell, COARSE Toys, and CUSTOM at the Rotofugi + Squibbles Ink. booth #5248 at SDCC. From the silhouette it looks to be one of COARSE’s Omen Blink figures. We cannot wait to see these in person at the con. If you…

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Amanda Visell Kitten Beartrap OG Sparkly Sets Available Now

Amanda Visell has just released her newest resin creation, the Kitten Bear Trap. The OG Sets are limited to 55 pieces and go for $90 and a the Glitter Sets are limited to 35 pieces for $115. They measure 3” x 2” x 2.5” and are hand sculpted, casted and…

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