VicTec AR6210 Full Range 6-Channel 2.4GHZ DSMX RC Receiver For RC Aircraft Helicoptor

Compatibility: All DSM2 and DSMX Aircraft Transmitters and Module Systems
Support DSM X and DSM2 technology system (remote control).
Format: DSM X and DSM2 (support)
Includes one internal and one remote/external receiver

Quick Connect and support resolution up to 2048

Note: The AR6210 is limited to parkflyer aircraft only when not using the remote receiver.

Color: Black
Size: The internal receiver: 21.0mm x 31 mm x 11 mm
The remote/external receiver: 23.5mm x 19mm x 5mm
Package weight: 0.5oz/14g
Channel: 6 channels
Band: 2.4 GHz
Input voltage range: 3.5 V to 9.6 V
Type: DSM Full Range Receiver
Modulation: DSM2, DSMX
Resolution: 2048
Single receiver capable (can be used with or without the included Remote)

Compatible Modes:
Full Range Up to 6 channels aircraft including:
All types and sizes of glow, gas and electric powered airplanes
All types and sizes of no-powered gliders
All types and sizes of glow, gas and electric powered helicopters
Note: Not for use in airplanes that have full carbon fuselages.

What is included:
1 x AR6210 Full Range 6-Channel DSMX Receiver
1 x Bind plug

Product Features

  • AR6210 Full Range 6-Channel 2.4GHZ DSMX Receiver.
  • Compatible with all spektrum and JR aircraft radio System.
  • Intelligent failsafe system.
  • Flight Log compatible and Telemetry compatible (Works with TM1000 & TM1100 Telemetry unit)
  • Use Multilink receiver technology.

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