Mondo’s new Universal Monsters collection – 1/6 scale Creature From the Black Lagoon 12" Figure

Pre-order Mondo Universal Monsters Creature From the Black Lagoon 1/6 Scale Figure from BBTS (link HERE)

Mondo makes collectible creature history with the (possibly?) first-ever Creature from the Black Lagoon 1/6 scale figure!

Meticulously crafted with 2 years in the making, this swamp-rompin’ figure has 16 points of articulation, stands 12 inches tall, comes with interchangeable swimming hands and feet, 2 different switch-out heads, and a bonus fossil hand.

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6V Kids Power Wheels Universal Charger Hello Kitty SUV Mercedes BMW Audi Children Electric Ride On Car Battery Supply by Power Adapter with Charging Indicator Light

・Reusable and fast charger
・Can be used to charge 12V kids power wheels

Product Specifications:
➤Output: 6V 0.5A 12W

Compatible Model: Special Ride On Car

Package Contents:

✓100% MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:90 Days for a No-Question-Asked Refund,1 Year Warranty and Lifetime Support Guarantee. Warm tips:
▲Before you buy this product, be sure to check your car works normally.
▲Warranty only applies to the items sold by Thomas Fly. Be aware of counterfeits.

Product Features

  • SHENGLE ELECTRONIC 6V Ride On Universal Charger
  • MODEL: SL06-07-10 ; INPUT: AC120V 0.2A 50/60Hz Output: 6.0V 0.5A
  • UL-listed and BC certified, EFFICIENCY VI
  • Desired for 6V Children Electric Ride On Car
  • LED DISPALY: Red Charging / Green Fully Charged

JJF Bird®nergy Saving Universal Solar Window Charger Rechargeable Solar Panel Battery(1800mAh) Charger Cellphone Portable Power Bank External Battery Pack with USB Cable for Iphone 4 4s 5 5g Galaxy S4 S3 Note Note 2; HTC One, Evo, Thunderbolt, Incredible, Droid Dna; Motorola Moto X, Atrix, Droid; Google Nexus 4, 5, Etc(sliver)


1. Solar panel: 5-5.5V/110mA/0.6W

2. Capacity of polymer battery: 1800mAH can be used circularly for 500 times

3. Micro USB Input: 5V/1A

4. USB 2.0 Output: 5V/1A

5. WEIGHT: about 0.24kg

6. Size:118×118 x 18 mm

7. Color: Multiple colors for choice.

8. Internal battery can be fully charged via micro USB within 2 hours

9. It can be fully charged under direct strongly sunlight with 10-15 hours 10. There are suction around this solar charger which enables it to be sucked onto the window of the car or your home

11. Material: Environment friendly ABS

12. Can be applicable to GPS, IPHONE, other mobile phones, IPOD, Mp3/4, digital camera, etc.

How to use:

1. Stick your charger to any window by peeling off the protective film and affixing it firmly.

2. Plug and use USB end of your device charging cable into the charger.

3. The adhesive part of the charger can be reinforced by applying little moisture to the surface where the charger will be affixed.

4. You can re-fill your charger via the included micro USB or leave in the sun for around 20 hours.

Package includes:

1 x sunnice universal solar charger 1 x USB charging cable

Our products have been well tested, examined and packaged before sending off, but we cannot 100% guarantee the items remain undamaged when delivered to you. Any problem please feel free to contact us first so that we can supply the best service for you.

Product Features

  • This stylish Design solar window charger, is easily attachable to your window. The outside of the charger catches sunlight, while the smooth designed inside spices up your interior and charges your electronic equipment.
  • Contains a 5.5V and 1800mAh rechargeable lithium battery which is said to take around 13 hours of direct sunlight to reach full charge, we can provide big USB and small USB output cable.
  • Compatible with a wide range of mobile devices including iPad, Samsung Tab, iPhone, Blackberry and other mobile phones * Slim and light weight design, easy to carry to anywhere * Efficient solar panel to provide enough energy from sunshine
  • Built-in high-capacity battery to store electricity * Easy to stick to a window for it comes with double-face adhesive tapes
  • Window mounted design makes full use the the solar energy for quick recharging * A perfect portable power bank to charge your phone or MP3 player whenever you need

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LASCO HC-257 Universal Rundle Milwaukee and Carefree Single Valve Clear Lucite Replacement Handle with Index Button

LASCO HC-257 Universal Rundle Milwaukee, Carefree single control faucets, with hot and cold button, Clear Lucite. Easy repair and installation, carded. Out with the old in with the new! Change out the old tired handle with a fresh new look to brighten up the bath remodel. Count on LASCO Simpatico for hard to find Bathware in popular fashion color accents to finish your dream bathroom design. Larsen Supply is a third generation family owned and operated company with over 80 years of experience has the largest retail plumbing line in the industry today with over 7000 packaged and 16,000 bulk SKU’s. We pride ourselves on service, selection and support! All Lasco merchandise if warranted to be free of manufacturing defects. Please revert to retail place of purchase for resolution of any possible plumbing questions, warranty or defective part replacement.

Product Features

  • Universal Rundle, Milwaukee, Carefree
  • Clear Lucite handle
  • Comes with hot and cold buttons
  • Single control faucets
  • Easy repair and installation

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Transformers: The Ride Cited In Universal Studios' Decision To Demolish Historic Phantom of the Opera Soundstage

Variety reports that Universal Studios has elected to demolish the soundstage where the classic 1925 movie Phantom of the Opera was filmed- and Transformers The Ride is involved. Keep reading for more details on how, directly or indirectly, Michael Bay ruins everything.

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Funko’s Pop! Universal Monsters might be scary cute

Funko’s latest horror offerings are sure to elicit screams of delight, as the company has added many iconic Universal Studios Monsters to its Pop! Movie line.

The figures (due out in September, meaning they can be on your shelves this Halloween!) include Dracula, Frankenstein (or Adam or “The Monster”), the Bride of Frankenstein (did she ever get a real name?), the Creature from the Black Lagoon (a.k.a. the Gillman), the Mummy, the Phantom of the Opera, the Wolfman, and the Metaluna Mutant (This Island Earth).

The selection is terrifyingly adorable. While the Gillman is definitely a must-own for my ever-expanding collection (which also includes the Funko Force Gillman), I also find myself tempted by the Metaluna Mutant, Phantom, and Dracula as well as the Wolfman.

Will any of these figures be scaring the money from your wallet?

Read more…

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Hobbypower Universal Tall Landing Gear Skid for DJI F450 F550 Sk480 Multirotor Quadcopter



Easy to install on the DJI F450 F550 or similar frame

Package including:

Landing gear 4pcs

M2.5*8 screw 8pcs

Product Features

  • Easy to install on the DJI F450 F550 or similar frame
  • Landing gear 4pcs

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Diamond Select Toys Universal Monsters Select: Son of Frankenstein Action Figure

A Diamond Select Toys Release! The monster returns! Diamond Select Toys revisits Frankenstein’s Monster with this all-new figure depicting the monster in his outfit from 1939’s Son of Frankenstein. This 7-inch-scale action figure features an all-new sculpt with all-new articulation and can strike multiple poses on his deluxe display base, featuring equipment from Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. The Monster and his base come packaged in Select-style display packaging, with spine artwork. Sculpted by Jean St. Jean!

Product Features

  • A Diamond Select Toys Release
  • All-new figure depicts the monster as seen in 1939’s Son of Frankenstein
  • 7″ scale figure
  • All-new sculpt with all-new articulation
  • Deluxe display base features equipment from Dr. Frankenstein’s lab

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Schumacher CR-2 Charge ‘n Ride 1.5 Amp 24 Volt Universal Battery Charger for Ride-On Toys

Schumacher’s CR2 Charge ‘n Ride is a universal 1.5 ampere automatic charger for battery powered ride-on toys. This charger is compatible with most 24 Volt Power Wheels, Razor, and Schumacher batteries. With the 1.5 ampere Charge ‘n Ride, you can charge 3x faster and ride longer.

The CR2 from Schumacher Electric is a universal 1.5-amp battery charger for battery-powered ride-on toys. The CR2 is compatible with most 24V batteries for 3- and 4-wheel powered ride-on toys, with fully automatic operation that switches from continuous charge to float-mode. Monitoring LEDs indicate battery status, including Power, Charging, and Charged. The versatile quick disconnect harness features 3 different connectors. Reverse hook-up protection protects your child’s toys from improper charging damage. The Schumacher CR2 is compatible with most Razor and Schumacher 24V batteries for popular ride-on toys, Power Wheels, and more.

Quick-connect harness with connector to match most popular ride-on toy 24V batteries Charge 3x Faster, Ride Longer

Microprocessor Controlled Technology with multi-stage charging lets the CR2 deliver added precision, safety, and battery life. This technology lets you charge your child’s ride-on toys up to 3x faster, allowing children to spend more time with their toys and less time waiting on a lengthy charge.

Fully Automatic Operation

The CR2 automatically switches from Continuous Charge to Float-Mode Monitoring, which allows the charger to maintain the battery when fully charged. The CR2 resumes continuous charging when the battery becomes discharged.

LED Indicators

LED lights on the CR2 indicate the connected battery’s status, including Charging, Charged, and Check Battery.

Quick-Connect Harness

The versatile quick-connect harness allows you to attach any three connectors into place in seconds, with reverse hook-up protection that helps protect battery and charger from damage. The harness comes with one 24V connector designed to fit most Power Wheels ride-on toys.

Works with Many Popular Toys

The Schumacher CR2 charger is compatible with most Razor and Schumacher 24V batteries designed for Power Wheels and other 3- and 4- wheel powered ride-on toys.

Technical Specifications

Charger Type: Fully Automatic Microprocessor Controlled Output Voltage: 24V DC Input Voltage: 120V AC Output Current: 1.5A Accessory: 1 24V connector Warranty: 1 Year Rating Agency: UL RoHS Compliant: No Energy Star Rated: No

Product Features

  • Automatic charger for battery powered ride-on toys
  • Switches automatically from continuous charge to float-mode monitoring
  • LEDs indicate battery status
  • Reverse hook-up protection
  • Compatible with most Power Wheels, Razor and Schumacher batteries

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Bandai Hobby MS-06R-1A Zaku II Shin Matsunaga High Grade Universal Century Figure Model Kit

1/144 scale

Product Features

  • This model kit assembles into an articulated colored figure
  • Easy to snap together and molded in separate colors so no glue required or paint required
  • Runner x7, foil sticker x1, tetron sticker x1, instruction manual x1

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