Kewii Glow Pink Flake Clear by Too Natthapong x Unbox Industries

While best known for his Greenie & Elfie characters, Too Natthapong’s creativity extends well beyond the popular duo. While sightings are few and far between, his whimsically graceful Kewii bird is a stylized take on New Zealand’s flightless bird.

The new Glow Pink Flake Clear edition of the bird—previously released at the recent Shanghai Toy Show— just might be our favorite version yet. The colorful soft vinyl figure features a yellow translucent beak and a clear body with elegant pink flake throughout, a fanciful fur of sorts. Purple feet and an orange/pink tail complete the design. With the lights off, the figure takes on an ethereal vibe with the pink flake’s brilliant white glow. The new Kewii edition showcases the artistry of a beautifully balanced and conceived design that transcends the ‘colorway’ concept.

The Kewii Glow Pink Flake Clear Edition vinyl art toy (3.15″) will be available as a worldwide online release on Saturday (11.21) at 7 AM PST from Unbox Industries for $30. Unbox will also release simultaneously release four Green & Elfie figures including Jumping Elfie Rainbow Edition, Elfie’s Cafe Waitress Greenie (Green Outfit) as well as Rainy Day Elfie and Rainy Day Greenie.

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Unbox Industries A Trio of Sanrio Soft Vinyl Toys (6.16)

As you might know,Unbox Industries has partnered with Sanrio to produce a new line of soft vinyl toys featuring several of the brand’s kawaii characters. As part of their upcoming weekend online drop, Unbox is releasing three figures from their Sanrio collection including Hangyodon (5.5″, $49), Ahiru no Pekkle Red Chase Variant (5″, $54) and Minna No Tabo (5″, $9).  All three will be available on Saturday (6.16) at 8 AM PDT from the Unbox web shop.

Unbox is also offering the Sanrio figures at their Hong Kong Toy Festival booth this weekend. They are also showing additional, yet-to-be-released figures from the line.


CHUNK by Jim Chan x Unbox Industries in Two New Editions

Catching up with a bit of CHUNK toy-news, with a look at the two recent colorway editions released/to be released, with the above-left edition being released in Thailand, and the above-right being a Taiwan exclusive released earlier!

CHUNK is a character vinyl designed by Jim Chan (Jim Dreams) and produced by Unbox Industries.

The CHUNK TATTOO KINGDOMCOME Version will be made available at the

THE WITCHES (Death Waltz Edition) by John Kenn Mortenson x Unbox Industries

Currently on pre-order via is the “Death Waltz Special Edition” of John Kenn Mortenson’s THE WITCHES. The largest witch stands approx 22cm, while the others are approx 20cm.

Priced at US$150, do note that this pre-order will be open from the 7th til 12th of November, or until the allocated run is fulfilled (Quantity not determined). Orders ship “early December”.

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LURKER Mini Figure Packs by Skinner x Unbox Industries

Currently available via are LURKER Mini Figure Packs, in BLACK and GLOW IN THE DARK Editions!

Figures measure between 2″ to 2.5″ tall, with 5 x figures to a pack – each pack priced at US$20 per. Created and designed by Skinner, sculpted to size by David Arshawsky, and made by Unbox Industries, I’d only just featured a teaser about this not too long ago too LOL (although

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Glenn Mander’s Cheestroyer in Vinyl from Unbox Industries

Bad Teeth Comics‘ CHEESTROYER gets the vinyl treatment – courtesy of Unbox Industries – in this series o test shots, featuring Glenn Manders‘ character creation in smoky glitter, GID and clear versions, the last of which, the Crystal Clear Mini Cheestroyer was on display at the Unbox booth for ToyConUK 2014 not too long ago. Stay tuned for updates!

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