Threezero 1/6th scale STEALTH VERSION ULTRAMAN 12-inch Collectible Figure

In a recent Ultraman Manga series set forty years after the original series, Shinjiro Hayata seems to possess a strange ability, and it is this ability, along with his father’s, Shin Hayata, that leads Shinjiro to battle the new aliens invading the Earth as the new Ultraman.

Threezero 1/6th scale STEALTH VERSION ULTRAMAN 12-inch Collectible Figure details: 31cm (12.2 inches) tall | Original body with over 40 points of articulation based on his appearance in the ULTRAMAN manga | Exquisitely detailed suit decals, paint application and weathering | Interchangeable Shinjiro head (sculpted by Ryu Oyama) | LED Light-up features: Eyes, Color Timer on chest, Spacium Blade device on arms.

Accessories: Spacium Blade arm blade effect pieces (clear parts) | 4 total pairs of Hands: 1 pair relaxed, 1 pair spread, 1 pair fists, 1 pair Spacium Ray shooting pose.

Requires 8 x AG1 Button Cell Batteries (batteries not included)

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