Detective Gadget Spy Flashlight Scientific Leaning Equipment Multi Using Light Secret Sign Finder Hand tools for Travel, Cleaner, Room inspection, Nature learning Money Checker Etc. 1NP-I6

The Secret To Finding Your Pet’s Favorite Spots To Pee Inside…You’ll Be Amazed.
Does your house smell? Can you smell urine, but can’t find it? Do you crawl around sniffing the
floor or spend money cleaning the entire carpet because it’s driving you crazy?
PROBLEM SOLVED! With our UV Flashlight, you’ll EASILY find those invisible stains.

How It Works
UV light causes the salts in dried urine to shine and glow like a yellow neon sign, making them
easily visible to the human eye, and a breeze to clean, saving the need for expensive cleaners.
View the photo’s at the top of this page to see the effects.

Product Descriptions:
– Locate dog/cat pet urine carpet stains.
– Perfect for hotel room inspection applications.
– Reveal rodent contamination.
– See bed bugs before they get you.
– Hunt scorpions before they hunt you.
– Detect leaks using UV dyes.
– Hunt for valuable minerals.
– Perfect tool for forensics investigations.
– Spot counterfeit currency.

Product Specifications:
Bulb Type: LED 395nm
Bulb Life: 100,000 hrs
Body Material: aluminum with “O” rings for water resistance
Battery Require: 3 x AA alkaline batteries (not included)
Battery Life: approximately 20 hours on 3 AA batteries
Switch Type: push On/Off button
Weight: 10 oz. 285g (with batteries)
Head Diameter: 2.25″ or 57mm
Body Diameter: 1.42″ or 36mm
Length: 5.80″ or 147mm

Package Includes:
1 X Flashlight

Note: Do not dismantle the head unit of this flashlight.

Product Features

  • Perfect for Revealing Dry Dog, Cat and Rodent Stains and Favorite Spots That You Otherwise Couldn’t See with the Naked Eye.
  • There’s No Need to Steam Clean the Entire Carpet, UV Sight Will Pinpoint the Areas with Ease.
  • Emits 395nm wavelength with 12 top quality ultraviolet led light. UV flashlights are constructed of only use the best materials.
  • Clearer and Larger area to fluoresce DRIED URINE, STAINS, ODOR of dogs, cats and other small animals on carpet, rugs, clothes; food stains on floor, table etc.
  • Perfect for scorpions tracking, authenticate currency, driver license, official identification cards, passports.

PROLOSO Magnetic Balls DIY Silver Colored Travel Party Desk Games Cool Gifts Creative Toys Intelligence and Patience Development (3mm Set of 216)

Creative desk toys for you to build shapes and relieve stress. It is not easy but up to your patience and creativeness. Portable for travelling and having fun with friends. It’s ideal cool toy gift for both men and women.

Product Features

  • You can make different shapes you want.
  • Portable for travelling and having fun with friends. Who will be able to create the most difficult structure?
  • 216 stainless steel balls of 3 mm.
  • A great toy for you and your friends’ leisure time and party.
  • Small parts, not for children under 14.

Travel some dungeons with Alter’s Alisia Heart

How we got from To Heart to this is a mystery to me. Anyway, this is Alisia Heart, a character featured in Dungeon Travelers 2. As you can see, Alter has made a magnificent figure of her.

I’m sure this is an exact replica in every detail, but something about Alisia bores me. Maybe this is just what happens when I get near anything associated with the To Heart franchise. She’s up for pre-order now for ¥10,800 and will be out in December.

[ Pre-order at Hobby Search | AmiAmi | Big in Japan ]

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Magnetic Wooden Tournament Travel Chess Set – Medium

The nicest portable tournament chess board you’ve ever played on! Wooden Birch board and Hornbeam wood chessmen are magnetic so they stay where they are put without worries of a bump or a jiggle to disrupt your game.

Product Features

  • King: 1.85” (4.8cm). Queen: 1.75” (4.5cm). Pawn: 1.1” (2.8cm)
  • Board measures 10.5” x 10.5” (26.5cm x 26.5cm). Square size: 1.2” (3cm).
  • Board has algebraic notation for recording moves.
  • Hand crafted in Poland.

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Dare You Travel on the "Lo Pan Express" by Jason Chalker?

If you have not seen Jason Chalker‘s Big Daddy Roth X “Big Trouble in Little China”-inspired “Lo Pan Express“, than perhaps now is an opportune time to do so!

“David Lo Pan is back with two wives and a monkey monster to chauffeur his heavenly hotrod through the hell of the too-cool-to-stay-dead sinners. Lo Pan’s not such a bad guy… he wants what every red-blooded man wants… to go off and rule the universe from beyond the grave. The Chinese characters say “Lo Pan Express”.” -shared Jason.

Released a scant couple of years ago as a print and a tee (on TeeFury), be on the look out for the return of this mystic Hot Rod Fiend as a new tee (Polled on his Facebook) soon-ish! Stay tuned to his Twitter @ManlyArt for updates 🙂

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2 in 1 Travel Magnetic Chess and Checkers

Play chess and checkers wherever you go with this handy magnetic travel game set.

Product Features

  • Playing board measures 12-1/2”L x 12-1/2”W x 1”H (32cm x 32cm x 2.25cm)
  • Chess queen measures 2-1/4”H x 1”W (6cm x 2.5cm)
  • Checkers are 4/5”W x 1/4”H (2cm x .5cm)
  • Please note: Chess pieces are magnetic, but checker pieces are not.

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Travel Magnetic Chess Mini-Set

This travel magnetic chess mini-set is easy to carry with you and fun to play. Anyplace can be your setting for a great game since the magnetic pieces will never move around on their own.

Product Features

  • Playing board measures 6-3/8”L x 6-3/8”W x 5/8”H (16.1cm x 16.1cm x 1.8cm)
  • Queen measures 1-1/16”H x 1/2”W (2.7cm x 1.3cm)

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