Original Overloard Design Images from Transformers Titans Return

Emiliano Santalucia shares some images of the original designs for the epic Transformers Titans Return Overloard figure. Emiliano gives up some insights on the character’s design that was said to have gone through many revisions before they they settled on the final production version that fans have been begging for ever since forever. Read on to see the images and Emiliano’s comment’s below.

Reveal Your Shield Week, Day 2 – The Stop-Motion Cast Of Transformers: The Last Knight Attends A Screening

The official Transformers Facebook page has updated once again with a new video to promote the Transformers: The Last Knight toyline! Today, the robot cast of the film (as represented by stop-motion animated Premier Edition action figures!) attends a screening! Optimus Prime has the bad luck of being seated next to the extremely noisy Barricade – but since this is an all-ages video, Barricade gets off fairly easy in the end. Keep reading to see!

Cow Candy Gets Cheesy With Transformers Optimus Prime Fruit Punch Sticks

Here’s a story that Mooore than meets the cheese, the Wisconsin cheese makers Cow Candy have partnered with Hasbro to make branded editions of their cheese snacks. They have two products based on the My Little Pony and Transformers properties. The Transformers snacks are a pink concoction of monterey jack cheese and fruit juice called “Optimus Prime Fruit Punch Jack Cheese.” The package shows a nice robot shot of the Autobot Leader from the Robots in Disguise cartoon. Read on for the full product info and shots of the packaging.

#BotCon 2016 – Last Transformers Convention From Fun Publications

Thanks to Twitter user Nic Hughes who has posted an image of the official Hasbro letter confirming this will be the last BotCon produced by the Fun Publications group. Rumors have been going around ever since Pete Sinclair hinted at it eariler this year. The convention that has been a mainstay for fans every year has seen a big decline in interest since FP took over the show. It is not sure if, who or when another official Transformers dedicated event will take its place at this time.

Hasbro Cinematic Universe In Development! Micronauts, Visionaries, GI Joe, Rom Spaceknight & MASK – But No Transformers?

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Hollywood – in the form of Paramount Pictures – is teaming up with Hasbro to create a Cinematic Universe based on Hasbro properties. Micronauts, Rom: Spaceknight, MASK, and Visionaries are slated to tie into existing film franchise GI Joe, and a writer’s room is being assembled in the vein of the one created for the Transformers Cinematic Universe. Transformers is assumed to remain separate – though there was that first Micronauts promotional image, so we’ll see! Keep reading for details.

Hasbro teases Transformers Titan Wars reveal at NYCC

Big events mean big reveals and Hasbro definitely has one planned for New York Comic Con this weekend. On their new Pulse website Hasbro quietly posted a group silhouette with Titan Wars Blaster standing front and center. Titan Wars has been one of Hasbro’s worst kept secrets after being leaked (intentionally or unintentionally) at this year’s BotCon. There was also that leaked image of Blaster that has been believed to be real. They’ve made references to the line without calling it by name since then, but it seems they’re finally ready to show off the goods! 

Based on the outlines other characters appear to include Overkill, Hardhead, and a Headmaster beast on the right that has been debated as either Skullcruncher or Horri-Bull along with a lot of smaller figures that can’t be easily ID’d. Hasbro is expected to have one of their larger showings at NYCC between Star Wars and Transformers so expect some big announcements from them this weekend!

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Video Review of KFC's Transistor Not-MP-Blaster By Thew's Awesome Transformers Reviews

Reviewer Thew Adams has released a new video today covering Transistor, the next entry in Masterpiece-style transforming figures by Keith’s Toy Or Possibly Fantasy Club. The outcome is generally positive with only minor points to the negative and perhaps a fragility warning to be had. If you’re curious, this review can fill in a lot of information for you in an easy chunk of about six minutes. Click through and check it out!

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Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Outtakes Reel

Michael Bay’s official account has posted a 10-minute outtake reel to Vimeo! Plenty of behind-the-scenes action to be seen, along with a couple of cameras falling victim to the master of explosions. Also notable: Kelsey Grammer covered in blood and ash, saying “I was this close!” Keep reading to see it for yourself!

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Hasbro shows off Transformers: Combiner Wars figures in package

We’re getting a little closer to the launch of the 2015 Transformers: Combiner Wars line with the first look at the finished figures in an all-new package style. These photos are of the international packaging and are a little different from the North American packages which will continue to include full-size comics with Deluxe class figures. Unlike the 2014 figures, all figures in every class of the 2015 line will now include a collectible game card. Worth pointing out that the art on the package isn’t the same art as on the card which excites me more than it probably should. Of course the package art on the North American releases will double as the comic cover. The new packaging replaces the previous scheme’s white layout with a black one which gives the new series a much darker and grittier look. This is some high quality package design and I’m so glad they dropped the weird stuff like unusual shaped boxes and lots of windows.

As far as the figure go this is going to be a very fun line to collect and probably dominate most of my collecting in 2015. The photos are of finished figures, unlike the hand-painted prototypes we’ve seen previously. Some have lost minor details, but for the most part they’ve only had their colors altered slightly. Optimus Prime is a little brighter looking, but he actually looks better than the prototype images. One of the biggest issues people have with this set is that, aside from not containing a complete team of characters, is that they chose only figures that don’t hide the giant connecting piece in their chests. Some of the other figures have parts that cover it up, but unfortunately these aren’t them. Oh, and if you were wondering about Alpha Bravo, he’s finally been introduced as a new character in the comics and wasn’t made as a way for Hasbro to save money by using the mold later for Vortex rather than make another jet. Nope, not at all…

Supposedly these will start coming out as soon as December which is great, but also kinda sucks because typically the stuff coming out at the turn of the New Year doesn’t find its way into stores thanks to warehouses dumping older stuff on stores during this period. Keep watching that internet.

One last related thing: there are strong rumors going around that suggest a Devistator/Constructicon box set is coming. Some rumors say it’ll be a Toys R Us exclusive. Some rumors say it’ll be comprised of six Voyager class figures and sold as Titan class. Some rumors say it’ll be six Deluxe figures. Some rumors say it’ll be US$150. Just remember that it’s all a rumor until we see pictures or hear something official from Hasbro.

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