Tiki is ready to make a splash at Treasure Festa

Not to be outdone by Vertex and their offering, a GK circle by the name of MadHands has shown off their rendition of you companion fairy from Dragon’s Crown in time for Treasure Festa in Ariake 10, which occurs just before Christmas (seriously, the event is held on the 23rd…)!

The kit is 1/1 scale and takes many of its cues from how Tiki appears in the Tavern, where you prepare your team for adventures. Of course, in the game, I’m pretty sure that Tiki is still clothed and decidedly more… drunk. Nevertheless, if you find her in your drinks cup, you’re not going to be getting it back anytime soon!

No doubt, Tiki will probably also make an appearance in Wonder Festival early next year but for budding modellers who can’t wait, you have a week to make arrangements to try and purchase this playful kit. And if you’re not a modeller, you can always hope that companies like Ques Q and Embrace Japan will pick her up for a general PVC release at a later date…

[via FG site]

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