THE BRAMPTON #BATMAN Takes #Cosplay To The Next Level in #CANADA!

Here’s a quick post to share some kick-ass photos we got from a friend in Canada featuring a guy who is pretty serious about his cosplay, he is known as THE BRAMPTON BATMAN! 

He lives in Brampton, Ontario and he even has a super-awesome Custom Batmobile Replica Car, check it out!! 

(Click on it for a larger, more detailed, version)

9/3/14: Whatever It Takes!

After a week off, the Pack returns to address the elephant in the room: just how many Amiibos did Justin preorder? But before they can get to that and other Nintendo tidbits, the guys address the current “#GamerGate” controversy and the vile harassment happening online. Afterwards, Kaz bluffs his way through Fibbage, Tom zaps through Gunvolt (both the Mighty and Azure Striker flavors), and Justin is on the case in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright.

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#BATMAN Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at the Toy and Action Figure Museum

The Toy and Action Figure Museum ( located in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma ) made this video that I knew I had to share because it’s pretty funny! The basic premise is that BATMAN Takes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, ha! 

To get info on the Toy and Action Figure Museum just CLICK HERE!

To make a donation to the ALS Charity Organization, just visit their website, CLICK HERE!

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Funko takes to the gridiron with Pop! Football

It’s been a while since we’ve discussed sports figures on Tomo, but it’s about to be actual football season. With Funko having incorporated just about every other popular franchise into its line of Pop! figures, it’s about time that the NFL gets in on the action.

Series 1 will include 27 figures with 18 teams represented. Each player will come with their own helmet and be decked out in their uniform. While it may be a bit difficult to actually get the personality of athletes in this form, they somehow did that. You can tell they’re trying as the Eli Manning figure has that “not quite all there” stare, which means he probably just threw another interception. That’s devotion to detail there.

This is the first run of what should be many, many releases. They’ll be released in September, just in time for kickoff weekend. Just like the playoffs though, there’s no Jets in this release so you’ll have to wait for next year. Check out the gallery to see all the players who made it into the starting lineup.

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Hasbro takes the Millennium Falcon out for another run

Back in the late ’70s and part of the ’80s Kenner created a (kinda small) Millennium Falcon vehicle-playset for their then pioneering 3.75 inch Star Wars line. It wasn’t bad and found new life in the mid ’90s when Star Wars saw a new serge in popularity thanks to a digital remastering and new figures were made by Kenner. Of course it was also around this time that Hasbro bought Kenner and the Star Wars license defaulted to them. This modern run of figures has been going strong non-stop for nearly 20 years now and Hasbro was nice enough to update some of the key vehicles. Of course that included a giant 2008 Millennium Falcon that was finally in scale with the figures.

Six years later Hasbro is back again with yet another Millennium Falcon that will be exclusive to Walmart soon. The new one appears to be a little smaller than the previous, boasting a length of just over two feet while the previous version was measured at over 2.5 feet. It’s all marketing buzz so there’s no telling if there’s really that much difference in the size. The new version also seems to be lacking the lights, sounds, and audio phrases from the 2008 release as well. Plus were the previous version came with Han and Chewie figures this one seems to be lacking any included figures. On the bright side the new version may end up being quite a bit cheaper considering all it lacks.

If you just want a nice display piece this might be a good deal you. I mean, how many times are you going to flip on the lights and sounds and do you really need another Han figure? Hopefully we’ll have more details this coming weekend at San Diego Comic Con to share. In the meantime: Am I the only one a little disturbed by the Disney logo at the top of the box?

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Akuma Homura takes flight in figma form

Firstly, let’s say SPOILERS for those of you who haven’t seen the third Madoka Magica movie. All clear? Good!

Good Smile Company and its various sub brands have ridden the Puella Magi Madoka Magica train pretty hard so far, and they’re showing no signs of letting up yet. With Aniplex seemingly having cornered the market for a scale version of Homura Akemi’s striking new ‘Devil’ form from the third movie, Max Factory have stepped in with a figma version. It’s pretty far along too, as we’ve got fully formed grey prototype pictures floating around, so expect a full reveal sometime in the not-too-distant future.

Are you excited for this readers? I must confess I fell off the Madoka train some time ago, but this is such a striking design it’s sure to produce a great figma if nothing else.

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New book takes a look at the indie toy scene

I love a good read here and there, and it looks like I have a new book to check out in Louis Bou’s We Are Indie Toys! The book is a look at the indie scene, specifically resin figures made by independent artists and studios. There’s 30 artists covered in the book’s 208 pages, including names you’ve seen plenty of times on Tomopop: Emilio Garcia, Jon Knox, Le Merde, Patient No. 6, Plaseebo, Dave Pressler, Cris Rose, Paul Shih, Suckadelic, TADO, and Tesselate. There’s a few interviews mixed in with the artists, so it’s something that seems like it could be a good coffee table book at the very worst.

In case you’re interested in picking We Are Indie Toys! up, it’s available on Amazon for US$22.43 (below it’s retail price of US$29.99).

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FUNimation takes on bootleg merchant Anime Haus in US$500,000 lawsuit

I love seeing stuff like this in the news, mainly because I hate bootleg anime merchandise with a passion. This past Thursday (3/13) FUNimation filed a copyright infringement lawsuit in Texas against known seller of counterfeit products Anime Haus. FUNi claims that the Washington-based retailer, including owner Brian Hilgeford and three others, willingly and knowingly imported and sold bootleg figures, plushies, t-shirts, bags, watches, and other merchandise for many of their titles such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Hetalia, Attack on Titan , and others since 2010. 

Anime Haus has apparently been black listed by a number of anime conventions around the country and ignored FUNi when contacted about their products. The lawsuit is for US$500,000, which doesn’t seem like much when compared to some other suits out there, but probably a realistic number that FUNi can recuperate. FUNi is also asking for a jury trial, payment of all trial fees and costs by Anime Haus, and that all infringing products be turned over. 

They wont be seeing a judge until July 11, but I’m glad FUNi is stepping up and taking this to court. This isn’t just about them protecting their licenses, but also about protecting fans who don’t deserve to be swindled and cheated into buying unlawful products like these. The more of these lawsuits there are taking place the less likely we are to find bootleg goods at convention dealers’ rooms and online. While it may be impossible to eradicate the problem all together in the near future at least a dent is being made. 

[via Anime News Network]

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