Legends Series LG-EX Grand Maximus Will Be Made, But TakaraTomy Can't Pretend To Have Met Its Stretch Goals

The Grand Maximus preorder period is over, and TakaraTomy have announced the results. While the recolor of Titans Return Fortress Maximus did meet its prerequisite of 2000 preorders and will be made, it couldn’t quite reach the goal of 3000 that was necessary for TakaraTomy to manufacture the special Pretender shell for the smaller Headmaster figure. It’s a pity, but focus on the positive: for the first time since we got Titan Class figures, there is an exclusive recolor available of one. Keep reading for the announcement from TakaraTomy.

Age of Extinction – Ultimate Power Mode Optimus Prime Upcoming TakaraTomy Leader Class Redeco

Site sponsor TFSource has updated their Facebook page with information about an upcoming release of the Leader Class Optimus Prime mold from TakaraTomy. While the provided image seems to be a grayscale photo of the regular toy, Ultimate Power Mode Optimus is supposed to have added detailing with chrome, and some minor retooling. Keep reading to see the original post from TFSource!

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TakaraTomy Begins New Transformers Legends Line In October With Generations Rattrap & Reborn Optimus Primal

Autobase Aichi reports that Takara will begin a new 30th Anniversary line called “Transformers Legends” this October, and the first two figures listed are the upcoming Generations Rattrap and a reissue of the more animation-accurate Beast Wars Reborn remold of Ultra-class Optimus Primal. Rattrap is priced at 2800 Yen, and Primal at 6800. Click the title for the official website and photos!

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Age of Extinction TakaraTomy Clear Micron Promotion Details

TakaraTomy’s official Transformers site has updated with images and information for an upcoming promotional campaign featuring clear plastic recolors of the Generations Legends Targetmaster partner figures. As with previous campaigns, each item is available with qualifying Transformers purchases from specific stores in Japan, and is set to begin in mid-May. See all the images and more info below!

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TakaraTomy Microman A.R.T.S. detailed in scans

A new figure line, TakaraTomy’s Microman A.R.T.S., has been spotted in recent magazine scans from 2chan. What makes the line special are the figures’ stature, each only 10 centimeters tall (hence the “micro” bit). The figures are also noted to be posable.

Microman A.R.T.S. appears to be a bit of a misnomer as the focus seems to be on the women characters in today’s anime. From these scans alone, we see some of the heroines of Kantai Collection, Love Live!, and Project 575. It looks like the figures come with accessories to fit the show as well. For example, the idols of Love Live! come with microphones.

The two page spread also shows a secret figure of a heroine from the Grisaia no Kajitsu series as part of the TakaraTomy A.R.T.S. line. It will be 1:7 scale and 27 inches tall. We also get a glimpse at a sketch of robot from the game Wolf Fang. Also part of the TakaraTomy A.R.T.S. line, this figure will be 10 centimeters tall. It was made with the 3D CG data from the game. No word on the price or release date for these.

Take a look at the scan in its full glory in the gallery to experience the magic for yourself!

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