Storm Collectibles 1:12 scale Street Fighter V – Ryu 17.7 cm tall action figure – "Hadoken!"

Ryu (リュウ or 隆 Ryuu) is one of the main characters of the Street Fighter fighting games as well as the franchise’s lead protagonist. Ryu has made an appearance in every Street Fighter game, as well as in almost every crossover fighting game to feature Capcom characters. Ryu has become one of the most famous character in the fighting game genre, starring in early fighting games such as Street Fighter and starting to become popular in Street Fighter II, where he was considered a “basic” character.

Storm Collectibles is bringing their 1/6th scale quality into the 1/12th scene, recreating Ryu from game to real life – with Ryu’s signature white karate gi with torn off sleeves, medium length hair, a long red headband, a pair of red gloves, a black martial arts belt and bare feet. The figure is 17.7 cm tall with over 30 points of joint that enables Ryu to pull off his special moves: Hadoken, Shoryuken and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku! The figure set will also include: 3 interchangeable facial expression, 4 interchangeable palms and Hadoken effect parts.

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Tek Nek Sesame Street Fire Engine Ride-On

It’s the Sesame Street Fire Engine Ride-On to the rescue! Elmo & Abby Cadabby speak to your little firefighter with 15 talking phrases and 13 fun buttons on the hood and dash demonstrate cause and effect. Lift the seat to discover storage for their favorite toys. The walker bar is perfect for stretching growing legs. The Fire Engine features fun, colorful Sesame Street labels. Volume control allows parents to select the volume level that’s right for their home and sturdy plastic construction makes the ride-on safe and easy to keep clean. Requires 2 AA batteries included. Seat height is 8.5 inches. Recommended for ages 1 to 3 years and up to 40 lbs.

Product Features

  • Sesame Street branded ride-on featuring Elmo & Abby Cadabby
  • 19 Elmo & Abby Cadabby talking phrases & fun sounds
  • 13 fun hood & dash buttons. 2012 Toy Insider Award.
  • Underseat storage, Parent volume control, Walker bar
  • 13 fun hood & dash buttons; 2012 Toy Insider Award

Hot Wheels Street Hawk Remote Control Flying Car

Ever wonder what it would be like if cars could fly? Now kids can live that thrill and see a Hot Wheels RC take to the skies with the Street Hawk. This vehicle offers a cool combo of on-ground remote-controlled performance, like proportional ground steering, plus the aerial performance of a plane. The Flying Car RC is durable and lightweight, too, allowing it to perform impressive aerial maneuvers and fly up to 200 feet in the air. It’s 2-in-1 RC action right in your own two hands!

Product Features

  • Ever wonder what it would be like if cars could fly?
  • Offers a cool combo of on-ground remote-controlled performance, like proportional ground steering, plus the aerial performance of a plane
  • Durable and lightweight – allowing it to perform impressive aerial maneuvers and fly up to 200 feet in the air
  • Ships in Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Award winner of The 2014 Most Wanted Toy List

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Now Funko can tell us how to get to Sesame Street

Funko really wants to pull our nostalgia strings! Today they announced that they will be partnering with Sesame Workshop to make a Pop! series. So fans young and old can have a designer vinyl figure of their favorite Sesame Street character.

This line will debut at NYCC at Toy Tokyo’s booth. So attendees can be the first ones to get their hands on a Super Grover Pop! The rest of this line will be released some time in 2015, and feature all the best characters.

There will be figures of Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, Oscar, The Count, Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Grover. I can’t wait to see these figures! For now, if you want that Super Grover Pop! you can get him at Toy Tokyo’s booth #101 for US$15. 

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Preview Kotobukiya Super Street Fighter IV Juri Bishoujo Statue – Is that a spider on her back?

Seems like Street Fighter is getting a lot of attention lately, see previous posts HERE and HERE.

Juri Han (ハン・ジュリ Han Juri, Korean: 한주리 or 韓蛛俐) is a character in the Street Fighter series. She makes her debut in Super Street Fighter IV, where she is a main character in the storyline. She is 25 years old (as of Super Street Fighter IV) and is described as a somewhat mean and nasty member of S.I.N. Juri is the first South Korean character and the first Taekwondo user in the Street Fighter series, as well as the first true villainess.

This Kotobukiya Super Street Fighter IV Juri Bishoujo Statue follows in line with all their Bishoujo series. Bishōjo (美少女, literally “beautiful young girl”, also spelled bishoujo) is a Japanese term used to refer to young and pretty girls, usually below university age. Bishōjo characters are seen in almost all genres of anime and manga, especially in dating sims and visual novels (also known as bishōjo games), and harem anime and manga. One of the main draws of these series is typically the art and the attractive female characters.

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Juri wears a purple dudou (a form of Chinese underwear) on her chest supported with eight straps that meet on her back, forming a spider pattern. She wears long, baggy, off-white colored trousers and purple tights, and long, fingerless gloves. Her fingernails and toenails are painted bright pink. She has dark hair styled into two horn-like bangs at the top of her head, which appear to be fastened with pink ribbons. She wears Taekwondo foot wraps on her feet.

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You can pre-order this from Sideshow Collectibles

You can pre-order this from Sideshow Collectibles

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Capo Toys’ second Street Fighter Kickstarter going better than the first

Capo Toys, the would-be creator of a Street Fighter action figure line, has made a second attempt at crowdfunding their line after the original kickstarter campaign failed miserably (obtaining only US$8,079 of.its overly ambitious US$85,000 goal).

The new campaign offers up more of the line (instead of just Ryu) and is already at US$12,000+ in contributions although it still seems on track for failure given its ludicrous US$550,000 target. As for why the company needs funding in the first place, there was apparently a dispute among the partners where the group allegedly tried to cut out the company’s artist/co-founder, campaign creator Rocco Tartamel (who declined to return our emails).

To Tartamel’s credit, the packages are somewhat more enticing because you can select the specific characters you’re interested in rather than just buying a Ryu and hoping that your support will eventually help the others to appear. To Tartamel’s discredit, the goals for these campaigns seem almost completely out of touch with some other companies’ offerings. The Four Horsemen’s Gothitropolis Kickstarter, for instance, closed with over US$300,000 in pledges for the series *but* the company’s target was only US$65,000. Granted, the Gothitropolis stuff shared parts but, even comparing that to the original Ryu-only campaign, it came in twenty grand cheaper on the target. I’m assuming that at least part of the expense is tied into the fact that Tartamel doesn’t have the Horsemen’s existing infrastructure but something seems a bit off here.

I still wish Tartamel all the luck in the world and I’m strongly considering putting in a pledge for a Sagat, but I just can’t see this thing getting funded. It’s certainly not a bad line (it even features fabric clothing for added poseability!), it’s just that the targets don’t seem realistic.

[ Support at Kickstarter ]

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