VTech Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Smartwatch

Explore your creativity with the First Order Stormtrooper Smartwatch. This durable smartwatch can take pictures and videos and includes Star War-themed photo effects. Padawans will love using the motion sensor to trigger Lightsaber, droid, and space ship sound effects. Challenge your skills with three mini activities that include blasting asteroids, escaping Stormtroopers and racing with BB-8. The watch helps teach kids how to tell time by letting them choose among 30 Star Wars-themed digital and analog clock faces. A voice recorder provides voice-changing effects so your child can sound like robot, change the pitch of their voice or slow it down. In addition to the alarm, timer and stopwatch, the smartwatch also includes a calendar feature and a calculator so your young Jedi can work out simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. Children will love exploring the galaxy with their First Order Stormtrooper Smartwatch.

Product Features

  • Take pictures and videos and explore your creativity with Star Wars photo effects
  • Challenge your skills using the touch screen and motion sensor to explore three mini activities
  • Learn how to tell time by choosing between 30 digital and analog Star Wars clock face designs
  • A voice recorder with voice-changing effects gives you the ability to sound like you’re a part of the Star Wars galaxy
  • Activate sounds using the motion sensor, including two Lightsaber modes and more

1/6 Star Wars Stormtrooper (Porcelain Pattern Version) from Hot Toys!

We’ve seen them gifted to ROGUE ONE’s actors and the film’s director, now take a closer look at the Star Wars – 1/6th scale Stormtrooper (Porcelain Pattern Version) from Hot Toys! Love it or hate it, HT is moving forth beyond their straight-up character reproduction license, further blurring the line between “kid’s toy” and “adult’s art sculpture” for the masses!HOT TOYS PRESS: “As the symbol of

Star Wars Rebels Stormtrooper Blaster

View larger Star Wars Rebels Stormtrooper Blaster

Enter the world of Star Wars and launch into action and adventure! Discover a galaxy of heroes, villains, aliens, starships, and weaponry, and immerse yourself in exciting stories of good versus evil. Re-create scenes from Star Wars entertainment with action figures and vehicles. Take on the role of favorite characters with masks, Lightsabers, and blasters (each sold separately). Unleash your imagination with the Star Wars Rebels Stormtrooper Blaster from Hasbro that fires foam darts, and re-create scenes from the Star Wars Rebels animated series!

Star Wars products are produced by Hasbro under license from Lucasfilm Ltd. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

Fires Foam Darts
View larger Fires Foam Darts

This Star Wars Rebels Stormtrooper Blaster from Hasbro fires Nerf foam darts. The Star Wars blaster comes with 3 darts and fires 1 dart at a time. Load 1 dart, slide the lever back to ready the blaster, and pull the trigger to send a dart flying through the air. Pretend to be a Stormtrooper from the Star Wars Rebels animated series as you hunt for Jedi and anyone in the galaxy who opposes the powerful Galactic Empire!

Measures 2 Feet Long
View larger 2 Feet Long

The Rebels Stormtrooper Blaster measure 2 feet long when you attach the included barrel extension to the blaster. You can fire the blaster with or without the barrel extension for versatile play. Add the barrel extension for patrols and missions, or remove the extension to create a stealth-sized blaster for covert operations that keep you on the move. The blaster has a folding stock that you can unfold to steady the blaster for precision firing or fold up when not in use.

Removable barrel extension
View larger Blast Into Action

Blast into action with the Star Wars Rebels Stormtrooper Blaster toy that fires up to 3 foam darts, measures 2 feet long with the removable barrel extension, and has a folding stock. Grab this dart-firing blaster and take on the role of a Stormtrooper from the Star Wars Rebels animated series!

View larger Includes

Blaster, barrel extension, 3 darts, and instructions.

View larger Highlights

Measures 2 feet long with barrel extension attached, fires foam darts, removable barrel extension and folding stock.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Hasbro is committed to being an ethical and responsible company and is a recognized toy industry leader in the areas of product safety, environmental sustainability, ethical sourcing and philanthropy.

Product Features

  • Stormtrooper blaster lets you feel like you’re in your own Star Wars epic
  • 2 feet long
  • Removable barrel extension
  • Folding stock
  • Includes blaster, barrel extension, 3 darts and instructions

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Star Wars The Black Series Stormtrooper Figure 6 Inches

Stormtroopers board the Rebel blockade runner Tantive IV and send word to Darth Vader that they have captured Princess Leia. Re-create the biggest battles and missions in the Star Wars epic with figures from The Black Series! This highly articulated figure is part of Hasbro’s first-ever 6-inch Star Wars figure collection. He looks like a Stormtrooper down to the last detail, and his armor and weapon are designed with pinpoint accuracy. It’s as if he just walked off the set of the scene where he helped capture Princess Leia. You’re going to need a bigger shelf for your Stormtrooper figure and the rest of the Black Series! Star Wars products are produced by Hasbro under license from Lucasfilm Ltd. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

Product Features

  • Highly articulated figure looks like a Stormtrooper
  • Figure is part of the first-ever 6-inch series of Star Wars figures
  • Careful details make him look just like the Star Wars character
  • Figure stands 6 inches tall and comes armed with a blaster
  • #09 Stormtrooper

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Seen: Star Wars Legion — A Custom Stormtrooper Helmet Show

Lucasfilm, Disney, and Neff have put together ‘Star Wars Legion’, a Stormtrooper Helmet exhibition running at Robert Vargas Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles through Star Wars Celebration Day, May 4th. The show features hundreds of mini Stormtrooper helmets customized by artists from various Disney divisions and street artists selected by…

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