#BATMAN PEZ CANDY Dispenser and LOLLIPOP RINGS Spotted at CVS Stores!

WOO HOO! Here’s a quick post to share this wonderful photo sent in by a BAT-BLOG Fan who recently hit his local CVS Drug Store and came across these fun new “Batman” items!!

First up, here’s an individually-packaged PEZ CANDY Dispenser of BATMAN (They also made ones of Superman and Wonder Woman) and then, these 2 different packages of BATMAN Lollipop Rings, YUMMY!!

(Thanks Erik!)

CHOCOOLATE Retail Stores Honoring 75 YEARS OF BATMAN with T-Shirts and More!

Shown up above is a photo from our friend Stone Wong who was recently in Taipei (Taiwan) and he saw this HUGE “Bruce Wayne / Batman” advertising banner displayed at a CHOCOOLATE Retail Store location. 

It features a graphic of Bruce Wayne from the new CGI cartoon. It’s all about hyping the merchandise for their “Batman 75th Anniversary” Collection! 

Chocoolate is a Hong Kong based company and they have many locations in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore and Canada. Yes, they have one Canadian outlet, that’s kinda weird!

Researching their website, I found out that they have a nice assortment of “75 Years of BATMAN” T-Shirts, Hoodies, Baseball Jerseys, Sweatshirts and even a Paper-Table Lamp! Down below are some pics found at their site. To visit, just CLICK HERE!

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OCT 18th – Get a FREE LEGO DC Comics Batman Bat-Signal at ToysRUs Stores!

Just a quick post to share this important bat-news. Today, October 18th, 2014, be sure to hit your local ToysRUs to pick-up your FREE Lego Batman Bat-Signal. from 12 Noon till 2:00 pm.

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New LEGO DUPLO BATMAN DC Comics Play Sets in Stores Now!

Here’s a quick post to share the news that the brand-new LEGO DUPLO BATMAN Play Sets have been spotted at Target! For now we just have information on these 2 play sets but knowing Lego™, there will be many more!

One has Batman in the Batcave with Catwoman and his vehicle is the Bat-Wing Jet! The other one features the Joker and the Batmobile! Oh man, these are so cool! Thinking about it, I would have totally loved these as a little kid.

( Thanks Melissa for the heads-up! ) 

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[Update] Japanese 7-Eleven stores give away two giant Evangelion prizes

[update: All 25 of the statues put up for sale sold out in two minutes at that price. Two minutes! That’s insane!]

Ever wonder what it would look like if NERV was funded by a major international convenient store chain? Probably not, but you’re going to find out. 7-Eleven in Japan is working with the Evangelion franchise to produce giant two meter tall Unit 01 figures colored in 7-Eleven green, orange, and red. Best part is fans (only in Japan) don’t even have to walk into a store to score one of the two up for grabs. One will be given away to a random person who visits 7-Eleven’s Japanese Twitter account and retweets the announcement. The other one simply requires liking their Japanese Facebook page. The giveaway only runs from now to August 11 so fans will want to act fast.

Sounds painless, but if you’re a glutton for punishment you could always buy one. 7-Eleven is taking orders until August 31 for anyone crazy dedicated enough to drop ¥1,700,000 (a little more than US$16,600) on their choice of either 7-Eleven colors or normal purple. On the brightside the delivery guy will also put it together, though apparently they want a lot of space to work so I have to wonder if they’d work outdoors. 

I certainly wouldn’t be against winning one (if I was eligible), but I don’t know if there’s any character I would pay as much as a car to own a figure of. 

[via Rocket News 24, Anime News Network]

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NEW BATMAN TOYS – SUPER DEFORMED 7-Inch Plush Dolls in Stores Now!

Here’s a brand-new set of BATMAN SUPER DEFORMED 7-Inch Plush Dolls that everybody will want.

The complete set includes: Batman, Robin, The Joker and his Crazy Girlfriend, Harley Quinn.

OK, I have not personally seen these in stores yet but they’re supposed to be out right now, so keep an eye out! 

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"Fireman" ASM2 Marvel Select Spidey hitting comic stores

Diamond Select reports that its Amazing Spider-Man 2 Marvel Select “Fireman” Spider-Man is currently shipping and should appear at local comic book stores, etc, soon.  In the mean-time, DST has compiled a photo gallery.

If you’re still looking to pick him up, he’s still available for pre-order at a few places. Otherwise you can just nab him at your local comic book shop or his unmasked counterpart from the Marvel Shop or Disney Stores.

[ Pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store ]

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Disney Stores to freeze sales of Frozen merchandise

Due to an inability to meet demand, Disney Stores will soon give fans the cold shoulder when it comes to Frozen merchandise. Retailers will be implementing a number of chilly provisions and restrictions not expected to thaw until around July or August (blame global warming?).

Although Disney Stores will getting a lot of these collectibles on the shelves as soon as they arrive, select product including dolls and plush will ONLY be available for sale on Saturdays at store opening (presumably meaning when the new stock is put on the shelves). There will be a two item per guest (would it kill them to say “customer”?) on select items as well, although the harshest restrictions come in regards to the costumes… which, come to think of it, nobody here is probably interested in anyway.

While it’s cool that Frozen is enjoying this kind of success, I’m just a little surprised that Disney didn’t forecast the demand better.

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Age Of Extinction Deluxe Generations Figures In Stores Now!

Today at Kmart near my home in Tennessee, I spotted a full case worth of the Generations series Deluxe Age of Extinction figures. I can confirm that the assortment is two of each toy, so maybe we’ll avoid the dreaded Bee Hive this movie cycle. Though not marked, the figures scanned at $14.99, a small price bump from their current Generations Deluxes. I did not attempt to purchase any, so I can’t say whether they’re locked out of Kmart’s registers until the street date. See the photographic proof below!

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Gunpla returns to retail sales at over 400 Barnes and Noble stores

For years, people have clamored for the return of Gundam models to retail stores. While the internet has more than supplied the need, there’s still something nice about buying something in person at a store. Beginning next month, Gunpla returns to retail at more than 400 Barnes and Nobles stores.

While the kits won’t be available at every B&N, they’ll be at more than two-thirds of them, so odds are your store will stock them. Granted, this about half of what it was back in the boom period for anime back in the early 2000s, but this is a step in the right direction. Things are never going to be like they were, but at least they can be somewhat like they were.

Several of the stores, in addition to carrying Gunpla, will sell other Bandai goods from the Tamashii Nations label, including S.H. Figuarts, Robot Damashii and the gashapon line Shokugan. Things are getting better for collectors and Gunpla enthusiasts. 

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