Nearly every Microsoft Store is closing as of today

Have you ever been in a Microsoft Store? Well, you may never get the chance as of today.

Posted as an update on LinkedIn just this morning, Microsoft Store Corporate Vice President David Porter has announced that nearly every physical store location is closing. In a sea of corporate speak, Porter calls this a “new chapter” for the storefront concept, moving toward an “evolution of costumer engagement.”

So what’s actually happening? Well, retail employees will be transitioning to corporate facilities as the stores close down, and there will be a scant four locations remaining (London, NYC, Sydney and Redmon Washington) going forward. Microsoft is citing increased online sales as a chief reason for the shuttering, an issue that’s plaguing brick and mortar locations at malls across the world (even pre-pandemic).

I’ve actually visited the Microsoft Store near me a number of times, and found them to be enjoyable experiences with welcoming employees. I never really bought anything there since it opened in 2011, but the Apple-aping concept was sound and the stores were pleasant. Goodnight, sweet prince: hopefully all of the workers who are impacted land on their feet.

A New Day for Microsoft Store [LinkedIn] Thanks Jeff!

LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store 21310 Building Kit (2049 Piece)

Visit the beachside old fishing store, featuring a shop packed with fishing-themed elements, and a connected watchtower with a 360-degree viewing balcony and office on the lower level. Ideal for display and role-play, this 6204049 has 2 removable roofs, an opening back wall in the shop for easy access, 4 minifigures, cat and 3 seagull figures, as well as loads of other cool details and elements to fire up the imagination.

Product Features

  • Build the LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store, with detailed exterior, shop and connected lookout tower with office. Exterior features steps to the front and side doors of the store, railings, ventilator and assorted elements!
  • Includes 4 minifigures: a captain, a fisherman, a fisherwoman and a child, plus a cat and three seagull figures
  • LEGO Ideas brick building toys are compatible with all other LEGO construction sets for creative building
  • Old Fishing Store measures over 12″ high, 9″ wide and 9″ deep
  • 2049 pieces – For boys and girls ages 12+

Terrifying Card Captor Sakura ‘Evilstick’ discovered at US dollar store

A dollar store in Dayton, OH got some unexpected attention when it made the local TV news after a mother complained about a toy she bought for her daughter. She thought she was buying a princess wand, complete with bootleg art from Card Captor Sakura. If she had looked a little closer she might have noticed that the package actually reads ‘Evilstick’ across the top. And if she had pressed the button on the wand she would have noticed that instead of playing music and lights like the package says it actually plays creepy, high pitched laughter like you might find in a Halloween toy. 

But that wasn’t the worst part! Then the reflective foil came off the and end it revealed a terrifying image of a monstrous little girl slitting her own wrist with a knife. Apparently there are a number of different images that can be found on the wand ranging from a H. R. Giger-esque face to demons to, of all things, cherubs. Just their bad luck that they found the most horrifying one of all! At best guess the toy, which is supposed to be for ages 3 and up, is meant to be a prank where the image is supposed to appear through the foil when someone is looking into the mirror surface, but it isn’t quite strong enough to shine through. Think of it as the toy equivalent of those online videos you concentrate on until something pops up and screams at you.

I’m sure someone in China or wherever is getting a kick out of this news that’s running wild on the internet. But the joke is on them, people all over the world are heading to dollar stores to buy the novelty. 

[via Anime News Network, WHIO]

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The Ghost of Zepheniah Mann rises again in the Bambaland Store

ThreeA’s Ghost of Zepheniah Mann is back in the Bambaland Store, resurrecting a past figure from their Team Fortress 2 collectibles line. Pretty much for hardcore TF2 fans only, the 8-inch figure doesn’t have any articulation, but does have a light-up base to give Zeph a scary look. Oh, and of course, he’s got a hat on because what good is TF2 without hats? 

The asking price is pretty steep, though: it’s US$80. He’ll be shipping out in December, just in time for Scare Fortress to be over and TF2‘s next holiday event to start. I’m passing on it … but is anyone out there going to buy this?

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Curators Voice Art Projects Freak Store Presents: Fonzo Miami

Freak Store is happy to announce that Fonzo will be making its way to Miami for another custom group show! Teaming up with Curators Voice Art Projects, they have gotten a ton of artists to participate in this show. Some of which includes: Travis Lampe, J*RYU, Charles Rodríguez, The Beast…

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JOKER VAPES – Batman Themed Vapor Store Opens in Oklahoma!

I know a lot of people read the BAT-BLOG but have no idea where I live. Well, I live in Oklahoma City, OK and  we’re located roughly in the center of the United States. Anyway, the other day, while taking my Nephew home after dinner, we randomly went down some street and saw this place!

Yes, this is a store front for a place called JOKER VAPES and I knew I had to share it because it’s kinda wacky! It’s one of those places that sell Vapor Liquid and E-Cigarette Devices. But the main cool thing is that it has a “Batman/Joker” theme. I mean, come on, I saw this HUGE Joker face and freaked out a little bit, ha!

For their Grand opening they had our friend, OKC JOKER, pay them a visit. I wish I could have been there for that, ha ha! 

Here’s their basic info:

(405) 942-5653

If you would like more information about this place then please be sure to check out their Facebook page, just CLICK HERE!

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Freak Store Fonzo World Relaunch!

Freak Store in Venezuela has just launched their new international website, Along with the brand new site, they will be launching a brand new clothing brand featuring some of their favorite artists, such as: Patrick Wong, Burundanga, Hydro74, ILoveDust, Muxxi, Theo Badiu, Jesse Phillips, Patricio Oliver, 64Colors and Gary…

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Check out these wonderful photos a friend of ours sent to us. His name is Salvatore and he spotted this new BATMAN TUMBLER BATMOBILE Lego Set which is available exclusively at LEGO STORE locations. This one was spotted in Belgium, of all places. How cool is that?!

(Thanks Salvatore!)

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New BATMAN COMIC BOOK Character Watches Spotted at Kohl's Store!

Please let me explain this real quick. Here are some totally great photos sent in to us by a BAT-BLOG Fan who was kind enough to take these pics.

Basically, he had returned from a Kohl’s Store where he found these cool BATMAN Character Watches and wanted to share the news. That’s awesome! 

One of the watches has a slide projector that shines 10 different images, with one of them being the Bat-Signal! Plus, the other one is a Pocket Watch!

OK, here’s what I have to explain. I always give credit to the people who submit stuff… but this time I had written the person’s name down and lost it. Yes, I forgot who sent it. If it’s YOU, then I apologize. Hey, my life gets hectic sometimes and I’m also a complete moron, hee hee. 

But, THANK YOU for sharing these fun pix, they’re really cool!

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