Step2 Push Around Buggy GT, Pink Push Car

Little ones will turn heads as they ride around in the ultra-stylish push around Buggy gt by Step2. This trendy kid’s ride-on allows Junior drivers to have a comfortable ride around the neighborhood while steering the realistic steering wheel for enhanced pretend play fun. Mom and dad can take toddlers for an extra-long stroll while storing their favorite snack or drink in the convenient under-the-hood storage compartment. This children’s push car is the perfect ride for any little car enthusiast! made in USA of us and imported parts. Adult assembly required.

Product Features

  • Comfortable kid’s ride-on features under-the-hood storage for long neighborhood walks!
  • Kids push Buggy features a realistic steering wheel with honking push horn!
  • Extra-large push handle features a wide grip for parents to easily push and maneuver.
  • Kids push car features a safety belt for an extra secure ride.
  • Maximum ride-on weight: 50 lbs. (22.68 kg)

Step2 Mclaren 570S Push Sports Car Ride-on Toy

Bring the ultimate in luxury vehicles to your little one with the McLaren 570S push sports car by Step2. This modern and stylish kid’s push car features the innovative design and styling of today’s McLaren 570S sports car. Mini Speedsters will have a blast as they accelerate full speed through corners with the quiet-ride whisper wheels. While shifting gears, Junior car drivers can use the interactive steering wheel to rev their engines. This dream car is sure to turn heads on long walks through the neighborhood or park. Made in USA of us and imported parts. Adult assembly required. Manufactured under license from McLaren automotive limited. The McLaren name and logo are registered trademarks of McLaren.

Product Features

  • Ultimate kid’s push car features the realistic design of the McLaren 570S Sports car!
  • Interactive steering wheel allows little ones to rev their engines with the electronic sounds, just like the 570S
  • Glide through turns with the ultra-quiet whisper wheels design
  • Take your dream car on the go by folding the oversized handle underneath for easy storage and quick transport
  • This sports car features two driver cup holders and the adult push handle features a swivel cup holder for mom or dad

Step2 Push Around Buggy Pink

Celebrate the classic, push-around toy with the Step2 Push Around Buggy 10th Anniversary Edition. What a great way to spend time with your little one! She’ll love the bright colors and kid-friendly design of this buggy.

Product Features

  • Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Push Around Buggy with this new pink edition
  • Cute character buggy for enjoyable push and ride fun
  • Designed with storage space under the hood for snacks and toys
  • Features seatbelt to keep you little one safe during the ride

Step2 Push Around Buggy (Red)

Cute character buggy for enjoyable push and ride fun includes a pretend steering wheel with honking horn, storage space under the hood and a safety seat belt. Adult assembly is required.When it’s time to go outside for a bit of fresh air and exercise, the Push Around Buggy from Step2 is ready to roll. Just slip baby in the generous molded seat, hook up the seat belt, grab the handle, and go! While you actually steer, baby can pretend to drive (and can even start the fun with a nifty ignition key). When there’s an obstacle in the way or a friend passing by, baby can honk the horn. The buggy rolls smoothly and surely on four oversize poly wheels. A small trunk in the front can hold a few travel items. Both durable and fun, this sweet red and blue Push Around Buggy is a winner. The extra-long handle is removable and can be stored underneath the buggy. –N. Mered

Product Features

  • Steering wheel with honking horn
  • Storage space under the hood
  • Seat belt holds children in place
  • Removable handle allows for easy transport

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Step2 Motorcycle

Vroom vroom! This cool, ride-on motorcycle is just the right speed for your crazy little cruiser. It features authentic, racer-like styling and wide wheels for easy balance. Realistic headlight, taillights and air intake decals add to the excitement. Easy-grip handles help your little steer while they’re zipping down the hall or tearing up the sidewalks. 15-1/2Hx23-1/2Lx11W”.

Product Features

  • Wide wheels for easy balance
  • Racer-like styling
  • Realistic headlights, taillights, and air intake decals
  • Easy-grip handles help with steering

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Step2 Easy Steer Sportster, Red/Black/White

Easy Steer Sportster

Designed for children 18 months to 4 years, the Easy Steer Sportster offers a fun way to ease the transition from strollers. This push car’s full-turn front wheels provide optimal maneuverability for comfortable handling around the neighborhood or anywhere else your little adventurer would like to go. Additional features include Whisper Wheels for a smooth, quiet ride, and a folding handle for easy transport and storage. And with two cup holders, seat belts, and a steering wheel with horn sounds, this Sportster is sure to please parent and child alike.

Step2 Easy Steer SportsterKids can steer with the steering wheel, or adults can take over with the push handle. View larger.Step2 Easy Steer SportsterFull turn front wheels provide supreme maneuverability.
View larger.Stylishly Designed with Safety in Mind

The single-seat Easy Steer Sportster is a stylish, safe ride for your little one. Resembling a red convertible, the Sportster is formed of lightweight yet durable plastic. The car has a large storage area under the hood, a child’s cup holder, and an in-dash phone holder, and it comes with seatbelts that can be adjusted around the waist of your passenger for a safe, snug fit.

Step2 Easy Steer SportsterCaster wheel retracts for riding on rough terrain. View larger.Step2 Easy Steer SportsterWhen play is done, the handle folds into the car for easy storage and transport. View larger.Full-Turn Front Wheels Provide Maneuverability

Boasting Whisper Wheels for a smooth, quiet ride, the Easy Steer Sportster’s full-turn front wheels provide 360-degree maneuverability for comfortable handling.

While adults use the push handle to control the Sportster, kids can use the steering wheel to operate separate caster wheels that control swivel turning. The casters can retract for riding on rough terrain, or for allowing adults to take control of steering.

Folding Handle for Easy Transport and Storage

To ensure easy operation, the Sportster’s lightly textured handle can accommodate two hands for a secure, steady grip. The handle includes an adult cup holder that pivots to stay level with the ground while cruising along. When not in use, the handle folds under the unit for compact storage.

Assembling and Operating the Easy Steer Sportster

The Easy Steer Sportster took our testers about 30 minutes to assemble. The most difficult part of the process was attaching the front and rear wheel axels, which required significant effort to hammer into the car’s underbody. The rest of the components were easy to install by comparison.

Once assembled, the Sportster performed as designed. Steering was easy, thanks to the sturdy handle and full-turn front wheels. The handle was equally easy to fold away for quick storage.

Young children will undoubtedly enjoy the fun, interactive nature of the ride, and adults will appreciate the convenient handling and storage features.

What’s in the Box

Step2 Easy Steer Sportster, sticker sheet, and instruction sheets.

Step2Easy Steer Sportster

At a Glance:

Single-seat rider eases the transition from strollersIncludes adjustable seatbelts for safetyFull-turn front wheels ensure optimal maneuverabilityWhisper Wheels provide a smooth, quiet rideContains two cup holders, storage compartment, and cell phone holder

Age/Weight Requirements:

18 months to 4 years

Assembly Requirements:

Hammer, Phillips screwdriver, wrench, pliers, and wood block (not included)

Product Features

  • Caster wheel engages for easy swivel, 360 degree turning and can be retracted for riding on rougher terrains
  • Includes folding handle for easy transport and storage
  • Features Whisper Wheels for smooth quiet ride
  • Push the steering wheel for “beep beep” sounds
  • Seat belts included

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The Step2 Company Thomas The Train Up and Down Coaster Ride On

Thomas the Tank Engine Up & Down Coaster – kids can ride!

Kids will love to ride the rails with the Thomas the Tank Engine Up & Down Coaster. Children can climb up the steps and take a ride down the coaster for fun that creates a smile every time. Kids can access the coaster car from both sides with the coaster steps. The fully assembled car has a high back, handrail and two foot rests for a secure and fun ride down the track. The car also has the adorable face of Thomas the Tank Engine. Recessed wheel wells hold the coaster car in place until kids are ready to push off and roll down the track. With over nine feet of track, the fun is endless. Made in USA.

More Detail

All aboard the Thomas the Tank Engine Up & Down Coaster! Step2 has taken the classic Up & Down Coaster and transformed it into the character Thomas the Tank Engine. This friendly and fun coaster can go inside a playroom or outside the yard. Toddlers and children will develop their balance and coordination as they climb, ride, and push off for a fun and amazing ride on their favorite friendly character.

Product Dimensions:

Over nine feet of up and down track – Roller coaster track dimensions: 12.75″H 110″W 27″D – Coaster dimensions: 16.25″ H 25.13″ W 12.5″ D – Maximum Weight: 50 lbs (22.7 kg) – Adult assembly required – Recommended age: 2 to 5.

Adorable Thomas the Tank Engine Coaster Car. Thomas the Tank Engine Coaster Car

This adorable coaster car features a comfortable high back, a handrail and two foot rests for a fun and secure ride. Kids will love to see their favorite character they can ride on.

Steps on both sides allow for dual access. Ride the Rails

Toddlers and kids can access the coaster car from both sides due to the two steps at the back of the coaster. Coaster car is sturdy and snug in the wheel wells until kids push off with their feet to ride down the track.

Over nine feet of coaster track. A Great Addition to Your Playroom or Backyard

This will be a hit with your little ones. The coaster car provides a fun ride and keeps kids active.

Front view of coaster car with toddler. An Easy Toy to Learn Taking Turns

Children will line up for their turn on this amazing Thomas the Tank Engine roller coaster. Easy to assemble, easy to keep clean and store.

A thrilling ride every time. Recommended Age: 2 to 5

Toddlers and kids will love this durable fun and easy to set up coaster.

Coaster car can also be used as ride-on to cruise town. All Aboard!

Detailed Thomas the Tank Engine with authentic face, decals and color is a must have for any little Thomas Fan.

Product Features

  • Two non-slip steps lock securely into a four piece track allowing for access from both sides
  • Detailed Thomas the Train engine has authentic face, decals and colors
  • The fully assembled car has a high back, handrail and foot rests for a secure ride
  • With over nine feet of up and down riding track, the fun is endless
  • Adult assembly is required

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