Transformers Masterpiece MP-52 Starscream Version 2.0 Offical Details and Images

Just in from Dengeki Hobby we have the full official details and many more new images for the Transformers Masterpiece MP-52 Starscream Version 2.0 that will be released in June 2021 for ¥28,000 JPY (excluding tax) ~ $265 USD. Takara has done a lot more than meets the animated look with this figure and it comes with a nice collection of accessories as well.

Starscream Statue Prototype Revealed By Pop Culture Shock

Over on Instagram, Pop Culture Shock has shared a photo showing a prototype stage of a G1 Starscream statue they’re working on. While still decidedly a work in progress and missing some elements they note are not ready yet pending the hand sculpting process, the basic form of Starscream looks like it’s good to go in this early print. We’ve mirrored the photo for your convenience, which you can check out below.

Optimus Prime 2018 Annual Full Comic Preview – Starscream: The Movie

Comic Crusaders has released the last of the current crop of comic previews for the weekend, capping us off with the Optimus Prime 2018 Annual in which Thundercracker might just finally get to make a movie! The Annual will be in stores on February 28th, and you can read the preview in the gallery below right now! THUNDERCRACKER IN: STARSCREAM: THE MOVIE! The good news: somebody finally gave Thundercracker money to make a film. The bad news: it’s Starscream, and he wants a biographical picture to win over the people of Earth. Will Thundercracker stand by his principles or… well, no, he makes the movie.

New Images TFC-D02 Starscream Transformers Cloud Figure Out of Box

Thanks again to Ebay seller Lena88a we we now have images of Transformers Cloud TFC-D02 Starscream action figure that will be offered by Takara Tomy in Japan. Get a look at the robot mode of this figure that is based on the Generations Voyager Blitzwing figure mold. Read on to see the in-hand images of the figure after the jump.

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Epic new ‘Starscream’ Optimus Prime is a Hot Toys figure in disguise

Hot Toys has just dropped an awesome bomb with the massive reveal of its upcoming Optimus Prime (Starscream version), which features the Autobot leader with Seeker-like wings and a limited edition Starscream head. It’s a bizarre combination that I never knew I wanted!

While the 30-cm tall Hot Toys Optimus is non-transforming, it features LED light-up eyes, a removable LED light-up Matrix of Leadership (which can be stored in his chest), and what appear to be fully articulated fingers. In addition, he sports an awesome battle-worn paint job. However, the biggest selling point might be the optional Starscream-deco’d Seeker-like wings AND an exclusive Starscream head [UPDATE: Apparently the Starscream head isn’t meant as an alternate head, which reduces much of my interest). The Starscream head is only available in a special edition which is listed as being for Ani-Com pre-orders and selected markets only.

The figure also features a set of wheels that can be mounted onto his back, a ground base/diorama, two Seeker-like Rifles that can be attached to his forearms or shoulders, and a cannon.

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Official Images Bearbrick Bumblebee and Starscream Summer Wonderfest Exclusives

Following our previous report from Amiami about the Convoy and Megatron Bearbrick figures coming in July. We have an update on the Bumblebee and Starcream figures from TAG Hobby informing us these figures will be Summer Wonderfest exclusive pre-releaseds that will on sale the weekend of July 27, 2014 for 5,184 JYP / $50 USD. Check out the official images and translated details on these Transforming Be@rbrick toys from Japan for more details.

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Even More In-Hand Starscream and Mini-Con Team Takara Generations Photos!

Following yesterday’s tease with packaged figures, Takara’s Hisashi Yuki has posted several photos today of upcoming Takara Generations Mini-Cons and Starscream, showing off both in comparison to their Hasbro counterparts in greater detail. In Starscream’s case, we can see for the first time that this toy’s deco is realized through paint work nearly as extensive as Takara’s Fall of Cybertron Skywarp last year. (but it was worth it!) Keep reading to see all the photos!

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Transformers Platinum Edition Year of the Horse Optimus Prime and Starscream Figures at Toys R Us!

That didn’t take long. After reporting the Transformers Platinum Edition Year of the Horse Optimus Prime coming to Toys R Us recently. Both Optimus Prime and Starscream are now listed online for ordering. They figures are will be available for 4th March 4, 2014 with Optimus Prime listed at $129.99 USD and Cybertron Starscream at $109.99 USD. No word if they will have new packaging. The China releases are shown below.

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