#BATMAN PEZ CANDY Dispenser and LOLLIPOP RINGS Spotted at CVS Stores!

WOO HOO! Here’s a quick post to share this wonderful photo sent in by a BAT-BLOG Fan who recently hit his local CVS Drug Store and came across these fun new “Batman” items!!

First up, here’s an individually-packaged PEZ CANDY Dispenser of BATMAN (They also made ones of Superman and Wonder Woman) and then, these 2 different packages of BATMAN Lollipop Rings, YUMMY!!

(Thanks Erik!)

#BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Movie Billboards Spotted in Times Square!! #NYC #NY

Here are some photos I came across the other night showing a few super-huge advertising billboards in Times Square (NYC, NY) that are promoting the new BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE movie! 

Oh man, they look SO AWESOME!!

#BATMAN MADNESS Spotted All Over The World!!

Here’s a fun post I like to do every now and then that represents the love of the BATMAN character as seen all over the world. Here at the BAT-BLOG we sometimes get some fan mail from people in other countries (Yes, I totally love that!). Here are some wonderful examples.

First up is this really great photo from a sweet girl named Stephane. She recently attended a fair event in Rouen, France and came across this BATMOBILE Ride! Oh man, how cool is that?!

Next up is a group shot from some cosplay friends in the Netherlands. This was at a Comic Con event and they all dressed-up as Batman-related Villains! We got Harley Quinn, The Joker, Red Hood, Deathstroke, and a nice variety of Riddler Cosplayers. 

Yes, I guess the Riddler is extremely popular there but they all look great! Hey, what’s that X-Men Girl doing in the shot? Ha Ha, oh well, she is pretty cute though so I’ll let it slide.

Now, last but not least, is a series of pics showing some amazing BATMAN TATTOO ART that was done in the UK. Yes, England! Here, you can see many different angles of this “sleeve” and we get Batman, The Joker, Scarecrow and Two-Face. They’re all extremely well done and the attention to detail is awesome. Now, I usually like to list the Tattoo Artist and the name of the person who got the bat-tat done, but like an idiot, I have totally lost all that information. So, I apologize to them right now but I gotta add that these tattoos look super-great!

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Un-American Activity spotted Friday at Toy Art Gallery

Attention citizens of Los Angeles: we are receiving reports of Un-American Activity that will be going down this Friday at Toy Art Gallery (7571 Melrose Ave.). Three artists from across the Atlantic — Jon Paul Kaiser, Doktor A and Seymour — will be bringing an army of automatons, black-and-white beings and mutants along for the ride. Dok and Jon Paul will even be there for opening night from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., but if you can’t make it Friday, the show will still be running through Dec. 6.

Check out the gallery for some of Seymour and Dok’s works that will be on display. Sadly, we don’t have much else from Jon Paul except the piece on the show’s teaser image, but I imagine all three artists will be bringing custom figures made in their signature styles.

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1966 #BATMAN BATMOBILE Recently Spotted at the Kokomo Event Center in Indiana

We wanna thank our good friend James McCord for sharing these super fun pics he took last weekend when he attended an event at the kokomo Event Center in Indiana! 

This is one of those replica cars made by our friend Mark Racop’s 1966 Batmobile Replica Company, FIBERGLASS FREAKS

If anyone out there is stressing out about what to get me for my birthday (January), then one of these would be nice, very nice.

Thanks James, I Love This Car!

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Check Out This New Giant-Sized Promo Sign that is now in front of THE BAT-CAT TOY MUSEUM in Thailand. It’s a flat-huge super-sharp color photo representation of the Vintage 1960’s Japanese BATMAN‬ Tin Toy Robot by Nomura!

This thing is SO awesome! But personally, I think it would look better in my backyard, near the pool.

Click here to learn more about the BAT-CAT TOY MUSEUM in THAILAND!

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On your next trip to TARGET please be sure to check their “Halloween section” for a special set of DC COMICS SUPER HEROES MINI-FIGURES! 

They are only $3.00 each and there are 8 different characters to collect: Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Catwoman, The Joker, Wonder Woman and Green Arrow!  

I bought the one of Batman the other night. Here’s a SECRET TIP If he’s the only one you want: Just squeeze around the packaging and you can feel Batman’s “ears and cape”. Then, just buy that one. 

But really, I also want the Joker and Catwoman too but I was afraid I’d probably end-up with some of the other characters, ha! But, I do have plans to go back and get these 2 Bat-Villains. 

Oh yeah, a special THANK YOU goes out to our friend, FRANK, for the heads-up on these and the wonderful photos too. I appreciate that very much!

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Our good friend Christopher Franchi was kind enough to share some pics of a few brand-new BATMAN items he recently found over at Toys R Us.

He snagged-up a BATMAN (1966 TV Series) Christmas Tree Ornament and a HUGE Giant-Size BATMAN Figure that is styled after the DC Comics “New 52” Comic Book. I forgot to ask exactly how tall this thing is but Toy Collectors recognize this BIG figures. They’re usually pretty cool looking and always great for display!

Yeah, looks like I gotta go hit my local toy store soon! (Thanks Franchi)

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Here’s a quick post to share a few pics our good friend Fabio just sent us. They are photos of the brand-new BATMOBILE CAR that was recently spotted on the set of BATMAN vs SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE (2016) Movie. We get to see a side-profile shot and an overhead view…. cool! 

(Thanks Fabio)

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