IN FLAMES X NEWSOUL The Water Margin Series 1/6th scale “Skywalker Wu Song” 12-inch Collectible Figure Deluxe Version

Wu Song, nicknamed “Pilgrim”, is a fictional character in Water Margin, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. According to legend, Wu Song was a student of the archer Zhou Tong and he specialised in Chuojiao, Ditangquan, and the use of the staff. The novel describes him as a good-looking man with shining eyes, thick eyebrows, a muscular body and an impressive bearing. His parents died early, and he was raised by his elder brother, Wu Dalang (武大郎; literally “Eldest Brother Wu”).

IN FLAMES X NEWSOUL (Product code: IFT-030) The Water Margin Series 1/6th scale “Skywalker Wu Song” Collectible Figure Deluxe Version features: An elaborate carving head (with buddhist monk’s head band & Long black real fabric hair implantation), Approximately 33cm tall Newly developed muscular body with seamless upper body, 9 pieces of interchangeable palms

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Costumes: buddhist monk outfit – White underwear, Brown robe, Dark blue shoulder coat, skull Beads, Dark blue wristbands, Red belt, Narrow blue waist support, Black bloomers, Black officer boots, A suit of battle-damaged lower hem(be used when the figure is stripped to the waist), White lower hem(covered with mud and blood), Brown lower hem(covered with mud and blood), Black belt, Wide blue waist support

Weapon: Double buddhist monk’s knife

Accessories: Square stage with transparent pillar, Bamboo hat, A wine bottle gourd
Exclusive to Deluxe Version: wine bowl (including spill-out effect), Right hand for holding the wine bowl, Wine jars (including pouring effect, class chair, black flag, flag base

Release date: Approximately Q4 2018 — Q1 2019

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