Three new custom figures from SoKo Cat arrive

SoKo Cat has some new customs in her shop, with a “B” theme to them. By that, I mean bunnies, broccoli, and ‘bots:

  • A custom version of Paul Shih‘s Bevil, the Broccoflower edition, with some re-paints on Bevil’s body to make him look a little more like a blend of broccoli and cauliflower. Sadly this little guy has already sold out.
  • Peter Kato‘s Bedtime Bunny, in both small and medium versions, in a summertime colorway with some bright colors (US$35 small, US$40 medium)
  • Rotten Daughter‘s robot has gotten a custom rusting from SoKo Cat, with its heart also salvaged from its body. (US$60)

You can find the ones that aren’t sold out in SoKo Cat’s shop.

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Custom-Feature: Misfortune Cat Relic by SoKo Cat

SoKo Cat announces the release of her custom “Misfortune Cat Relic“, available for purchase here right now for US$50. This 2.5” tall Misfortune Cat platform is hand-painted with high-quality acrylics, and comes signed and dated by SoKo Cat.

STORY: “Although destroyed and rebuilt many times, the Temple of Meowlin has never been fully discovered! Located deep within Meowlin, the Misfortune Cat Relic has been overlooked for nearly two millennium!

Calligraphic inscriptions on the walls reveal that Misfortune Cat Relic was believed to have protected Meowlin Kung Fu students from misfortune in battle, and warded the monastery from the evil dogs in the nearby city of Dogfang.”

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