Magnetic Putty, INWISH Creative Crazy Puddy Deformable Soil Funny Toys with Free Magnet Attractor for Kids – 50g Black

Magnetic Putty is not a toy and should not be used by children under the age of 3 without adult supervision. While the putty itself is non-toxic, the powerful neodymium magnet included can be harmful or fatal if swallowed.

Secured Silicon Grease, Surface oil, Simethicone, Magnet

What’s Included?
* 2.8oz of Magnetic Attractor Putty
* Super strong neodymium iron boron magnet
* 6cm diameter resealable tin


Please note: At first, the putty is not magnetically charged. To activate, use the included magnet to align the putty’s magnetic forces. Hold the magnet to the putty for 5 seconds. Once it’s charged, watch your putty be attracted to or be repelled from the magnet!

Made with silicone-based inert non-toxic synthetic rubber; contains no latex/wheat compounds. Due to materials used, this is a firmer putty. Putty shipped in cold weather should be brought up to room temperature before manipulating.

Product Features

  • *INWISH brand therapy putty is a perfect gift with gift wrap and gift card as you need.
  • *Magnetic Putty can be stretched and bounced like rubber, shaped and sculpted like clay, and torn and ripped like paper
  • *Magnetic Putty is made of a special material that is actually magnetic. Grab the SUPER strong magnet that comes included in the tin and watch as the putty and magnet attract to each other
  • *This product is an educational toy for the growing kids, who need to understand what is the magnetic field and how various materials can attract or repel each other
  • * Please note: putty takes a little playing with to warm and soften. May feel tough to start

Hori Hori Knife W/Nylon Knife Sheath- Oakridge Gardens All Purpose Knife, Garden Knife, Soil Knife, Trowel, Garden Weeder, Metal Detecting -Loved By Hunters, Hikers, Campers, Fishers -Lifetime Use

Finally A FULL TANG Hori Hori Knife Made Of High Quality And Excellent Serrated Cutting Edge

The All Purpose Hori Hori Knife Used By Master Landscapers

Sharp Stainless Steel Blade Is Concave On The Back Side For Effective Scooping, The 6 ¾ in Serrated Blade Even Cuts Through Roots.

– Made from the highest quality forged stainless steel that will not rust

– High quality nylon sheath that will store your knife while not in use and protect you from getting cut

– Beveled and serrated edges for cutting and sawing. Serrated edge is sharp enough to cut roots. A must-have tool for any gardener.

– Blade is 6-3/4, long and nearly 1/8 thick, hardened for durability and fully polished for easy clean-up.

– The blade is securely attached to a Rosewood handle and features engraved depth markings, toughness, stability and decorativeness.

– Built to tackle and stand up to the toughest gardening chores


This Hori Hori knife has the versatility to be used as a Bonsai Tree Tool, Digging Tool, Digging Shovel, Trowel, Knife Weeder, Metal Detecting Tool, Hunting Knife or Fishing Knife.

The Difference of the Oakridge Garden Hori Hori Knife

– Made of the highest quality stainless steel

– Versatile All Purpose Knife

– Full Tang handle to blade tip

– Beautiful Rosewood Handle

– Serrated Edge For Cutting On One side and sharp blade on the other

– Overall Knife is 12 inches

– Blade is 6 3/4 inches long and nearly 1/8th inch thick

– Heavy duty nylon sheath w/belt loop for storage and protection

– 2 yr Warranty on the blade!

Add This Tool To Your Garden Kit!

Product Features

  • HIGHEST QUALITY FULL TANG STAINLESS STEEL HORI HORI KNIFE ON THE MARKET Used by master gardeners for mostly all of their task. It Digs, Weeds, Cuts, Saws, Measures & Plants
  • PROVIDES THE BEST OPTIONS AND THE MOST VALUE because of the versatility of the tool. The concave side is used for effective scooping and the Rosewood handle is sturdy and will not break. The tang goes half the way into the handle so the handle doesn’t break. Also, the blade fills in the sides of the handle for more durability. This is a Sturdy Knife that will stand up to years of use.
  • WHEN USED AS A DIGGING TOOL, it’s the perfect tool for cutting plugs in lawn type areas making it easy to replace everything back neatly. You want a digging tool to help you with non-destructive digging in parks and lawns. It’s many uses makes this All Purpose Digging knife to be used as a Hori Hori Knife, Bonsai Tool, Digging Tool, Digging Shovel, Trowel, Garden Weeder, Metal Detecting Digging Tool , Hiking, Camping Also For Hunters, Fishers & Metal Detecting.
  • SPECIAL SALES OFFER BELOW – In Special Offer And Product Promotions On Multiple Purchases – GREAT SAVINGS On Low Sales Price – Oakridge Garden Tools Hori Hori Knife (with ASIN B00KK7QAYS ) is manufactured and sold exclusively by Oakridge Garden Tools LLC under Oakridge Garden Tools brand. Any other sellers selling under this product can be considered to offer counterfeit merchandise and illegally infringe on the Oakridge Gardens trademark or provide different product under this brand. THIS IS THE MOST USED GARDENING TOOL BY MASTER GARDENERS ON A DAILY BASIS!
  • THE 6 ¾ INCH SERRATED SIDE can be used as a mini saw and will even cut through roots and ready to go to work for you. The handle is Padauk wood, a species of Redwood which is valued for it’s toughness, stability and decorativeness. A Woodsman Pal Very high quality thick durable Nylon Sheath of Excellent Quality with a 3 1/2 inch belt loop that you will always have on your side and can handle to in and out use of the knife being put in and out of the sheath. Get several to always have for your use. When you Order now with confidence you get our 2 yrs Blade Warranty and World Class Customer Service. No catches, see product description below for details.