Boomable Magnetic Slime and Magnet, Rubber Mud Relieve Stress Relax Toys (Purple)


It has a magnetism and a strong plasticity
Suitable for all ages to play; it is beneficial to the development of children’s
intelligence, also helps adult decompress, and prevent senile dementia in a certain extent

Product Parameters:
Material:silicone grease
Product Size: about 2.48 * 0.91 inch.

Packing List: 1 X 50g Plasticine Slime, 1 x magnet, 1 x iron box.

Product Features

  • ★Product Size: about 2.48 * 0.91 inch.
  • ★Type: plasticine. It has a magnetism and a strong plasticity.
  • ★Material: silicone grease. Do manual work is delicate, comfortable feel.In stress, anxiety and distracted, can press repeatedly, to adjust the mood.
  • ★Suitable for all ages to play; it is beneficial to the development of children’s intelligence, also helps adult decompress, and prevent senile dementia in a certain extent.
  • ★Packing List: 1 X 50g Plasticine Slime, 1 x magnet, 1 x iron box.

INWISH Super Magnetic Putty -Hand Therapy Slime & Putty Toys -QuickSilver – Sliver Color with Mini Tin

Magnetic Putty is not a toy and should not be used by children under the age of 8 without adult supervision. While the putty itself is non-toxic, the powerful neodymium magnet included can be harmful or fatal if swallowed.

Secured Silicon Grease, Surface oil, Simethicone, Magnet

What’s Included?
* 2.8oz of Magnetic Attractor Putty
* 6cm diameter resealable tin


Please note: At first, the putty is not magnetically charged. To activate, use the included magnet to align the putty’s magnetic forces. Hold the magnet to the putty for 5 seconds. Once it’s charged, watch your putty be attracted to or be repelled from the magnet!

Made with silicone-based inert non-toxic synthetic rubber; contains no latex/wheat compounds. Due to materials used, this is a firmer putty. Putty shipped in cold weather should be brought up to room temperature before manipulating.

Product Features

  • Bounces, Stretches and More! Acting as both a solid and a liquid, INWISH Magnetic Putty encourages kids to experiment and challenges their imaginations. Roll it into a ball and watch it bounce, stretch it out to its limits, snap it into pieces, or mold it into various shapes.
  • Magnetic Attracting Putty: It is made of a special material that is actually magnetic. Grab the SUPER strong magnet that comes included in the tin and watch as the putty and magnet attract to each other.
  • Hand Therapy putty: It is a fun and effective occupational therapy tool for finger and hand strengthening. Plus it makes a fabulous therapeutic fidget (figit) and sensory diet tool.
  • Bouncing Putty: Two fistfuls of finger strengthening fun! Extra soft and light, this irresistibly squishy foam putty is unlike any other! Fabulous for fidgeting… you can even roll it into a ball and it bounces!
  • Silly Putty: Knead it, stretch it, roll it into a ball and bounce it… press it on the comics and it picks up the print! Silly Putty is a wonderful sensory toy for kids who are hypersensitive to textures or tactile input, for getting rid of stress, or just for some quiet sensory fidgeting fun!

Tytan Magnetic Space Putty Slime Super Stress Reliever Infused With Iron Relaxing Fun Toy For Kids And Adults

Whoever said “the sky was the limit” never had a chance to experience the Magnificent Space Putty. This bob of awesomeness is only limited by the stretch on your imagination. The free form space putty has a magnetic charge and takes whatever shape your mind can conceive.

When in the presence of a magnet, it springs to life and reacts like a living organism straight from space. Use it as a toy creating fun shaped objects or roll it up and utilize it as a stress ball; its uses are limitless. The Magnetic Putty can be bounced and stretched, so you can create a whole assortment of bouncy balls to drive away the boredom.

Combine with multiple containers (not included) of differently colored Space Putty to create wondrous works of art. With the Space Putty, there are no limitations on what you can create!

Product Features

  • This magnetic putty is infused with super-tiny magnetic properties
  • Iron particles react in the presence of the magnet, causing the putty to move around
  • Swallows up small magnets like a black hole
  • Fun novelty for kids and adults hours of fun
  • Makes a great toy or stress reliever

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