Pop Culture Shock’s Man-At-Arms readies for the pre-order hordes

Pop Culture Shock is continuing their 1/4-scale He-Man line with Man-At-Arms as the next entry. The mustachioed royal guard carries his mace in one hand and has his wrist gauntlet firing on the other arm. The sculpt looks really good, and is a pretty close likeness to the Filmation series version … though the mustache also makes him look a lot like Tom Selleck. Great, now I want Tom Selleck for Man-At-Arms in the inevitable He-Man movie in 2018 …

There are two different versions of Man-At-Arms as well, depending on your collecting desires:

  • The regular version, witha  TBD run size and a US$335 price;
  • The Pop Culture Shock exclusive, which comes with three swappable weapons, is a run of 200 pieces and is priced at US$345. There’s an up to 10 percent discount for pre-ordering him, which you can do only at Pop Culture Shock’s website for this version.

Pre-orders for the statue begin next Monday, Sept. 29, at 3 p.m. Pacific (6 p.m. Eastern, 10 p.m. UTC), and Man-At-Arms is expected to ship out in the third quarter of 2015. It’s a long wait, but for PCS’ quality work, it’s usually worth it.

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Jet Panther Electric RC Off-Road Buggy Huge 1:10 Scale Top Max Racing RTR w/ Independent 4 Wheel Suspension, Spring Shocks, Tri-Band Transmitter (Colors May Vary)

Package Includes:

Jet Panther Electric RC Buggy

Rechargeable Battery w/ Charger

Remote Control w/ Battery

Product Features

  • Features: Electric Powered (Rechargeable) Huge 1:10 Scale! Adjustable Front Wheel Alignment
  • Tri-Band Transmitter, Race Up to 3 Buggies at the Same Time! High Performance Buggy, Reach Speeds Over Approx. 10 MPH! Full Function Digital Proportional System! (Go Forward and Backward, Turn Left and Right)
  • Fully Independent 4 Wheel Suspension with Spring Shock Absorbers & Dual Control Arms! Capable of Driving in Virtually Any Terrain! Durable Monocoque Type Frame Construction
  • Body Color Striped Wheels with Rubber Grip Off-Road Tires Recommended for Ages 8+ and Up
  • Requires 8.4V 700mAh Rechargeable Battery to run (Included) Remote Control requires 9V Battery to run (Included) Length: 17.5″ Width: 10″ Height: 5″

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Pre-orders for Pop Culture Shock’s Baraka open April 21

Pop Culture Shock’s newest 1/4-scale Mortal Kombat 9 figure is the razor-toothed (and razor-armed) Baraka, and boy, does he look awesome. I’m not a big Baraka fan at all but the sculpt, especially that sinister toothy grin, looks great. Pop Culture Shock have always done a great job putting detail into their work, and it really shows in Baraka.

There are two versions coming out: a regular version, at a run of 350 pieces, and a PCS-exclusive variant. The main difference between the two is the alternate, open-handed arms that come with the exclusive, plus a smaller run size of 200 pieces.

Pre-orders for Baraka are going to open up on April 21 at 3 p.m. Pacific (6 p.m. Eastern, 10 p.m. GMT). He’s retailing at US$360 for the regular version and US$370 for the exclusive version, but you can apparently save up to 12 percent off that price by pre-ordering him, apparently. 

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Pop Culture Shock’s MotU Teela up for pre-order on Feb 10

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is expanding its Masters of the Universe line-up with the heroic warrior Teela, the Sorceress’s secret daughter who served as captain of the king’s guard. This 1/4 scale polystone statue comes in both a standard version featuring her blaster and a PCS-exclusive version that has also has her sword and shield as alternate display parts. Both versions are slated to be available for pre-order through Pop Culture Shock’s site on February 10th.

Classic Teela probably ranks among my least favorite female designs in the entire MotU franchise (although I liked the look of the 200x one), but I imagine quite a few people are excited to see a high end statue of the character (me? I’m a Sorceress fan). The sculpting looks good and she’s rocking a pretty cool pose. While both versions seem solid, I imagine it’d make more sense for fans to spring for the exclusive version since it’s only US$10 more expensive than the standard (US$330 vs US$320).

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