Cooplay Fake Shocking Phone Like Black 7s Plus Novelty Mobile Joke Party Funny Toy Gadget Electric Shock Prank Gag Veigar Tricky Brains for Fool’s Day Gift and Halloween

Make Fun Jokes to Your Friends. It’s quite interesting. It’s safety, but not suitable for children.

Product Features

  • Weight 70g (Very light) The toy made of plastic (no glass). Black color like iphone 7 7s Plus(Larger size: 6.5 inch). But can’t open, just a shocking toy.
  • Not suitable for children under 14 years of age, please use the item responsibly
  • Just Three Function: Red Laser, White Lighting and Shocking. After shocking someone.They maybe drop it and it maybe broken
  • including:1 pc Fake Shocking Phone like iphone 6 6s(Included Battery Operated, just bubble envelope package)
  • Picture 6 is a way to change the battteries. It must be break the skin adhesive.

One Pack of Shocking Gum, Funny Shock Gag (Random Color)

This shock gum is one of the greatest gags of all time! Looks like a real pack of gum.

It looks like a real pack of gum. Give your friends a quick and mild electric shock when they reach for this gag stick of gum When you try to pull this trick gum, you will get an unexpected harmless electric shock. Just for fun Not recommended for children or people with heart conditions

Color: Random Color
Size: 1 * 1 * 3 inches

Product Features

  • Realistic looking pack of gum
  • Delivers a small shock to user
  • Not recommended for children or people with heart contitions
  • 1 Pack of Shock gum is included in this listing
  • Colors selected at random

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