Jermaine Rogers x Nicky Davis x Martian Toys Dero Delusion Dead Bear (3.16)

Martian Toys will release the brand-new Dero Delusion Dead Bear [150 pcs, $60 + s/h] by Jermaine Rogers on Friday (3.16) at 12 PM PDT from their web shop. The sixth Dead Bear, Jermaine’s orange design blends his signature Dero with Nicky Davis’ Dead Bear platform design. Beyond the smooth…

Jermaine Rogers Glam Edition Aleppin Sane + Black Friday Event (11.28)

Jermaine Rogers has two new drops + a sale for Black Friday starting at 12 PM PST at his web shop. First up is the ‘Glam’ edition of his Aleppin Sane 8” vinyl figure ($75). This release will be limited to only 100 pieces. He will also be releasing the…

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1:1 Replica of Buck Rogers’ "Twiki": 21st Century Edition

PRODUCT PRESS: “Nearly 35 years in the making, Twiki, the beloved sidekick of Captain Buck Rogers, has finally been brought to life for collectors everywhere. Never before has such a licensed replica of Twiki been offered.

This remarkable replica was handcrafted piece by piece by artisans referencing hundreds of screen shots, as well as reference photos and measurements taken first hand from

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Jermaine Rogers Make Your Choices this Summer

During Easter weekend it might be heard to believe that not all bunnies lay multi-colored speckled eggs. In fact, Jermaine Roger’s rabbits just might lay you out instead. First shown in proto form at last year’s SDCC, Jermaine’s Choices figure is on track for a summer release in vinyl. Digitally…

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