Power of The Primes Leader Wave 1 Rodimus Prime Chinese Video Review With Screenshots

Thanks to Kevin Liu we now have a very good look at Leader class Rodimus Prime, capping off the first wave of Power of The Primes. Kevin’s video is of course in Chinese, but presented clearly enough to tell what’s going on anyway. Most interestingly, we get side by sides with Titans Return Hot Rod, which shows the Hot Rod form of this toy to actually be a fair bit bigger. As Titans Return Hot Rod was already a bit big for a Deluxe, you can imagine the new one is surely pushing the boundaries of being comparable with Deluxes! The video as well as plenty of screencaps can all be found below – keep reading to see it all!

Satire – Micheal Bay Announces 'Optimus Dies, Rodimus Rules' For Transformers 5

In a rather subtle piece of satire appearing on National Report – a political “news” site that seemingly dances right on the razor’s edge of Poe’s Law – “Micheal” Bay (whose name is not spelled correctly once) spoils Transformers 5 for us by announcing that he’ll be killing off Optimus Prime and replacing him with Rodimus. Keep reading for an excerpt and a link, which may include Age of Extinction Spoilers!!

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ACToys Reveal Hot Swipe MP Hot Rod / Rodimus Project Upgrade For MP Lambor Sideswipe

From ACtoys comes the first prototype pictures third party toy inspired by Hot Rod, done using the mechanics of Masterpiece MP-12 Lambor Sideswipe. Additionally there is an armor upgrade and trailer designed to make a full MP-10 sized Rodimus Prime. Read on to see the images of the prototype figure in the different modes as well as looks as at the conversion and kit parts.

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Transformers: Regeneration One #98 Comic Book Preview – Rodimus Prime Takes Action

Thanks to Newsarama who have posted the Transformers: Regeneration One #98 Comic Book Preview. Read on for the extended preview of the comic that will be available in shops and online tomorrow: INVASION! And it’s the Autobots doing the invading! RODIMUS PRIME takes action, leading an armada into the heart of JHIAXUS’ forces”but is he playing straight into the villain’s hands?

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