Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Robot Factory Building Set, 80 Pieces

Encourage children as young as 4 to get interested in engineering and technology with this new arrival to the Gears! Gears! Gears! line of construction toys. Kids can build fine motor skills as they mix, match, and create their own colorful robots. Comes with 80 colorful pieces, including robots, cranes, springs, stickers, and more—all specially designed to be easy for little hands to use. Robots measure 2¼”h.

Product Features

  • Kids practice engineering skills as they build their own pretend robot factory
  • Mix and match pieces can be constructed endless different ways
  • 80 piece set includes interlocking bases, gears, connectors, handle, robots, cranes, stickers
  • Robots measure 2¼”H
  • For ages 4 and older

VERY100 Plastic Shaft Rack Reduction Worm Gears Belt Pulley DIY For Robot 34 kinds

Included in the Package:?
1 pack 34 styles Plastic Gears

Product Features

  • Material:Plastic.Quantity:41pcs
  • Our product includes gear, rack, pulleys, belts, and other transmission parts, and all the display pictures were taken in kind.
  • 34 different kinds of parts and accessories in just one package, which makes it a perfect choice for laboratories, science education, DIY models, RC-airplane/helicopter repair, etc.

Pre-order ThreeZero 16-inch Getter Robot: Getter 1 Collectible Super Robot Figure

Getter Robo is a Super Robot manga series created by Ken Ishikawa, as well as an anime series produced by Toei Animation. The series was broadcast on Fuji TV from April 4, 1974 to May 8, 1975, with a total of 51 episodes. The plot involves three strong-willed teenagers: martial artist Ryoma Nagare, homicidal psychopath Hayato Jin and fat Judoka Musashi Tomoe, who pilot three specially designed combat jets (Eagle, Jaguar, and Bear) which can be combined together into three different giant robots, Getter-1 (balanced and for flight combat), Getter-2 (fast and for ground combat), and Getter-3 (strong and for marine combat).

The series was groundbreaking in the anime mecha genre: for the very first time, it introduced the concept of separate machines combining to form a Super Robot. Using three jets, Getter Robo could combine in three different ways to create three different versions of Getter Robo for different conditions and situations. This idea of combination and transformation proved to be a very powerful concept that has been used in the super robot genre ever since. Also, by adding three pilots to the robot was able to add an element of teen drama, probably influenced by the already popular anime sci-fi team show Gatchaman (better known in the U.S. as Battle of the Planets, G-Force: Guardians of Space or Eagle Riders).

It’s time to reveal the ThreeZero Getter Robot – Getter 1 collectible, which they have been working for a while now! Pre-order will open for the approximately 16” (40.64cm) tall and fully poseable Getter Robot – Getter 1 collectible on September 11th 9:00AM Hong Kong time at www.threezerostore.com
Getter Robot – Getter 1 collectible details: Getter 1 stands approximately 16 inches / 40.64cm tall; fully-poseable figure with over 40 points of articulation; articulated fingers; highly-detailed mechanical parts; incredibly detailed paint application that highlights weathering and shows battle damaged effect in details; Getter Tomahawk x 2; removable cape; light-up feature in Getter 1 eyes and light-up Getter Beam shooting port; AG1 x 6 batteries needed for the light-up feature (batteries not included in the package).

Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures.
Click on them for bigger and better views.

Getter 1 is priced at USD330 / HK2570 with worldwide shipping included. Getter 1 comes with two Getter Tomahawks, Detachable Cape (poseable with build-in wires) and light-up feature in the eyes and Getter Beam shooting port.

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75 Kinds Plastic Shaft Single Double Crown Worm Gears DIY For Robot

Included in the Package:?
1 pack 75 styles Plastic Gears

Product Features

  • Spindle straight tooth:9 kinds(each one).Crown gear: 11 kinds(each one)
  • Single gear:12 kinds(each one).Double gear:19 kinds(each one)
  • Connecting rack:2 Pcs.Belt pulley:7 kinds(each one)
  • Worm:2 kinds(each one).Axle sleeve:6 Pcs
  • Tee collar:1 Pcs.Gear-B: 1Pcs.Belt: 5 kinds(each one)

SODIAL(R) 58 styles Plastic Gears Cog Wheels All The Module 0.5 Robot Parts DIY Necessary

* SODIAL is a registered trademark. ONLY Authorized seller of SODIAL can sell under SODIAL listings.Our products will enhance your experience to unparalleled inspiration.
SODIAL(R) 58 styles Plastic Gears Cog Wheels All The Module 0.5 Robot Parts DIY Necessary.
A – Means tight Match(will small 0.05mm than standard)
B – Means loose Match(will larger 0.05mm than Standard)
Gear Diameter : (Teeth +2) * modulus = Diameter of Gear
Modulus: 0.5
Aperture 1.5/2/2.5/3
Spindle gear(9 styles): 8-1.5A 9-2A 8-2A 10-2A 12-2A 14-2A 16-2A 18-2.5A 18-3A
Crown tooth(10 styles): C20-2.5A C20-2A C20-3A C2410-2A C2410-2B C2810-2B C28-2A C3010-2B C30-3A C3610-2B

Single Gear(18 styles): 20-2A 26-2A 24-2.5A 28-2A 30-2A 36-2A 38-2A 38-3A 40-2A 42-2A 44-2A 44-2.5A 46-2.5A 48-2A 50-3A 52-2.5A 56-2A 56-3A
Double gear(18 styles): 1810-2A 4812-2.5A 2210-2B 2410-2B 2610-2B 2808-2B 4610-2B 2810-2B 3010-2B 3210-2B 3212-2B 3412-2B 3610-2B 3808-2B 4410-2B 4810-2B 5010-2B 5610-2A
Worm Gear(2 styles): 6 * 6-2A 6 * 8-2A
Pulley Gear(1 styles): 6*6-2A
Package Including:
58 styles Plastic Gears All The Module 0.5 x 1 lots

Product Features

  • A – Means tight Match(will small 0.05mm than standard)
  • B – Means loose Match(will larger 0.05mm than Standard)
  • Gear Diameter : (Teeth +2) * modulus = Diameter of Gear
  • Modulus: 0.5
  • Aperture 1.5/2/2.5/3

"Marilla Blue and Orange" by Mari Inukai @ Giant Robot 2 (Oct 25-Nov 12)

Giant Robot is proud to present Marilla Blue and Orange, an exhibition of art by Mari Inukai. Opening Reception with the Artist is on Saturday, October 25 (6:30-10:00 PM) @ Giant Robot 2 (GR2) at 2062 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90025 – with the exhibition happening thru to November 12th, 2014

Check out artwork previews on Facebook and Flickr. Her fascination with head-wear, is always

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Check Out This New Giant-Sized Promo Sign that is now in front of THE BAT-CAT TOY MUSEUM in Thailand. It’s a flat-huge super-sharp color photo representation of the Vintage 1960’s Japanese BATMAN‬ Tin Toy Robot by Nomura!

This thing is SO awesome! But personally, I think it would look better in my backyard, near the pool.

Click here to learn more about the BAT-CAT TOY MUSEUM in THAILAND!

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Three A Team Fortress 2: Robot Pyro Figure (Red Version)

From three A. Based on the video game Team Fortress 2, come these 1:6 scale figures of the Robot Pyro! Standing nearly 11″ tall with more than 30 points of articulation, these figures have light-up LED eye function, flamethrowers and a magnetized grenade 3-pack plus a separate 2-piece grenade. Choose from Red Team or Blue Team versions.

Product Features

  • An import from three A
  • Based on the video game Team Fortress 2
  • Figure stands nearly 11″ tall
  • More than 30 points of articulation
  • Includes flamethrower and grenade accessories

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