Rivet Gallery Presents: Mr. Toast in Hello Ohio (06.07)

Can you believe that Rivet Gallery will be turning 7 years in June? For their 7th year anniversary, Rivet will be bringing Dan Goodsell aka Mr. Toast to the gallery for his very own solo exhibition titled, “Hello Ohio”. This show will feature various watercolors of all the fantastic characters…

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Rivet Gallery Presents: Hoang Tran in Wax Nostalgic (05.03)

This is a new and awesome spin on using crayons to create art. Taking place at Rivet Gallery this Saturday, May 3rd is “Wax Nostalgic”, a solo exhibition exhibiting the artwork of Hoang Tran. Each of these crayons were skillfully carved and detailed to resemble some of your favorite characters….

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RC-135V/W Rivet Joint New Engines – 1/100 scale model

RC-135V/W Rivet Joint with New Engines Airplane Model. The USAF RC-135V/W RIVET JOINT surveillance aircraft are equipped with an extensive array of sophisticated intelligence gathering equipment enabling military specialists to monitor the electronic activity of adversaries. Also known as “RJ”, the aircraft are sometimes called “hogs” due to the extended “hog nose” and “hog cheeks”. RIVET JOINT has been widely used in the 1990’s — during Desert Storm, the occupation of Haiti, and most recently over Bosnia. Using automated and manual equipment, electronic and intelligence specialists can precisely locate, record and analyze much of what is being done in the electromagnetic spectrum. The fleet of 14 RIVET JOINT aircraft increased to 15 in late 1999 with the addition of a converted C-135B. The jet’s conversion cost about $90 million. The Rivet Joint fleet is currently undergoing significant airframe, navigational and powerplant upgrades which include “re-engining” from the TF-33 to the CFM-56 engines used on the KC-135R and upgrade of the flight deck instrumentation and navigational systems to the AMP standard. The AMP standard includes conversion from analog readouts to a digital “glass cockpit” configuration. The Air Force plans to spend at least $1.4 billion to keep the RC-135 Rivet Joint (RJ) fleet flying through 2018. The service also plans to modify a recently retired Air National Guard KC-135 tanker, turning it into the Air Force’s 17th RJ signals-intelligence aircraft. Dimensions: 16.75″L x 7″W x 7″H

Product Features

  • Handcarved Mahogany Wood Model Airplane
  • Handcrafted and Handpainted
  • Comes with base stand ready to display
  • Comes with base stand ready for display

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Rivet prepares for Giant Monsters Total Combat!

The fine folks at Rivet Gallery in Columbus, Ohio, are playing host to a solo show from Greasebat creator Jeff Lamm this Saturday. Giant Monsters Total Combat! isn’t just one of the best names for a show in 2013; it’s a showcase of new art from Jeff, and a new figure or two as well. Specifically, there will be a Greasebat and Friends Gummi Playset available especially for the solo show; these are the small, 6 cm tall versions of Jeff’s monster characters, and want to bet they might be cast in a very Rivet gray? 

In any case, Giant Monsters Total Combat! opens Saturday, Dec. 7, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern at Rivet (1200 N. High St., Columbus, Ohio). Jeff Lamm will be there, so stop on by if you can make it! If not, the show runs through Dec. 31 during normal hours at Rivet.

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Rivet Gallery Exclusive Alex Pardee Bunnywith Affinity For Slave Women (11.20)

Rivet Gallery has gotten their hands on this clear purple with metal flake edition of Alex Pardee’s Bunnywith Affinity For Slave Women figure! This exclusive is limited to only 100 pieces and will be available Wednesday, November 20th at 12PM EST at both in-store and online. This awesome exclusive colorway…

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