SKELETOBOY OWANGEBOY Resin Statue from Kong Andri (Nov 4-Drop)

Kong Andri shares with us images and info of his latest and upcoming release: Introducing a “Dia De Muertos” / “Day of the Dead”-themed Skeletoboy Colorway of his OWANGEBOY Resin Statue!

Standing 20cm tall, made in Polystone Resin and finished with Lacquer and Acrylic Paint, this incarnation is limited to only 15pcs, each priced at US$650 (worldwide shipping cost included). Includes

Batman Resin Art Toy by Whereschappell

UK artist Whereschappell returns with a second take on Batman. The new version comes more than three years after his original 2016 take on the Dark Knight. While both versions feature gritty versions of the iconic character, the 2020 version features a darker, bolder and more powerful rendition from the physique to his suit including the cowl and utility belt.

Whereschappell will offer his new Batman resin art toy (9.25″)  in five variants (Black/Grey, Blue/Grey, Black/Black, Dark Grey/Khaki, and Dark Blue/Grey). While the release date hasn’t been announced, we do know the new editions will be £89.99 each ($118) from Mahalo Cabin and will ship at the end of May.

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Tracy Tubera x Mana Studios Blue Sky Edition Walt Resin Figure

From a long sold out 2D print, comes Tracy Tubera x Mana Studios Walt resin figure! No, not the Walt that imagined up a Mouse. We’re talking about the ex chemistry teacher who went from a clueless ‘cook’ to a “do whatever it takes” kingpin. Mana has perfectly captured all…

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Gaming Heads Doom: Knee Deep in The Dead Resin Diorama Action Figure

From Gaming Heads. Gaming Heads is excited to kick off our awesome range of Doom collectible statues, starting with our Doom: Knee Deep in ice Dead resin diorama. Based on the classic Doom box cover art, the diorama depicts the Space Marine in a life and death battle with demons from hell, armed only with his wits and his trusty sidearm. This is an epic center piece to any Doom collection! The diorama measures approximately 12.5″ H and 17″ W, including the base and comes packed in a foam interior, full-color box with a validation card that ensures your product is genuine. Cast in high quality poly-stone, the statue is hand-finished and hand-painted to exacting standards. The simulated bullet effects are removable, depending on your display preference.

Product Features

  • Based on the classic box cover art to the original video game
  • Measures approximately 12.5″ high by 17″ wide
  • Cast in high-quality polystone
  • Full-color box
  • Removable simulated bullet effects

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Patrick Wong Limited-edition J Dilla MADL + Resin Customs (9.16)

To celebrate the legacy of the highly influential hip-hop producer, Patrick Wong has created a limited-edition J Dilla custom MADL figure with custom resin additions. Limited to 10 pieces, the 7” figure includes a mini record crate accessory featuring a Bobby Caldwell LP from which J Dilla sampled, the results…

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The Coming of "Nobody Likes Leonardo" TMNT resin bootleg action figure

Nobody Likes Leonardo” is a three-way collabo between illustrator RICHT and Goodleg Toys, as presented by Streets of Beige, featuring a new TMNT resin bootleg action figure, with an expected drop date in June 2014, so there’s plenty of type to get ready and get hyped!

“Straight from the underground’s gnarliest sewer, babtized in Ooze! Streets Of Beige present a RICHT X GOODLEG TOYS resin toy release. “NOBODY LIKES LEONARDO”, the most toxic TURTLES bootleg the world has ever seen! COMING SOON!!!”

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"NO GUTS NO GLORY!" resin slingshots from The PBKs (April 1 Sale)

From local DIY-lowbrow arts outfit The PBKs comes “NO GUTS NO GLORY!” resin slingshots, with the above “Mr Invisible” being one of the two colorways scheduled for a drop via their online store come April 1st, 10am +8 GMT.

Be it a triumphant “V for Victory”, or a casual “kawaii”-gesture for an eternal snap, the notion of two raised fingers have a “dangerous” side to them too! Not to mention a hark back to ye days of lode, where “play” was not confined to fingers pushing on buttons on hand-held consoles or mobile phones … Hand sculpted and cast with love, here’s hoping you folks hit your targets dead-center! 🙂

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