He-Finn The Human by Robotic Industries Releases March 11th on www.fugi.me

[ Individual images HERE on FB ]
Release March 11th @ 6pm London Time via www.fugi.me is “He-Finn The Human” by UK-based artist James Freckingham AKA Robotic Industries! (www.roboticindustries.co.uk / IG @roboticindustries)!!!

An epic mash-up that begged to be a production release since I’d featured this in 2015 when it was a custom piece, and have been eagerly waiting for “official information

Badcube Releases New Wardog Concept Art For Masterpiece-Style Not-Warpath

Via the Facebook page of site sponsor TFSource, we have a look at a new piece of concept artwork for Wardog, the Warpath-derived figure planned for release by Badcube. Noted for making several prior Autobot Mini-vehicle characters in the Masterpiece style under both the Badcube and Cubex brand names, Wardog may not be the most expected addition to the lineup, but is sure to be welcomed. We’re left only to ask at this point: When is Cosmos? Click through for the full size image!

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Good Smile Company releases images of Frozen’s Nendoroid Elsa

One of the biggest surprises to come out of Wonder Festival Summer was the reveal of Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid Elsa from Frozen. Photos weren’t allowed and absolutely nobody broke that rule to sneak a photo, so I can only imagine what it looked like. So only from what I heard, Good Smile Company had a prototype of Elsa holding a snowflake and accompanied by Olaf.

Now Good Smile Company has released promo pictures of Nendoroid Elsa all in color so we can see what she finally looks like. Frozen fans will love her because she’s wearing her blue, glittery dress, holding that snowflake, and Olaf is still with her. Not sure if she’s going to come with more accessories, but it’s evident that she will have at least two interchangeable faces. 

Information on this figure is still unknown, no release date info or pre-order info. Still, if they’re releasing promo images now, it has to be soon. December or January would be a perfect release date, just saying. 

[via Good Smile Company]

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Funko releases product images for Game of Thrones Legacy series 2; available for pre-order

Funko has released some product images for its currently available for pre-order Game of Thrones Legacy series 2. The selection includes some much-wanted selections like the ever-popular Arya Stark, Robb Stark (direwolf head sold separately?), Jaime Lannister (in Kingsguard armor), Khal Drogo, another Daenerys, and Brienne of [expletive deleted (spoilers)] Tarth.

This second series fleshes out the line rather nicely, especially for giving the Hound his sidekick. The craftsmanship on this series looks a bit nicer than the first wave, with some really cool detailing on Jaime’s armor and a neat Brienne of Tarth. However, given Game of Thrones‘ gigantic cast, I’m wondering if Funko will be able to get to everybody especially considering that a few of the characters may need variants (and I don’t just mean a more wolfy Robb Stark, although that would make for a twisted con exclusive).

All of the figures from Funko’s Game of Thrones Legacy series 2 can be pre-ordered individually for US$20 and are slated for an almost-upon-us October release.

[ Pre-order Arya | Brienne | Daenerys | Jaime | Khal Drogo | Robb at Entertainment Earth ]

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Funko releases Walking Dead Pop! series five

So while fans of The Walking Dead wait for season five to begin in October, Funko is releasing their series five of The Walking Dead Pop! figures. We’ll be getting six new figures this time, and none of them are Daryl. Sorry, but there are plenty of other characters who need a Pop!

Thankfully, this series will deliver that, we will get figures of Tyreese, Carol, Hershel, Prison Glenn, Well Walker, and Teddy Bear Girl. Each figure comes holding a cool accessory, and the Well Walker can be pulled apart. Very nice! This series will be available in September. 

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Diamond Comic Distributors releases top ten figure and game sales information for July

Diamond Comic Distributors has released its sales figures for July. Topping the charts for the figures and games section were a few expected newer entries along with the DC Bombshells Poison Ivy which seems to stick the top of the sales charts like a bad (or good?) rash.

Did your favorites make the cut? Find out after the jump.

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A Game of Subs: Matty Collector releases Game of Thrones homage to promote its clubs

Matty Collector has spoofed the ever-popular Game of Thrones (or, for those who still read, A Song of Ice and Fire) with banners and mottoes for the “Houses” in the Masters of the Universe franchise. The banners serve to promote Matty’s 2015 Club Eternia subscription (and MOTU Minis sub) which is open through August 18th.

It’s a cute concept and I hope that Matty will do a few more of them, as I can think of at least two other factions (The Rebellion and the Snake Men) who need representation. Matty has also released a promotional image depicting Skeletor and a few of his minions in a police line-up, reminding me that while I own a good number of MOTUCs I still don’t have either a He-Man or Skeletor.

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More Kusovinyl exclusive releases for #SDCC 2014

Kuso Vinyl shares with us the second part of their releases for San Diego Comic Con 2014 (July 24-27) – starting with Catchaman Minicel Eagle Ken & Condor Joe: Eagle Ken is limited to 150 pcs for $20 each. Condor Joe is only 50 pcs made, and will be preview night exclusive for $20 each. Both Catchaman Minicel comes with 2 guns.

Next up is Kaiju FC Goodzila & Badzila pons: each one is limited

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