Jason Limon x Martian Toys Abominable Snow Cone + Woootbear Release Party

Martian Toys is serving up a new delicious vinyl treat from Jason Limon. The Abominable Snow Cone—Jason’s first original vinyl toy—brings his original Cryptidbits series painting of the same name to life with a 7.25” fearsome snow cone complete with a formidable spoon and 2” ice cream truck. Martian Toys…

Cameron Tiede Scrambled Wood Online Release (11.18)

Cameron Tiede’s Wood Candy Workshop will soon release the new Scrambled Wood figures online, a perfect opportunity for those that missed the debut at DesignerCon this past weekend. In fact, during the first 24 hours of the release collectors the full set of four figures + a bonus tin of…

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Circus Posterus Designer Con Bitter Mantis Heathen Snake Calliope Jackalope Release

Hold onto your hats folks! Circus Posterus will yet again be attending this years Designer Con. They’ve got a number of exclusives lined up for the big event, including the brand new Bitter Mantis Heathen Snak and Calliope Jackalope. Each are limited to 60 pieces with 30 only available of…

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Kuso Vinyl x Rotobox – Catchaman Minicel Swan Jun Release at Designer Con

Kuso Vinyl and Rotobox will be releasing the 4th release of their Catchaman Minicel series at this years Designer Con. Swan Jun will be available at their booth #924 all weekend long! This release is limited to only 100 pieces, limit 2 per customer for $20 a piece. That just…

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TF Masterpiece MP-05 Megatron to get a new exclusive release

Big Bad Toy Store is reporting that a new release of Transformers MP-05 Megatron is on the way. They’re listing it as a 30th Anniversary exclusive, but stop short of saying where exactly it’s intended to be sold. While it certainly isn’t a North American release it’s hard to guess what store or event it is being produced for. It also wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out to not be a Japanese release at all, but yet another “Asia Exclusive” like the upcoming Masterpiece Optimus Prime reissue instead. Others think this might be one final run for the mold similar to the final use of the original Masterpiece Optimus Prime mold MP-01L which had the word “Last Shot” molded into his back and perhaps signals an all new Megatron in the modern scale on the horizon. 

Whatever the case we don’t get a very clear idea of what this will look like and the photos where in black and white. We know it’ll have chromed parts, but it also is listed as a “Destron leader repaint”. Destrons are the Japanese equivalent to Decepticons so that’s not a lot to go on. However, when the original G1 figure was first released to Japan around 1985 one of the biggest changes to the figure (aside from removing the chrome) was using blue where the American figure used red. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if this new figure featured blue parts instead of the red of the original Masterpiece. 

BBTS has the figure listed at US$199.99 and a December release, same month as Ultra Magnus gets released which gives more credit to the theory of this being an exclusive to Asia. And let’s face it, for most people this is the absolutely worst TF MP figure there is with lots of floppy joints, skinny legs, and overall poor design. Hopefully we’ll get a proper new MP Megatron in the coming years, but for now it looks like Starscream is still leading the Decepticons.

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HairyAsHell and Kinetiquettes ramp up for their first release!

Regular readers may remember that the supremely talented HairyAsHell started up his own studio earlier this year with the intent of creating new works to sell to collectors. Well, they’re ramping up now and have opened up their first work for pre-order which will be Evil Ryu from Super Streetfighter IV: AE.

Like all his other works, the level of detail on the statue is immense and the Messatsu Gouhadou effect looks really cool as well. Only making it translucent could make it cooler in my eyes!

Evil Ryu is due to be part of a 2-piece diorama so you can expect a partner statue to appear after Ryu is out the door. If you’re interested in pre-ordering Ryu, you can set an order up on the kinetiquettes website where he costs $350. As a bonus, if you pre-order, you also get a couple of nice art-prints as a bonus! What do the Streetfighter fans think of this rendition? Granted, some liberties were taken in the final design but I think the changes do make the statue stand out without detracting from the original design. Sound off in the comments!

[via kinetiquettes website store]

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