Asia exclusive MP Megatron to be a gold redeco

Thanks to Big Bad Toy Store we now have more details on the upcoming Asia Exclusive Masterpiece Megatron release. Previous information was pretty cryptic, especially the reference to the “Destron leader repaint”. Originally I thought this would mean a gray and blue repaint similar to the original Japanese Megatron figure release. Instead this is a gold repaint, a fairly obscure reference to the early pre-G1 Megatron prototype and original release box art that eluded to an original attempt to release the Decepticon (Destron in Japan) leader in gold. Good thing they didn’t back then, gold plastic is notorious for becoming very brittle over time (something I’ve experienced first hand multiple times). 

The new figure appears to use a gold coating rather than gold paint or chrome. It’s more expensive than paint or chrome, but it’s also more resilient to wear and and gives the figure a more even look. It doesn’t have quite the shine that Lucky Draw figures have, but it isn’t as dull as gold painted figures either. In the end it isn’t a bad looking figure, if you don’t mind the looks of Masterpiece Megatron that is. In addition to the gold the spots on his sides and inside his legs are now purple rather than red like the original. Looks like he’ll also include his original release accessories, though they don’t appear to be altered. 

As an Asia exclusive these will be a little difficult to get your hands on for cheap. They won’t be available in Japan and shipping to the the US from most of Asia is pricey. BBTS and TFSource are both asking US$199.99 and calling for a December release. Robot Kingdom, based in Hong Kong, will certainly have orders up for less whenever they officially start, but keep in mind the shipping prices will be excessive. To be honest I’m not all that crazy about this release. Asia exclusive aside, this really isn’t that great of a figure to begin with. If I’m going to buy another Masterpiece Megatron it’s going to be an all new figure in the current smaller scale. 

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Age of Extinction – Ultimate Power Mode Optimus Prime Upcoming TakaraTomy Leader Class Redeco

Site sponsor TFSource has updated their Facebook page with information about an upcoming release of the Leader Class Optimus Prime mold from TakaraTomy. While the provided image seems to be a grayscale photo of the regular toy, Ultimate Power Mode Optimus is supposed to have added detailing with chrome, and some minor retooling. Keep reading to see the original post from TFSource!

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