Tomopop Review: Transformers Generations Rattrap

One day Hasbro came along and announced a new Rattrap figure for Transformers Generations to everyone’s surprise. I mean, yeah, we wanted one, badly, but Hasbro isn’t exactly known for always making the figures fans want and at the proper scale (see: Universe Galvatron; Powerglide; Generations Tankor), but they know how to make a hit. They pulled out all of the stops making Rattrap, but did they make a perfect figure?

Eh, they might have made a few bad calls. Follow me after the jump to see what went very right and what went kinda wrong. 

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Toy Review – Transformers Generations Deluxe Rattrap

Rattrap getting on the list of Generations remakes was a surprise at the time. But not really an unwelcome one. Plus it brings us close to the main first season Maximal cast of Beast Wars being completely remade. We’re only short an Optimus Primal taking after the style of the original. But it might be nice to see the Predacons get some more attention… Continue reading

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TakaraTomy Begins New Transformers Legends Line In October With Generations Rattrap & Reborn Optimus Primal

Autobase Aichi reports that Takara will begin a new 30th Anniversary line called “Transformers Legends” this October, and the first two figures listed are the upcoming Generations Rattrap and a reissue of the more animation-accurate Beast Wars Reborn remold of Ultra-class Optimus Primal. Rattrap is priced at 2800 Yen, and Primal at 6800. Click the title for the official website and photos!

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Generations News – 2014 Wave 3 Cancelled and Resolicited, Crosscut delayed, Rattrap and Tankor Still Coming

BBTS has changed their solicitation for Generations Wave 3, citing a cancellation of the Wave as originally solicited. Rattrap and Beast Machines Tankor (AKA “Fat Tankor”) are still on the way but Crosscut, the ex-senator introduced in IDW’s Dark Cybertron, is delayed. For full information and a quote from BBTS about the situation, read on.

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TFCC magazine reveals first look at Generations Rattrap

Transformers Generations Rattrap is a figure that fans have known was coming for some time despite never previously being officially announced. First was a listing discovered in the Walmart computer database, then there was that massive leak on Hasbro’s website (see a long, but partial, list of items here). Now the Beast Wars character is finally being seen for the first time and he’s looking good!

The new issue of Transformers Collector’s Club magazine features the new Rattrap figure on the cover. He’s mostly show-accurate, but with a lot of improvements over his original design and figure. I really like how they minimized his ‘backpack’ and the added realism to his animal parts. Just look at those little rat feet! Judging from his transformation his bot mode will likely be smaller than other Deluxe figures for accuracy. 

The figure will likely see release in mid 2014. If the leaked listings are accurate then he’ll also be joined by fellow Beast character Tankor at some point. 

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