Mega Bloks Barbie Pet Shop Play Doh Minions Thomas and Friends Funny Toys Pretty Pets Barbie

The Minions come to help Barbie build her Mega Bloks Barbie Pet Shop. Play Doh bananas feature as does Thomas and Friends Hiro who provides the transport for the Minions. After it’s built Ken…

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Check out Play Arts Kai Square Enix DC Variant Hawkman Collectible Figure – pretty awesome!

You can preorder this from Sideshow Collectibles

Hawkman is a unique hero with roots in ancient Egypt, drawing inspiration from the god Horus. Re-imagined by Play Arts Kai craftsmanship, Hawkman has a divine appearance with large wings and a broad wingspan, taking the original design to the next level with a modernized expression and fine details.

A maximized range of motion in the neck, shoulders, and ankles allows for majestic flight poses. The Play Arts Kai Square Enix DC Variant Hawkman collectible figure features a more realistic flesh tone, metallic armor, an Nth Metal Hammer, Axe and Kukri Knife. With accessories including: interchangeable hands, a stand, and the Thanagarian Relic, the Claw of Horus.

Having recently picked up the Play Arts Kai Square Enix Arkham Origins Batman (previewed HERE) and Arkham Origins Deathstroke (previewed HERE) 10-inch (26 cm) tall figures – reviews to follow real soon, I have been on a look out for more figures from the same line and this Play Arts Kai Square Enix DC Variant Hawkman Collectible Figure certainly caught my eye. I really like the interpretation of Hawkman here and I must say, he never looked this good until now. I’m certainly excited and stoked about this action figure and will be looking to add him among the growing Square Enix figures collection.
Play Arts Kai Square Enix DC Variant Hawkman Collectible Figure is listed as 12.6″ H (320.04mm) x 18.3″ W (464.82mm) x 2.76″ L (70.1mm) with wings deployed. That’s huge!

Scroll down to see all the pictures.
Click on them for bigger and better views.

Estimated Ship Date: 1st quarter 2015

You can preorder this from Sideshow Collectibles

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Pretty Tattoo Ideas for Women : Fleur De Lis

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pretty tattoo ideas that will make a woman falling in love. Flowers designs tend to be more frequent in the world of tattoo motifs. Flowers have a beautiful design. Usually that use floral tattoo design is a woman. Flowers always bring us back to life and nature. This time, I will give you suggestions for using Fleur de Lis tattoo designs, this design represents Lily.

These pretty tattoo ideas much become a design for female choice. You will often find women who use this tattoo design.  Meaning of the Fleur de lis is a symbol that is often used by the different traditions of the French emblem although its origins are found in the twelfth century. Thus, associated with the king, which is associated as a symbol of power, sovereignty and honor. In addition, the Fleur de lis is a symbol of good work and light, the lighting and the ability to see God. Used as a reflection of the tree of life and perfection. Because it has three petals, the Christian tradition associated with the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Spirit) and the Virgin Mary.

Why this symbol is a symbol of the lily and its representation? As we see, it is a symbol that has been used extensively and with different interpretations. Currently, Fleur de Lis is a typical symbol of Scouting. Usually petals Scout badge has a sailor knot around some stars and represents heaven, and have contact with nature. When you are choose this design, to place in your body, you can customize to your liking. In addition, most people choose to draw this design in black, but if you’re a fan of color may choose to use other colors. So, you know, if you want to reflect honor, loyalty, royalty, or if you prefer a good symbol of the Holy Trinity that reflects your faith, Fleur de Lis is right choice for you! That is pretty tattoo ideas for you. Do you want to try it? For more explanation, you can see picture. I am sure that you will like this design.

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Pretty Butterfly Tattoo Ideas for Women

I will give you some butterfly tattoo ideas that can be tried by women. Nowadays, not only men who use tattoos, but women have also started liking tattoos located on their bodies. Tattoo is a body art that is interesting, and the tattoo is a tattoo design that symbolizes the characteristics of a person. Women are identical with the butterfly, why? That’s because the butterfly has beautiful colors and attractive body. Women love this design, because women love the beautiful colors that are owned by a butterfly. For women, the butterfly is a symbol of the feminine that can boost their confidence.

There are many butterfly tattoo ideas favored by women. You can use the design drawings of butterflies are large or small. It depends on your decision, and if you want to show the tattoo to your friends. Therefore, you have to put the tattoo design on the body that can be seen. Body parts are often used by women to put this tattoo design is in the back of the back or shoulders back, some women also put this tattoo design on the side or back of the neck. If you like swimming, you can put a butterfly tattoo design is on your hips, so that when you wear a bathing suit, your tattoo will steal the show. For the butterfly colors, you can customize to your liking, you can choose a variety of colored or just one color. Sealing it, to Desai’s tattoos, you could use some abstract designs, or 3D. Choose according to your liking.

Butterfly tattoo has a special meaning according place in our body. For example image on the neck or shoulder that symbolizes women who like to dream about. At your lower back that is symbolizing wit and well-being, trustworthy and health. For you who like to tattoo on the foot or above the ankle is someone who love nature. For you who want to express their love for all living creatures, butterfly tattoo on his chest is the nice option. Some women use small tattoo in the wrist for the beauty factor, that is symbolizes virginity and love. Butterfly tattoo ideas symbolizes of beauty, warmth, and innocent creatures.

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Pretty in Plastic x Gallery 1988 Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Show Collectibles

In conjunction with Gallery1988’s touring Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Show, Pretty in Plastic has created several new collectibles featuring Slimer which will debut at the Los Angeles exhibition which opens this Saturday evening (5.17). If you’re looking to recreate some of the magic of the life-size Slimer created by Pretty in…

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Spider-Man looks pretty in pink; McDonald’s to carry boy & girl-specific Amazing Spidey 2 toys

In yet another bizarre Happy Meal move, McDonald’s has segregated its Amazing Spider-Man 2 toys into separate (but equal) gendered offerings. Little girls (and some boys) will have the opportunity to pick up a set of pink Spider-Man accessories because… well, does McDonald’s even have female executive leadership?

Admittedly, the decision to break up the Amazing Spidey 2 Happy Meal toys into boys and girls selections is less baffling than say, the choice to segregate Pokemon in the past (and apparently the future) but, at the same time, it’s still such a “what the hell?!” move. Even weirder is the decision to make all of the accessories pink (you know, as opposed to Spidey’s ACTUAL colors) because, well, girls like the color pink! (And because McDonald’s doesn’t feel like asking women for their opinions on the subject?)

Comics Alliance took the whole idea once step further, however, when it pointed out the choice possibly carries a sly insinuation that “girls can like superheroes, but boys can be superheroes.” I’m not sure if the assertion takes the whole thing a step too far, but it’s definitely food for thought.

All that aside, I’m not going to say that the girls’ toys are awful or even that the overuse of pink was a terrible idea. I fully expect something like note cards or a mini-diary (neither of which is much of a toy…) would go over better with girls while the bracelets, which could appeal to both genders, might not go over well with the parents of boys. More importantly, girls always have the choice of asking for the boys’ toy (or boys for the girls’ toys) even after a clerk has made that decision for them.

For additional reading, be sure to check out this op-ed from a young woman seeking to end the practice of gendered Happy Meal toys.

[ Comics Alliance via The Mary Sue ]

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