Popular Playthings Magnetic Match Rings

The Magnetic Match Rings Set by Popular Playthings is a fun way to for kids to learn how magnets work. Each ring is magnetic, with one positive side and one negative side. To play, children select one of the 40 pattern matching challenges and stack the magnetic rings to match the color pattern shown on the card. Rings that attract will snap together. Rings that repel will ”float” on the post.The set includes 40 matching challenge cards, 10 colorful magnetic rings (3 blue, 3 red, 2 yellow 2 green), 1 magnetic stand and a clear plastic travel bag.This set helps youngsters develop visual matching skills, and improve eye-hand coordination. For ages 4 and up. Popular Playthings provides award-winning toys that encourage learning, creativity, social interaction, and good old basic fun.

Product Features

  • Popular Playthings Magnetic Match Rings is a fun way for children to learn about how magnets work
  • Select one of 40 pattern matching challenges and stack the rings onto the post to see if they attract or repel each other
  • Includes 10 magnetic rings, 1 stacking post, and challenge booklet
  • For children age 3 and up
  • Popular Playthings provides award-winning toys that encourage learning, creativity, social interaction, and good old basic fun

Most Popular Arm Tattoo ideas for Men

This time I will give you arm tattoo ideas for men the most popular among men. When we asked him, where the most desirable parts of the body to put a tattoo? Most men would answer part of the body is the arm. Yes, the arms are the body parts most preferred men to put a tattoo. That’s because a tattoo on the arm will be seen when we use the short T-shirt, so it will show the masculine side of a man. In addition, many women who think that men will look cool when are having a tattoo on the arm. Therefore, we often meet a man who has a tattoo on the arm, and they were very proud to show to all people. Besides, we know that the tattoo itself is not just art, complementary appearance and hobby. But the tattoo is an art that has meaning for the wearer.

What are the arm tattoo ideas for men are the most popular?

The first is a tribal tattoo, tribal tattoo design on the first time is often associated with an ethnic identity. But this time, the tattoo design is becoming popular among men. That’s because this tattoo design displays masculine and cool side of a man. Moreover, this tattoo design also gives the impression of strength. Many women are attracted to men who have a tribal tattoo design on the arm, do you also like it?

The second is the dragon tattoo. Animals are dragon from Chinese mythology, and an animal that is revered by some people. Men who use this tattoo design, he wants show strength side that might be able to feed that sense that he is not a weak person. Many men love this design, it is because he assumes that the tattoo design is so amazing when applied in the arm.

Last is the skull tattoo design. This tattoo design is often considered to be the scary design. Many men think that this design is a cool design, but some women even regard this design synonymous with the bad boy. But, assuming that all men who have this design include naughty man is wrong. Therefore, the man who wears this design only wants to show the strength and courage. That is a little idea about arm tattoo ideas for men.

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Popular Small Male Tattoo zodiac

Many men who like tattoos to beautify their body, so many emerging small male tattoo ideas. If you think that a tattoo that has a great design is a tattoo that is suitable for men. But, all of that is wrong. Small tattoo designs are not just for women, men also worth using a small tattoo design. That makes the difference is of the shape of the tattoo design. Try to think, not probably men use women tattoo design, tattoo design because it does not look masculine for men. Today, a lot of men who like small tattoo design of the great tattoo designs. So the tattoo is becoming a trend among men.

I will give you some small male tattoo ideas for you, tattoo design is becoming a trend among men:

Cross tattoo ideas, this is one design that is preferred by both men and women. This tattoo design symbolizes that they will always remember the Lord. In addition, this design also gives a special meaning for the wearer. Therefore, the reason people wear these designs vary. Placement of the design is also different, it depends on the desire of the wearer, one in the wrist, chest or upper back.

Celtic tattoo, design also became one of the favored men. In addition, this design has characteristics and meaning of its own. Typically, this design is used in the form of large, because a lot of people who started wearing this design in the form of small, so small Celtic design to be one of the favored men. This design is very suitable to wear a man, because it looks masculine. Many men who use this design in the chest, where your favorite place?

Zodiac design. Many men and women who are use this design. Usually, they will use this design that has a 3D effect, so that the design looks like real. Examples of commonly used design zodiac is Scorpio man design, so when using 3D design Scorpio, Scorpio is seen walking in a man’s body, For placement the tattoo depending on the tastes of the wearer. That is some small male tattoo ideas that favored by men.

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Popular Small Cute Tattoo Ideas for Women

Many people are starting to like tattoos, tattoo designs from large to small cute tattoo ideas. That’s because, the tattoo is a body art that is popular. In addition to show the creativity of body art, tattoos also an identity for a person, or as a symbol of a person’s characteristics. Not only men who like tattoos, women love tattoos jug. If men liked tattoos are usually big, masculine look and can symbolize their characteristics. Men usually like animal tattoo designs, tribal, celtic, etc. While women tattoo designs that still look feminine, like a butterfly animal, fish. In addition women also love the design of the show feeling. In addition to great design, now there are many tattoo designs that look small.

Now, I will give some small cute tattoo ideas for women, tattoo designs are most favored by women:

Tattoos placed in the back of the neck. This is one of the favorite places to put their tattoos woman. When she ties her hair, the hidden visible tattoo will look. In addition to making appearances to be interesting, these tattoos can also make a woman look sexy. The designs are often used behind the woman’s neck, like a cross design, hearts, butterflies, flowers, etc. In addition, many women who began creativity to make their own tattoo designs.

Tattoo design that symbolizes love, to place this tattoo placement depends on the wishes of the woman. Love design typically used in pairs with their lover. To show your feelings to someone we love, do not have to use a large tattoo, women also can use the cute little tatao design. The designs are often used to express feelings, such as spouse name tattoos, heart tattoos, etc.

Sexy tattoo design, tattoo designs are not only great to make women look sexy. Tattoo design which is located in the lower abdomen, to form designs can be tailored to the desires of women. But, there are many women who put tattoos on the hip, pictures are like butterflies, stars or flowers.

Those are some small cute tattoo ideas that are often used by women, or it could be said pupuler among women. Happy trying!

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Popular Arm Tattoo Ideas

Arm tattoo ideas is the most popular tattoo designs than for other parts of the body. Basically the tattoo is to give beauty to the body, in addition to the tattoo can symbolize a person’s identity. But, the tattoo also has meaning in the philosophy of it. Tattoos for arm usually fulfill the arms, or only partially. The most preferred an arm tattoo is usually a man, but there are some women also who like this idea. The boys liked the arm tattoo design that meets the arm. It is because they like to use the cover arm with style.

Here are some arm tattoo ideas for you to know:

Tribal design, this design was taken from a large tribal tattoo design. This design became one of the popular designs for a man. They feel by wearing this design, they would look cool. For example, if you are thinking about using tribal designs, then you should be careful to consider wearing a tattoo of a culture and style. This tattoo design is not only seen as more representatives of a culture or tribe, but of tattoo can also be modified to get his tribal tattoo designs are more modern. For example you can get a tattoo Maroi Tattoo or maybe Hawaii.

Celtic Designs – Celtic knotwork often suitable for tattoo designs. Intricate designs that look of knotwork tattoo designs can give a beautiful and amazing. That’s because there are so many parts of your arm. These designs include knotwork animals and even calligraphy into the overall Celtic design.

Floral patterns – there are many different floral patterns and can easily be replicated. It is usually softer feminine but do not necessarily have to. Usually that often use this tattoo is a woman. This tattoo design is not too cover all parts of arm, but only partially covered by a arm tattoo.

Traditional Japanese design. Arm tattoo ideas that are also popular are traditional Japanese designs. The Japanese have a long history of tattooing and theme design koi fish, samurai, and cherry blossoms. This design philosophy has a very deep meaning for the wearer.

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Gashapon mini folding chairs are popular now in Japan

I can never predict what will become popular. I mean, looking back can I comprehend why I wanted to collect cardboard coins? Seriously, pogs were a thing!

Especially in Japan, what becomes hot is never predictable. That brings us to the latest capsule toy that is apparently getting a lot of buzz right now in Japan; mini folding chairs. It’s not anything special, like an Attack on Titan chair to go with your new Attack on Titan horse.

It’s just your average toy folding chair. Still, as toy chairs go, it’s a nice accessory. It can really fold and your figures can sit on it.

Made by Epoch, these come in four different colors; black, brown, green, and blue. There’s also a pushcart so you can push around all your folding chairs just like in real life. For ¥200 toy, I guess I can see why these are popular.

It’s silly, but at the same time, practical for someone who collects figures. So you know what? I think I want a folding chair for my figures too! I hope someone will help me find these and then I will play the greatest game of musical chairs with my figures.

[via Rocket News 24]

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Transformers 4: Age of Extinction – Bay Says He's Popular As North Korean Dictator After CES Gaff

MichalBay.com lets us know the Transformers 4: Age of Extinction was talking to TMZ Live about why he freaked out and walked off stage at the CES Samsung event. Citing he’s quite familiar on stage having appeared hundreds of times before and goes on to explains what happened this time. Ironically enough, the gaff has caused a news sensation that is gotten the new Curved 105-inch UHD TV more attention than Samsung bargained for. Watch the clip below to see Bay on TMZ.

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