“8 ‘Till Late” Plush Bodega by Lucy Sparrow in The Standard (June 5-30)

Currently launched and open at The Standard (High Line) is a concept solo show titled “8 ‘Till Late” – which features the plush-art of UK-artist Lucy Sparrow, whose “Convenience Store” features EVERYTHING on the shelves made of PLUSH! Exhibiting thru June 30th, all pieces are as well listed online for your purchasing pleasures!

Check out the videos and images featured here, and score yourselves

Shawnimals Valentines Day Dumpling Plush

Personally, the stomach is the way to my heart, so why wouldn’t I want to receive some scrumptious looking dumplings for Valentine’s Day? These Valentine’s Day dumplings from Shawnimals are hand filled with love and will make the perfect gift for that special someone. In this dumpling set you will…

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Tentacle Kitty: Color Shift plush up on Kickstarter

We at Tomopop are huge fans of Tentacle Kitty, and are always excited to see what new things they have in store. Currently they have started a new Kickstarter called Tentacle Kitty: Color Shift, and are working on a slew of colors should they be unlocked along the way. They currently have a prototype for the purple Tentacle Kitty, which is seen in the header image. They will also have a special MIA Edition Tentacle Kitty that I personally want to see unlocked, as well as a chance to unlock Midnight, Teal, Orchid and Paradise Blue colors as well.

As for rewards, you have everything from wallpapers, a t-shirt, the plush Tentacle Kitty (Of course!), artwork from the artists, charms, your pet made into a Tentacle Kitty plush, and more! Head on over to the Tentacle Kitty: Color Shift Kickstarter to learn more and help out this adorable endeavor!

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Now you can get a Don’t Starve Beefalo plush from Klei Entertainment

Do you enjoy playing the indie survival game, Don’t Starve as much as I do? Well, then you’ll be happy to hear that Klei Entertainment is releasing a new plush toy from their game. Originally released at PAX East and Prime 2014, the Beefalo plush is now getting a wide release online.

If you’re a fan of the game, you know Beefalos as tasty cattle that you can hunt for food and warmth. After the release of the Chester plush replica and the blind box figures, this plush looks to be another quality item. Measuring almost six inches tall and made from soft shaggy material, these Beefalo are super cute.

These plushes went online today and are currently available for US$24.99. This is a special launch price that will only last until November 11. Afterwards, these will cost you US$29.99.

Also available now is a limited edition “Chill” version of the Beefalo plush. This version’s fur is white and has demonic red eyes. There will only be 200 available for US$79.99.

So if you want a wild animal to cuddle for warmth and possible kill and eat later, the Beefalo is waiting. 

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Fruitimals plush Kickstarter launches and already succeeds

Cuddly animal/food hybrids make the scene in a big way with Lucky Squid StudiosFruitimals Kickstarter. Even though the campaign launched a week ago, not only has the initial goal to produce the first plush, the Orange Fox, been met but they are well on their way to the first stretch goal of US$22,000, which will enable the manufacturing of the Eggplantypus (my personal favorite). Other stretch goals include the Octocherry and Gertrude the pig, part of Happy Squid Studios’ Pudgimals line, plus a “Fan Choice” selected from several other critters. The Fruitimals look so cute you could (fittingly) eat them up! And the animals don’t end with the plushes. They appear on other pledge rewards like PVC keychains, clever printed field bags, and woven scarves. 

There is still plenty of time to pledge and help get the entire line produced. The Kickstarter runs until 8:59 Pacific on November 20. 

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Mechanical Plush Riding Brown Horse Toy – Ride on Bounce up and Down and Move, Medium

Our Plush Walking Animals put your little one in the saddle on an endless road to adventure. With your child in the saddle, operating and steering, our animals will actually move forward while your child is on their back! These animals offer fun play that is both imaginative and physical, helping develop both coordination and creative play. Much like an oversized beloved stuffed animal, with their plush bodies, playful tails and friendly eyes. Beneath their soft fur is a hard, sturdy body that’s heavy enough to support the maximum weight. They wear a permanent saddle and metal footrests with rubber grips for extra security are attached to the animal’s body with a heavy-duty permanent metal bar. This very special toy is definitely built to last and will be handed down from one generation to the next. Grip handles are located at the base of the animal’s head; its’ four hooves are fitted with hidden wheels. Our plush Walking Animals are perfect for active play both indoors and out. Designed for children ages 2 to 110. Recommended maximum weight is 120 lbs.25″L x 8″W x 38″H

Product Features

  • Realistic horse-like features
  • As you bounce up and down, your pony’s legs move and you really go for a ride
  • Makes physical activity fun – kids exercise while having a great time!
  • For ages 2-10 years old
  • Integrated footrest

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Halloween plush collection pops up in US Pokemon Center online shop

The Pokemon Center is getting into the fall spirit with the release of their Halloween plush collection into their US online store. The series is admittedly smaller than the seasonal campaigns seen in Japan but, honestly, I am just thrilled that we get any special merchandise at all (especially plushes).

The Halloween collection consists of four Pokemon: Pumpkaboo (US$14.99; stands 6 and a quarter inches tall), Gourgeist (US$34.99; stands 14 and a quarter inches tall), Pikachu (US$14.99; stands 6 inches tall), and Dedenne (US$14.99; stands 6 inches tall). Pikachu and Dendenne come dressed in the outfits from the concept art (see this post’s header image) while the ghost-type monsters (Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist, for you non-PokeManiacs) are simply presented as you find them in-game. I actually think Pikachu is the least inspired of the quartet. Which one do you like best?

[header image via Pokemon’s Twitter]

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The Premium edition of Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley comes with a plush Snow Bunny

Fans of Natsume Inc.’s farming sim series, Harvest Moon, and its spin-offs know that one of the big bonuses for pre-ordering the games are the adorable animal plushes, especially the larger ones in their Premium bundles. These lovable stuffed critters are made by SOTA Toys and, speaking from my previous experience with the company, very high quality. The next game to receive the Premium bundle treatment is Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, which will be accompanied by a Snow Bunny plush. The bunny seems to be quite a bit larger than the puppy plush offered as a bonus for pre-ordering at major retailers (the dog is available at the Natsume store as well). I would wager about 6-inches tall, not including its ears.

The Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Premium bundle is exclusive to Natsume’s online store and costs US$39.99, just US$10 more than the standard edition. For a plush this cute, that is a steal! The bundle is a pre-order, set to ship on November 4.

[image via Natsume Inc.’s Facebook]

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SubUrban Vinyl x Furry Feline Creatives – NYCC Exclusive Suburban Reptile Kaiju Purridge Plush

As part of it’s NYCC plans, SubUrban Vinyl will offer their exclusive Suburban Reptile Kaiju Purridge plush from Furry Feline Creatives. Limited to 12 hand-sewn pieces (14” x 12”), the latest incarnation of Kaiju Purridge will be available at the SubUrban Vinyl booth [#208] as part of the large Tenacious…

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New CLASSIC 1966 BATMAN TV SERIES PLUSH TOYS by Bleacher Creatures Out Now!

Here’s a fun cool new set of Batman Toys to keep an eye out for! It looks like the Bleacher creatures Toy Company has created a line of Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series Plush Dolls! They measure about 10″ Tall and they have a retail price of about $20 each. 

There are 5 of them to collect right now: Batman, Robin The Boy Wonder, Batgirl, Joker and Catwoman. You can order them from their website, just CLICK HERE!

Oh yeah, I saw this advertising banner pop-up last night and it shows THE PENGUIN, which is not available yet. So, I’m guessing they’re gonna come out with a few more of these.

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