Comparison pictures of Art Figures 1/6th scale Judge Dredd and VTS Judge Anderson figures

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After reviewing the VTS VM-013 1/6th scale New Epoch Cop 12-inch figure aka Olivia Thirlby as Judge Anderson from DREDD movie (action figure review HERE), let’s see how she fares beside the 2014 released Art Figures AF-015 1/6th scale Heavy Armoured Special Cop “DREDD” 12-inch figure (Reviewed earlier HERE and HERE). These two figures are released by different manufacturers and it’s interesting to see how they look beside each other. Art Figures also released their version of Judge Anderson but she just didn’t make the cut. Art figures’ version looks rushed and certainly not up to standard compared with VTS version. You can see the preview pics of Art Figures AF-020 1:6 Heavy Armoured Special Cop (Female) figure HERE.

These two figures look quite good together, even if they are made differently. The red color on the helmets are different, Judge Anderson’s helmet is a tad brighter than Dredd’s. Other minor differences exist but they are not as obvious. VTS 1/6th scale New Epoch Cop’s (Judge Anderson) Lawgiver Mk. II has more colors than Dredd’s which is mostly black. Knee pads and shin guards are different too.

Scroll down to see all the pictures including group pics of these 2012 movie judges alongside 1995 movie judges of Sylvester Stallone as Judge Dredd and Judge Hershey (NOT the chocolate).

Click on the pictures for bigger and better views.

Dredd strikes a very imposing figure compared to Anderson and that’s a good thing. The height difference works well here as we expect Dredd to be more intimidating and have a commanding presence.
Here are two different versions of the Judges. Medicom Toys released their 1/6 scale RAH (Real Action Hero) movie version Judge Dredd 12-inch figure way back in 1995 when the movie came out and it was my FIRST Medicom figure I ever bought. It also introduced me to the world of high-end collectibles. You can check out the action figure review HERE. Still waiting for an updated version. It’s been more than 20 years. A female Judge Hershey figure by ACE Girls Mission was released in 2010 – see the review post HERE. So there are a total of four Judges from two movies in the picture below.

I am now waiting for the 2000 AD x ThreeA 1/6th scale JUDGE DREDD 12-inch Collectible Figure which is most faithful to the comic πŸ™‚ preview pics HERE

5 Great Pictures of Bee Tattoo Ideas

This time, I will talk about the bee tattoo ideas. The bees preferred because they are beautiful and aesthetically. Sure, there are people who are allergic to bee stings. These people try to stay away from these little buggers. But beyond this, the bee is an insect that has a great contribution to society, particularly in the food, because honey is very tasty and nutritious. As usual, we will see a little of the meaning of the bee and also find various designs with interesting combinations of bee tattoo. In honey bees we have a lot of concepts from idea to image the hard work that is cruel, featuring beauty, is always beyond everything. We will look at those big, soft, whimsical, meaningful and significant tattoos.

What the meaning of the bee tattoo ideas? There are many meanings given to bees. Confidence is beginning to think that the bees come from heaven, sent by the gods. This so because they are able to return home, knows how to advance. After this, many cultures regarded as one to kill the bees. Bees have had a great relationship with the sacred, soul, and occupied a very important place in the human mind. And we are not talking about the queen bee, but the bee is simple. Continuing with the ideas held about bees and can tip into a beautiful tattoo, cannot fail to mention two very interesting words: fertility and sexuality. Christians believe that these insects represent hope and are able to show us how to live in society, something more interesting for a while and even for day-to-day running.

However, some people are looking for other types of bees in quality, especially the queen bee, the leader, who organizes all the other bees. In it we see the freedom, we see a lot of seniority and the ability to manage. But each may have different ideas about bees, especially for you. So the tattoo you choose will be in this direction. Do not forget the impression made ​​things personally, because after all it is more important that everything they believe, for example, ancient culture. As an example for the bee tattoo ideas, you can see the bee tattoos surrounded by flowers. Are you interested in this small animal?

ThreeZero 1/6 scale 2014 RoboCop version 1.0 12.5-inch figure – full reveal (pictures and specs)

ThreeZero is proud to reveal RoboCop 1.0, which will be their second release in the 1/6th scale collectible line featuring characters and robots from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures (MGM) and Columbia Pictures’ motion picture RoboCop. They first previewed their RoboCop 2014 1/6 scale OmniCorp EM-208 12-inch robot figure HERE

This fully articulated, highly detailed figure stands at 12.5 inches (around 32 cm) tall and features a realistic metallic paint application and an LED light-up feature on the front of his helmet. RoboCop 1.0 comes with two weapons: Stun gun & Machine gun and additional hand sculpts. The two weapons can be stored in RoboCop’s thighs just like in the film.

RoboCop 1.0 details: fully articulated figure; figure stands ~12.5″ (around 32cm) tall; highly detailed mechanical design; helmet features LED light-up visor; realistic paint application highlighting the details; both Stun gun & Machine gun can pop out from left and right built-in holsters; both guns can be manually extended; 3 kinds of interchangeable hands – relaxed hands, fists & gun holding hands; AG1 X 3 button cell batteries are required (batteries not included).

Scroll down to see all the pictures.
Click on them for bigger and better views.

The “TSR 66” is RoboCop’s main sidearm in the film. The pistol is a Beretta with a custom shell that was created using a 3D printer.

RoboCop uses a customized SMG in the film as his main firearm. Mattox (Jackie Earle Haley), OmniCorp armorer and RoboCop’s trainer in the movie, states it is chambered for the .50 Beowulf caliber.

The man in the machine: When Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman in the title role) – a loving husband, father and good cop gets critically injured in the line of duty, OmniCorp sees their chance for a part-man, part-robot police officer.

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Comparison pictures of OE Killer Instinct Righter with Sam, Princess Jun, Vis Eris, Raiden & Boom

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Having done a two-part review of the recently released Original Effect OE Killer Instinct series 1/6 scale Righter 13.5″ tall female action figure HERE and HERE, I think it’s a good time to do comparison shots of OE Killer Instinct Righter with OE Killer Instinct Sam. After all, they are both supposed to be from the same series and yet they both look so different from each other in terms of uniform / outfit. Killer Instinct Sam looks rather rugged as if she lives in a post-apocalyptic world whereas Killer Instinct Righter looks like she came from a sci-fi futuristic world. Whatever it is, I like them both πŸ™‚ from their anime / manga looking stylized female head sculpts to their different outfits. I actually prefer this series to OE’s original Army Attractive series of which 1/6 scale Viola female action figure was the first. Check out my review HERE and HERE.

It’s funny how when I first started my toy collecting hobby which then transcended to 1/6 scale action figures, I never thought I would be collecting 12-inch female figures. Looks like I have quite a few of them in my collection now. And OE’s female figures are not even 12 inches tall but taller at 13 inches (without heels). With the heels added, they are 13.5 inches tall which makes them giants in the 1/6 scale world.

Scroll down to see the comparison pictures of OE Killer Instinct Righter with Sam, Princess Jun, Vis Eris, Raiden & Boom. Not sure who they are? Well, you just have to check them out. Click on them for bigger and better views.

As you can see from the pictures, OE Killer Instinct Righter is much taller than Sam because of her high heels. Sam stands at 13 inches whereas Righter is 13.5 inches tall, the same height as Viola (check out the comparison pictures of Sam and Viola HERE)
Scroll down to see more pictures of OE Killer Instinct Sam and Righter side-by-side
Here’s Righter with her Uniform cloak which reminds me of another female character from a famous American adaptation of the Japanese anime series Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (1972) called Battle of the Planets (1978)
So I couldn’t resist not posting pictures of 1/6 scale Battle of the Planets! G-Force! Princess Jun together with OE Killer Instinct Righter and Sam. You can see from the pictures just how much bigger OE’s female figures are compared with other 1/6 scale figures
This is the Takara Cool Girl 1/6th scale Gatchaman G3 Jun the Swan CyGirl 12-inch female action figure which was from sometime ago. You can view more pictures HERE and HERE
And here are pictures of OE Killer Instinct Righter with Takara’s CG-13 “Eris” from the Violent Interception Squad (VIS) – see my earlier post HERE for more pictures. They both look like they belong in the sci-fi world.
I just love the whole RoboCop look about her, including the ED209 inspired helmet with the black dome. Check out the recently released NECA Robocop 10-inch tall ED-209 Robot Action Figure (with Sound Effects & Dialogue) posted HERE and HERE as well as the Hot Toys 1/6 scale version of ED-209 HERE
Scroll down to see more pictures of this Takara CG-13 1/6 scale Violent Interception Squad (VIS) “Eris” 12-inch female figure
How does Medicom Toys 1/6 scale Metal Gear Solid 4: Raiden fit into all this? he doesn’t but I just felt that he could fit very well in the world where OE Killer Instinct Righter and Sam came from.
You can view more pictures of this Medicom Toys 1/6 scale Metal Gear Solid 4: Raiden in my 2008 post HERE
And here’s OE Killer Instinct Sam with AX2 “Boom!” Series Collection #2 1/6 scale Rei (prototype clone) 12-inch action figure. They both certainly look like they belong in the same world. Check out the review of AX2 “Boom!” Rei HERE, HERE and HERE

So that about covers it for now πŸ™‚

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Some Pictures of Bracelet Tattoo Ideas

If you like to use the bracelet, the bracelet tattoo ideas can be an inspiration to you. If you frequently use bracelets and want to continue to be seen wearing it without any fear of damaged or missing, use this tattoo design is one solution. Because, the tattoo will last a long time, before you decide which model you use bracelets, you had better seek some advice or references bracelets models that will accompany you for a long time. A tattoo with unique design is often a choice by women, but there are some men also use this tattoo design. Are you also interested in using this tattoo design?

Tattoo Designs bracelets around the wrist, arm or ankle, resulting in a unique visual effect on the body are used. Tattoo design is becoming very common among men and women. Types of tattoos can be done in various styles. In general, men tend to be Celtic or tribal tattoo designs. The areas for bracelet tattoo ideasin the body that they are chosen by the hands and feet, this tattoos are usually in black ink and large. Women are often tattooed bracelets instead of flowers, phrases, parts, feathers or small star, etc. The most common areas of the body are the ankles and wrists. Tattoo on the ankle bracelets looks much easier and has a hippie impression.

There are other styles for a bracelet tattoo ideas, such as barbed wire tattoos, which are very popular among men and women. At first glance, this design may seem aggressive but tattoos laden with meanings, among which are a symbol of strength and protection. In addition to bracelets tattoos, tattoo rings are also used. This design is based on imitating the ring or in front of the fingers, hands and feet. Types of tattoos have become extremely popular in recent years among women and men. For more details and look at pictures, you can see some of my pictures show. I am sure that your appearance will look more cool and charming. Tattoos make you the center of attention one of the favored. Try it in your wrist!

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30 Piece ABC Stack N’ Build Wagon Blocks with Learning Pictures Kids Toy

Each Block: 1.25 Cubes; Wagon: 8 x 2.875 x 8.5 All Real Wooden Components; Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Coloring Build Words with Blocks; Fun for Kids; Great Learning Toy; Ages 2 and Up

Product Features

  • Each Block: 1.25″ Cubes; Wagon: 8″ x 2.875″ x 8.5″
  • All Real Wooden Components; Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Coloring
  • Build Words with Blocks; Fun for Kids; Great Learning Toy; Ages 2 and Up

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