Funny BATMAN V SUPERMAN Dawn of Justice Parody Video!

In this Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Parody… Is Batman fighting Superman or are they working together to fight Doomsday? Does the Senator have a lisp? Is Lex Luthor wearing a wig?


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Scott Vogel as Batman/Bruce Wayne
Trent Bruce as Superman/Clark Kent
David Lautman as Lex Luthor
Brianna Oppenheimer as Senator
Celina Mauti as Wonder Woman
L.B. Rai as Perry White
Charles Dewandeler as Alfred

Batman and Superman are owned by Warner Bros. and DC Comics.
This parody is produced by Spoof Troupe.

©2015, Spoof Troupe, Hollywood, CA.

#BATMAN Vintage Movie Poster Parody – Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall

This is just a very quick post to share an extremely fun graphic image I came across the other day while surfing the web. I’m not exactly sure who the Artist is but he/she did an amazing job on it!

It’s basically a “Vintage Movie Poster” Parody of a what-if scenario showing what Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall would have looked like if they did a Batman movie and I totally love it!

I’m not so sure Bogart would have been a good choice to play the Dark Knight, but Bacall as Catwoman would have been smokin’ HOT, ha!

BATMAN: The World's Greatest True Detective – HBO TV Show Intro Parody

OK, the split-second I finished watching this video I knew it HAD to be posted, it’s SO AWESOME! Josh Newman, who’s an extremely creative person on the YouTube, created this “Batman Fan” video that is a parody of the “montage” intro for the HBO TV series, True Detective. 

Fans of that show will instantly recognize the slow-creepy theme song, it’s really good. Then, I think that Josh did a super-great job at creating the look and feel of the visual graphics. Seriously, it’s very well done.

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