SDCC: Diamond Select Toys panel

Diamond Select Toys’ non-Minimate SDCC panel included a few announcements, a loot at some upcoming items, and a lot of excitement.

Major highlights included the news that the DC Animated Universe Huntress is going to be added to the resin statue line and that DST had picked up the license to make collectibles based on the contemporary animated classic The Iron Giant.

Also shown during the panel were the newly unveiled Marvel Select movie Doctor Strange, a Jessica Jones (in her Jewel persona) PVC statue (which looks great), and some of the Ghostbusters Select ghosts (yes, ghosts!).

For Star Trek fans, the Star Trek Select Khan (Star Trek II) was shown in his alternate seated pose (which uses included alternate parts). There was also news about a Borg figure, although DST resisted showing fans anything so we’ll have to wait futilely until a later convention.

Otherwise a lot of the items were shown in our booth coverage although, at the time, I didn’t call attention to some of the collectibles by name. As an additional, important side-note, we don’t have any booth images of the DCAU Galatea (ie, the Supergirl clone from Justice League Unlimited who had a Powergirl-inspired design). I can’t recall seeing her in previous con coverage either, and it’s really awesome that she’d somehow make it into a line.

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JJF Bird®nergy Saving Universal Solar Window Charger Rechargeable Solar Panel Battery(1800mAh) Charger Cellphone Portable Power Bank External Battery Pack with USB Cable for Iphone 4 4s 5 5g Galaxy S4 S3 Note Note 2; HTC One, Evo, Thunderbolt, Incredible, Droid Dna; Motorola Moto X, Atrix, Droid; Google Nexus 4, 5, Etc(sliver)


1. Solar panel: 5-5.5V/110mA/0.6W

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3. Micro USB Input: 5V/1A

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5. WEIGHT: about 0.24kg

6. Size:118×118 x 18 mm

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8. Internal battery can be fully charged via micro USB within 2 hours

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11. Material: Environment friendly ABS

12. Can be applicable to GPS, IPHONE, other mobile phones, IPOD, Mp3/4, digital camera, etc.

How to use:

1. Stick your charger to any window by peeling off the protective film and affixing it firmly.

2. Plug and use USB end of your device charging cable into the charger.

3. The adhesive part of the charger can be reinforced by applying little moisture to the surface where the charger will be affixed.

4. You can re-fill your charger via the included micro USB or leave in the sun for around 20 hours.

Package includes:

1 x sunnice universal solar charger 1 x USB charging cable

Our products have been well tested, examined and packaged before sending off, but we cannot 100% guarantee the items remain undamaged when delivered to you. Any problem please feel free to contact us first so that we can supply the best service for you.

Product Features

  • This stylish Design solar window charger, is easily attachable to your window. The outside of the charger catches sunlight, while the smooth designed inside spices up your interior and charges your electronic equipment.
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NYCC 2014: Kotobukiya drops some bombs at their panel

Andres is on the ground at NYCC (having the time of his life, I’m sure) and was able to get a part of the sweet action at Kotobukiya’s panel. Usually at US events, Kotobukiya’s emphasis is more on properties that western collectors will recognize. Indeed their panel featured a lot of their staples: Star Wars, DC Comics, and Marvel.

Kotobukiya also had a number of new licenses to show off, one of which has me very excited. Click through for the highlights and gallery!

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5.8G FPV 14dbi High Gain Panel Antenna Aerial for 5.8Ghz RX Receiver DJI Phantom RC Aircraft


Specially designed for RC FPV, mini size, high gain, low SWR and high self recovery function at any angle.
Transmitting distance: 15km with 5.8G 1200mw VTX/RX.
5km with 5.8G 600mw VTX/RX.
Frequency: 5600-5950MHz
Gain-dBi: 14dBi
3db vertical beamwidth: 40 degree
3db horizontal beamwidth: 35 degree
Impedance: 50ohm
Polarization: Vertical
Sidelobe suppression>=13DB
Maximum power: 50W
Connector: rp-SMA
DC grounded.
High self recovery function.

Item size: 60 * 55 * 6mm / 2.4 * 2.2 * 0.2in
Total weight: 27g / 0.9oz

Package List:
1 * 5.8G 14dBi Panel Antenna

Product Features

  • Suitable for DJI and Other Aircraft w/ 5.8Ghz Receiver 5600~5950Mhz!
  • High Gain-Low VSWR-Great Range Extension!
  • Much Better Effect than 3-4 Blades and Mushroom Aerial,Best Choice for Professional FPV Player!
  • Default SMA Male Jack,If You Need Female Plug,Please Make Note!
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C2E2 2014: Diamond Select Toys Panel (non-Minimates)

Diamond Select Toys hosted two panels at C2E2 but Tomopop was only able to make it to the afternoon one that showcased the company’s non-Minimates offerings. Announcements included plans to make zippo lighters, more Aliens collectibles, and new Granix. If that wasn’t enough, the panel also included a look at some prototypes for upcoming figures.

Crazy will come in two flavors: DST’s Select line will feature two versions of a generic Crazy 88 henchman (Kill Bill vol 1) in addition to a Johnny Mo figure. (Of course, if you wanted even more variety, I imagine you could just swap new heads onto the Crazy 88 bodies.) The Bill prototype (previously seen in a catalog) also popped up during the panel.

Don’t get lost in space because nobody can hear you scream! (or something like that…) Diamond Select Toys showed off an upcoming Xenomorph-head bottle opener and announced that it would be followed by a Xenomorph vinyl bank bust and a Xenomorph egg bank bust. For those not interested in space-screaming, DST also has a few new Star Trek collectibles coming your way including a Worf Select figure, a Captain Kirk vinyl bank bust, and a new Enterpise A model.

Bad news, horror hounds: DST is apparently wrapping up its 7-inch Universal Monsters Select line. The line’s final entries will be the previously shown Van Helsing, the Son of Frankenstein, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. If anybody wants to light a candle for the line, they can consider using DST’s new zippo lighters.

Be sure to check out some panel slides in the gallery.

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WonderCon 2014: Kotobukiya’s Spring Preview panel, Part 2

Now that you all have had a chance to read over Part One of our coverage of Kotobukiya’s Spring Preview 2014 panel, let’s move on to the second half. While the first portion jumped between several different fandoms, the majority of this one is all about comics, comics, and more comics. Read on and you’ll see what I mean.

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WonderCon 2014: Kotobukiya’s Spring Preview panel, Part 1

For a toy collector, if you only attended one panel at last weekend’s WonderCon, it was Kotobukiya’s Spring Preview. They had licensing announcements. They had prototypes. They had concept art a plenty. Heck, they even had a very generous raffle! So much awesomeness is impossible to contain within a mere one post and thus this panel’s summary has been split into two posts. The anime, Star Wars, and gaming news can be found here and the rest will be in part two. For now, don’t worry so much about that. Just read on and take in the excitement.

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