Nice Assortment of Funny #BATMAN Humor Memes

This post is basically an “image dump” where I share some funny “Batman” memes I have come across lately. Well, a couple of them are not actually funny but “interesting”. Hey, you get the idea! Enjoy.

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Oh yeah, the baby doing “Armored Batman” Cosplay from the new BATMAN V SUPERMAN movie is totally cracking me UP!

More pictures of Square Enix Play Arts Kai 2014 RoboCop version 1.0 – third-part Review: NICE!

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The new 2014 RoboCop film (a reboot of the 1987 classic) introduces us first to the stunning RoboCop version 1.0, a look inspired by the original film, while at the same time, making the robot suit more modern and refined. Not sure if many die-hard RoboCop fans agreed with the new look though.

Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman), a police officer injured in a car bomb explosion, is chosen by OmniCorp to be outfitted with a cybernetic body and software, making him the first cyborg cop to be deployed for civilian law enforcement in the United States. When Murphy wakes up in his new body, his face and right hand have been incorporated onto the robotic suit as biological parts.

As mentioned earlier, this is my first Square Enix Play Arts Kai action figure and out of the three RoboCop figures released (classic 1987 RoboCop, 2014 RoboCop version 1.0 and version 3.0), I chose this Square Enix Play Arts Kai 2014 RoboCop version 1.0 because it closely resembles the original version RoboCop. I’ve been giving Square Enix Play Arts Kai action figures a miss all this time because I never liked the sculpting of the heads / portraits. In this instance, since RoboCop’s head is mostly covered, I didn’t have any problems with the sculpting.
I’ve already covered quite a bit on this Square Enix Play Arts Kai 2014 RoboCop version 1.0 in my previous posts HERE and HERE, so this third-part review is mostly to show off the nice details and paintwork of this 1/7 scale 9-inch (23 cm) tall RoboCop action figure.

Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures.
Click on them for bigger and better views.

IMHO I think the pistol is a little too big and not in scale with the figure. The pistol (called the “TSR 66” in the film) is a Beretta with a custom shell that was created using a 3D printer. If you look at screen grabs / shots from the 2014 film, you can see the difference in terms of size of the gun. Other than the oversized pistol, I quite like everything else about this figure and am quite happy with my purchase ๐Ÿ™‚
Check out the nice details of this Square Enix Play Arts Kai 2014 RoboCop version 1.0 action figure with these close-up shots / pictures / turnaround views. Did you notice how skinny the actor โ€ŽJoel Kinnaman was? I think it was so that they could wrap him up with the robot suit and still make him look sleek. It was the same thing with the original RoboCop actor Peter Weller. He too had a really skinny frame. Enjoy the pictures ๐Ÿ™‚
Warning: SPOILER AHEAD! Don’t read on if you haven’t seen the movie. One of the best parts of the film is when they showed Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) what was left of his body. That was just mind blowing! It was nice to see Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman altogether in one movie, knowing that they all played important roles in the other movies. Every one of them has had 1/6 scale figures made of them ๐Ÿ™‚

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Incoming: DID 1/6 scale LAPD SWAT 12-inch figure with Ryan Gosling head sculpt – NICE!

There have been quite a number of 1/6 scale S.W.A.T. figures released over the years but none as detailed, complete and updated as this latest preview by DID. This is one of the most impressive SWAT sets ever announced. This guy is loaded with a ton of tactical gear that I haven’t seen on previous SWAT figure releases.

DID’s 1/6 scale LAPD SWAT 12-inch figure comes fully equipped with everything you can almost imagine (except the kitchen sink) and is the most modern and updated S.W.A.T. figure I’ve ever come across. I’ve collected quite a number of S.W.A.T. 12-inch figures over the years (see my post HERE) with the most recent being the Hot Toys 12-inch GCPD (Gotham City Police Department) S.W.A.T. figure (pictures HERE) but nothing beats this latest offering by DID.

What’s even better? This DID LAPD SWAT 12-inch figure comes with a 1/6 scale Ryan Gosling head sculpt ๐Ÿ™‚ Scroll down to see the pictures. Drooling ;p – – –

DID 1/6 scale LAPD SWAT 12-inch figure will come with FAST ballistic helmet (Includes: EOS Tac MPLS Headlamp, NVG Lanyard for VAS Shroud, ContourHD Camera & Goggle Swivel Clips), Head sculpt, 12-inch figure Body (Enhanced all-era body with seamless muscle arms). Three (3) pairs of Interchangeable Glove Hands.
Costume / outfit (uniform): PROTECH TAC-6 PLUS ยฎ HP full coverage tactical vest, PROTECH tactical ballistic bicep upper arm protection, LAPD S.W.A.T Uniform (Shirt and Pants), LAPD S.W.A.T T-Shirt, SWAT classic 9-inch side zip boots.
Weapons: HK 416 carbine rifle w/ miad grip & & PWS Tactical Compensator hider & PTS ASAP sling plate. Kimber custom TLE II (LAPD SWAT) pistol.
Equipment: FM53 twin port protective mask w/ sunlight outsert assembly (includes: Voice Projection Unit (VPU) & Comms Cable Kit), M-Frame strike sunglasses, SWAT-tac III ach single communication headset W/ arc rail adapter & signal combat ptt, Astro saber III speaker, 6360 holster (SWAT CUSTOM) W/ MLS accessory fork on quick release harness & quick locking system (QLS), C.A.T. (covert anti-terrorism) #203 knife, Multi-port plus flash-bang grenade, S-Biner Carabiner, KONG 511-L3 Carabiner, Tactical door stop tool, X26 stun gun W/ tek-lok holster & cqc ambidextrous platform, Disposable double cuff, BB-8700G cell phone W/ case, HK porter 0690C 9-inch handklip cutter, Water beast reservoir, Tazo II screw gate straight D carabiner, TAC- watch, TAC- pen.

Accessory: Dual tango down M4 magazine pouch, Double ump 45 magazine pouch, Double handcuff pouch, Universal radio pouch, Shotgun shell pouch, PROTECH utility pouch, Hydration system carrier, LAPD S.W.A.T. class II special ops harness, UTG Tac single point sling, Drop pouch, OMEGA elite gas mask pouch, OMEGA elite M-16 / flash-bang pouch.

Badge: Tactical name tapes, 41D & 23D commemoration patch, Los Angeles police Breast patch, LAPD SWAT patch.
This DID 1/6 scale LAPD SWAT 12-inch figure comes with “muscular arms” that seems to displays really well with the short sleeve t-shirt that’s included with the set (a blue BDU shirt is also included).

Pre-order this DID 1/6 Scale LAPD SWAT Assaulter – Driver 12-inch Figure from BBTS (BigBadToyStore) HERE

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