DIKAVS 78 kinds of gear package toy car accessories motor various gear axle belt bushings

This gear package contains a comprehensive, we expect the axles, tires, gears, bushings, which have copper gear, umbrella teeth, rack, there are 2.3,3.17 gear, so the basic buy back there is always available! Personal decision needs!

Product Features

  • This gear is covered with a more comprehensive, spindle, single, double, crown gear, pulley, rack, bevel gear, copper gear, bushings, axles, tires, rubber bands and so on
  • The most distinctive gear is: 36MM yellow 2mm hole pulley, rack, four-wheel drive teeth, 28 teeth 2mm fan teeth, there are 30-100mm axles, 30mm diameter wheel wheel five wheels!
  • Axle length of 30mm, 50mm, 70mm, 100mm, shaft diameter is 2mm, the two.
  • Five wheel wheels: 4 outer diameter 30mm, bore 2mm ,.
  • Gears are mostly 2mm aperture (tight or loose), in addition to a 81.5A spindle hole is 1.5mm, there are two crown is 2.5mm, there is a crown gear C303A is 3mm, a 15 teeth 2.3mm hole and 3.17mm hole.

WST A2212 / 5T 2700KV Brushless Motor Outrunner Motor for RC Aircraft Airplane Helicopter Multicopter Quadcopter

1. KV: 2700
2. Net Weight: 50g
3. Weight: 60g
4. Motor Dimensions: 27* 26mm
5. Battery Operating: 2-3 LiPo
6. Idle Current: 1.8A
7. Load Current: 18.5A
8. Power (Watt): 240
9. ESC(A): 30A,20A
10. Peak.Amps :14-22 A

Package Includes:
A2212/5T 2700KV Brushless Outrunner Motor x 1 Set

Product Features

  • Brand New
  • A2212 2700KV Brushless Outrunner Motor 5T Gear w/ Prop Adapter

BW® A2212 1000KV Outrunner Brushless Motor + 30A ESC Electric Speed Controller Set for RC Aircraft Plane Multi-copter Quadcopter


★ A2212 brushless motor:

– Mode: A2212

– KV:1000

– Max Efficiency: 80%

– Max Efficiency Current: 4-10A (>75%)

– Current Capacity: 12A/60s

– No Load Current: 10V: 0.5A

– No. Of Cells: 2-3 Li-Poly

– Motor Dimensions: 27.5 x 30mm

– Shaft Diameter: 3.17mm

– Weight: 48g

★ 30A speed controller:

– Output: Continuous 30A, Burst 40A up to 10 Secs.

– Input Voltage: 2-3cells lithium battery or 5-9 cells NiCd/NIMh battery.

– BEC: 1A / 5V (Linear mode).

– Max Speed: 210,000rpm for 2 Poles BLM, 70,000rpm for 6 poles BLM, 35,000rpm for 12 poles BLM.

– (BLM: BrushLess Motor)

– Size: 45mm (L) * 24mm (W) * 11mm (H).

– Weight: 25g.

Package includes:

1 x BW® A2212 1000KV Brushless Outrunner Motor with Mounts

1 x BW® 30A BSC Brushless speed controller

If any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try our best to help you !

Product Features

  • Mode: A2212; Motor KV: 1000KV
  • Thrust: 650-680g
  • Max Efficiency: 80%
  • Max Efficiency Current: 4-10A (>75%)
  • ESC:30A

GoolRC A-201 EPO Fixed wing RC Airplane P51 Mustang Warbird Aircraft 800mm Wingspan PNP Version (with ESC, Motor, Servo )

It proved itself to be economical, fast, well made and highly durable. Power originally came from an Allison but it was much more successful with the mighty Merlin from Rolls Royce. The Famous models P51 Mustang has been carefully created to give maximum reward to the budding pilot. The aircraft features a brushless motor, 20Amp ESC and 4 ready installed servos. Assembly takes minutes following the simple photo step by step assembly guide.The EPO construction gives a light yet resilient airframe. Compact, adrenaline fuelled, big packet of fun still doesn’t do verbal justice to this airframe, we love it! Dog fights really become genuine fun with this range of aircraft.

Brand: GoolRC
Model: A-201
Item name: P51 Mustang
Material: Durable EPO
Wing Span: 800mm/31.5in
Length: 690mm/27.18in
Wing area: 12dm²
Wing loading: 33dm²
Weight: 468g
ESC: 20A
Servo: 4pcs, 9g/pcs
Motor: 3128 -1300KV brushless motor
Recommended Battery: 11.1V 1000mAh 15C Li-Po battery(not included)
Radio: 2.4Ghz 4channel (not included)

Package information:
Package size: 86.5 * 25 * 25cm / 34.1 * 9.8 * 9.8in
Package weight: 1896g / 4.18lb
Genaral box package

The transmitter, receiver, charger and airplane battery are not included, you should buy them by yourself.
This RC model is not a toy and is not suitable for children under 14 years old, keep it away from children.
Carefully read the instruction before any use, if you are a beginner, it’s advisable to be assisted by an experienced adult.

Package list:
1 * GoolRC 800mm A-201 P51 Mustang PNP Version (Unassembled)
1 * 3128 -1300KV Brushless Motor
1 * 20A ESC
4 * Servo
1 * Tool Set
1 * English Manual

Product Features

  • More convenience with magnetic application on front cowling, battery housing, etc.
  • Equipped with 20A brushless ESC. Stronger push rods, horns offers more efficiency in control.
  • Durable and light weight EPO construction with many surface details.
  • Improved body design and Center of Gravity (CG) makes this mini easier to control.
  • Fuel tanks are attached to the wings with a slide mount system (no glue), so they can be easily attached/detracted.

Fisher Price Cradle Swing Motor Solderless Repair Kit RF-500TB-18280

Fisher Price Cradle Swing Motor Solderless Repair Kit

Verified to work with the Starlight / Garden Papasan, Aquarium, Nature’s Touch, My Little Lamb and My Little Snug-a-Bunny. May work for My Little SnugaMonkey and My Little Snugabear, they share the same style as the others. Just check the motors’ part numbers to be sure.

Comes with two blue No.2 wirenuts for installation.

Motor has one diode and one capacitor on bottom.

If your swing is slow or barely swings to begin with, that would indicate bad electronics in the motor control board or failing power supply and this motor will not fix your swing, just check your circuit board for a burnt or scorched area or the power supply with a voltage tester (DMM).

While this motor works with some Fisher-Price cradle swings you should check the part number on the side of your old motor and match to mine or find the specs on your old motor and match with the information below, we cannot guarantee this motor will work for all swings.

Voltage Range (VDC): 3.0-6.0

Current (Amps): 0.055

No Load Speed(RPM):5750

Rated Speed(RPM): 4300

Torque (g-cm): 21

Power (W):0.27

Terminal Type: Solder w/ 5″ wires (pre-wired ready for use).

Shaft Diameter: 0.079″

Shaft Length: 0.42″

Size: 1.26″D x 0.77″L

A two page instruction pamphlet is included with your order. It includes a helpful troubleshooting section with questions and answers to help you get your swing working.

Product Features

  • Comes with two blue No.2 wirenuts for installation.
  • Motor has one diode and one capacitor on bottom.

Vtech 2 In 1 Learn And Zoom Motor Bike

Zoom around with the 2-in-1 Learn and Zoom Motorbike by VTech. This 2-in-1 bike has handle bars that move like a real bike and easily transforms from a tricycle for unsteady toddlers into a two-wheel bike. The Learn and Zoom Motorbike also features an exciting activity panel. Packed with lights, buttons, rollers and gears, the panel builds fine motor skills and introduces objects, colors, shapes and road safety. Playful music and motorcycle sounds triggered by the motion sensor encourage little drivers to ride around. Hit the road with this exciting 2-in-1 toy. Requires 2 AA batteries (batteries included for demo purposes only; new batteries recommended for regular use). Intended for ages 1 to 3 years.

Product Features

  • Easily transforms from a toddler tricycle for unsteady toddlers into a two-wheel ride on bike for more balanced riders
  • Interactive toddler activity panel features lights, buttons, rollers and gears that introduce objects, colors, shapes and road safety
  • Ride on toy has a motion sensor that encourages little drivers to ride around with playful music and motorcycle sounds; toddler push toy has a steering wheel for more control
  • Kids bicycle has 2 modes of play including sing and learn mode and ride-on mode; kids tricycle features more than 70 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases
  • Toddler bike is intended for toddlers ages 1 to 3 years old; 2 AA batteries included for demo only, use new batteries for regular use

NEEWER® A2208/8T 2600KV Brushless Outrunner Motor for RC Aircraft (2600KV Motor+30A ESC)

2600KV Motor Features:
Shaft diameter: 3mm
Dimension : 27.5mm x 27mm
Recommended Propeller: 2-cells 10 x 5 , 3-cells 9×5
Weight: 39g
KV: 2600rpm/V
Max. Efficiency current: 4-7A
Max Current 8A for 60s
No load current @ 10 V: 0.4 A
No. Of cells: 2-3S Li-Poly, 6-8 Ni-xx

30A ESC Specifications:
*High rate PWM
*Low resistence
*Sixteen cells Max (with BEC disabled)
*User programmable brake
*Low voltage auto setting based on battery
*Throttle range self-adjusting
*Soft start ramp up
*Auto motor cutoff with reset
*Runs motor in forward or reverse V*Safe power arming program ensures motor will not run accidentally after turn on
*Low torque start
*Auto shut down when signal is lost

Package Contents:
4* A2208/8T 2600KV Brushless Outrunner Motor for RC Aircraft
1* 30A Brushless Motor Speed Controller RC ESC

Product Features

  • Constant Current: 30A
  • Max Current: 40A
  • Input Volt: 6V – 12V
  • KV: 2600rpm/V
  • Recommended Propeller: 2-cells 10 x 5 , 3-cells 9×5