Mondo’s new Universal Monsters collection – 1/6 scale Creature From the Black Lagoon 12" Figure

Pre-order Mondo Universal Monsters Creature From the Black Lagoon 1/6 Scale Figure from BBTS (link HERE)

Mondo makes collectible creature history with the (possibly?) first-ever Creature from the Black Lagoon 1/6 scale figure!

Meticulously crafted with 2 years in the making, this swamp-rompin’ figure has 16 points of articulation, stands 12 inches tall, comes with interchangeable swimming hands and feet, 2 different switch-out heads, and a bonus fossil hand.

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Peppa Pig Play Doh Surprise Disney Toys Thomas & Friends Frozen Learn Shapes Pepa Monsters Inc

Peppa Pig and Disney Monsters University Sully collect 4 Play Doh shapes on Thomas and Friends Hiro. Other Monsters University characters look after the shapes before they are opened. Inside…

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30 surprise eggs Moshi Monsters Toy Story Thomas and Friends Angry Birds #surprisecollector

30 Surprise Eggs, Kinder Surprise, Cars 2, Thomas Spongebob Disney Pixar. Surprise Eggs Unboxing, lot of surprise eggs. Kinder Surprise Disney Pixar Zaini eggs. Disney Toys and figures. Visit…

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Thomas and Friends Peppa Pig Toy Fairy Story Tom Moss Prank Trick Disney Monsters Inc Stop Thief

Peppa Pig gets her crown stolen by Tom Moss The Prank Engine. Thomas The Tank Engine takes her to his forest to rescue the crown but runs into 3 Monsters from Disney Monsters University. Luckily.

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We Become Monsters’ "Blarg-oyles" Released Into The WWWild!

“An awesome month like October deserves a crazy over the top release – so this month’s new release is… The Blarg-oyle! He’ll help you eat your candy and watch horror movies with you. Has several points of articulation and hand sewn arm.. uh.. sleeve things. Collectible item. Not for kids as always. Choose from Halloween, Red/Silver, Green/Red. Only one of each version made.” -shared Chris Moore

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Funko’s Pop! Universal Monsters might be scary cute

Funko’s latest horror offerings are sure to elicit screams of delight, as the company has added many iconic Universal Studios Monsters to its Pop! Movie line.

The figures (due out in September, meaning they can be on your shelves this Halloween!) include Dracula, Frankenstein (or Adam or “The Monster”), the Bride of Frankenstein (did she ever get a real name?), the Creature from the Black Lagoon (a.k.a. the Gillman), the Mummy, the Phantom of the Opera, the Wolfman, and the Metaluna Mutant (This Island Earth).

The selection is terrifyingly adorable. While the Gillman is definitely a must-own for my ever-expanding collection (which also includes the Funko Force Gillman), I also find myself tempted by the Metaluna Mutant, Phantom, and Dracula as well as the Wolfman.

Will any of these figures be scaring the money from your wallet?

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Diamond Select Toys Universal Monsters Select: Son of Frankenstein Action Figure

A Diamond Select Toys Release! The monster returns! Diamond Select Toys revisits Frankenstein’s Monster with this all-new figure depicting the monster in his outfit from 1939’s Son of Frankenstein. This 7-inch-scale action figure features an all-new sculpt with all-new articulation and can strike multiple poses on his deluxe display base, featuring equipment from Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. The Monster and his base come packaged in Select-style display packaging, with spine artwork. Sculpted by Jean St. Jean!

Product Features

  • A Diamond Select Toys Release
  • All-new figure depicts the monster as seen in 1939’s Son of Frankenstein
  • 7″ scale figure
  • All-new sculpt with all-new articulation
  • Deluxe display base features equipment from Dr. Frankenstein’s lab

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Tomopop Review: Crowded Coop’s Imps and Monsters Clarence plush

Crowded Coop’s Imps and Monsters line, created by Justin Hillgrove, was one that I had spotted several times in crowded convention halls and online shops, but never really had a chance to get a good look at. The quirky beasts looked playful and fun, but that was about all I knew. Thankfully, I recently had the chance to examine one of the plushes, up close and personal. The toy in question was named Clarence, and I could not have been happier with my good fortune. How happy? Let me count the ways (read on and you can count along with me)!

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