Transformers Masterpiece MP-52 Starscream Version 2.0 Offical Details and Images

Just in from Dengeki Hobby we have the full official details and many more new images for the Transformers Masterpiece MP-52 Starscream Version 2.0 that will be released in June 2021 for ¥28,000 JPY (excluding tax) ~ $265 USD. Takara has done a lot more than meets the animated look with this figure and it comes with a nice collection of accessories as well.

FIRST LOOK – Beast Wars Masterpiece Dinobot Design Models

Tokyo Toy Show is still in progress this weekend in Japan, and thanks to Alfes2010, we have the first look at Masterpiece Beast Wars Dinobot! Right now it’s just a poster showing the robot and dinosaur modes in the form of CG design models – basically a rough draft to help determine how everything will work, before additional styling and refinement happens. And even now seeing a representation of how this will take shape as a toy, it’s still a mystery just how the transformation is going to work and deliver two show accurate forms! You can find the image mirrored below.

Masterpiece Ratchet MP-30 Stock Photos In High-Res

Thanks to Dengeki Hobby we’ve got a look at the upcoming Masterpiece Ratchet’s official photography in much better resolution than the initial look we got back in November with the original reveal of the Ironhide recolor/retool. The photos show the range of option parts and accessories Ratchet will come with when released in April, plus a normal range of poseability and display type shots, including the always-present “does it fit inside MP-10?” photo. We’ve got the photos mirrored, so click through and take a look!

Masterpiece Ratchet And ironhide New Photos Of Figures From Display

Following the reveal in the early hours of Friday morning, we already have some new looks at Masterpiece Ratchet, which was on display alongside Ironhide at a venue in Japan. Of note, the sample seen here lacks the “medical” variation Autobot logo details on the shoulders, likely due to being a fully hand painted piece and not indicating those elements will be missing from the final released figure. Click through and take a look at the new images!

Star Saber Sunday – Hisashi Yuki Strikes Again With More Masterpiece MP-24 Photos!

Hisashi Yuki is back again with more MP-24 Star Saber images! This time we get Star Saber and the inner “Saber” robot both standing in a crowd of well-known Transformers ranging from G1 Optimus Prime to Titan Class Metroplex. Star Saber is pretty tall! Then we get a picture of a small figurine resting in Saber’s chest- it looks similar to a Diaclone pilot, but not quite right. Let us know in the forums if you know what it is, but in the meantime, keep reading to see all the photos mirrored here!

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Masterpiece Prowl and Wheeljack get an official decal upgrade kit

Here’s something we don’t see too often. Looks like Hasbro is letting sticker company Ocean Designs produce an officially licensed set of decals for Masterpiece Prowl and Wheeljack. It’s exceedingly rare for Hasbro to agree to any kind of upgrade for their figures, even if it is just a few sticker sheets, so this is a pretty big thing. The set includes all of the stickers needed to give both figures the looks of the original G1 and Diaclone release as well as additional decals for a more real world look. Most likely this is a set intended for release in Asia, but should be pretty easy to get everywhere once places start taking orders. Of note in the sets are Japanese-style Police stickers for Prowl and, more importantly, real Marlboro stickers for Wheeljack! Looks like some of the Wheeljack stickers go to Generations Wheeljack and there appears to be a sticker sheet for Age of Extinction Leader class Optimus Prime as well. 

I really like that Hasbro is allowing this sort of thing to happen, even for a figure they themselves haven’t released yet. Hopefully we’ll see more sets like this in the future.

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TF Masterpiece MP-05 Megatron to get a new exclusive release

Big Bad Toy Store is reporting that a new release of Transformers MP-05 Megatron is on the way. They’re listing it as a 30th Anniversary exclusive, but stop short of saying where exactly it’s intended to be sold. While it certainly isn’t a North American release it’s hard to guess what store or event it is being produced for. It also wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out to not be a Japanese release at all, but yet another “Asia Exclusive” like the upcoming Masterpiece Optimus Prime reissue instead. Others think this might be one final run for the mold similar to the final use of the original Masterpiece Optimus Prime mold MP-01L which had the word “Last Shot” molded into his back and perhaps signals an all new Megatron in the modern scale on the horizon. 

Whatever the case we don’t get a very clear idea of what this will look like and the photos where in black and white. We know it’ll have chromed parts, but it also is listed as a “Destron leader repaint”. Destrons are the Japanese equivalent to Decepticons so that’s not a lot to go on. However, when the original G1 figure was first released to Japan around 1985 one of the biggest changes to the figure (aside from removing the chrome) was using blue where the American figure used red. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if this new figure featured blue parts instead of the red of the original Masterpiece. 

BBTS has the figure listed at US$199.99 and a December release, same month as Ultra Magnus gets released which gives more credit to the theory of this being an exclusive to Asia. And let’s face it, for most people this is the absolutely worst TF MP figure there is with lots of floppy joints, skinny legs, and overall poor design. Hopefully we’ll get a proper new MP Megatron in the coming years, but for now it looks like Starscream is still leading the Decepticons.

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This Year's Chinese New Year Platinum Edition Figures Year Of The Goat Masterpiece Soundwave And… Laser Optimus Prime?

The Year of the Goat is nearly here, and courtesy of Robotkingdom we know that Hasbro as always is readying a pair of commemorative Platinum Edition figures for Asian markets and US ToysRus stores. This year it’s Masterpiece Soundwave and the Laser Optimus Prime mold from late G2. Huh? Both figures are rendered in what appears to be the official YotG color scheme, which is clear plastic and copper. …Huh. But MP Soundwave even comes with a similarly-decoed set of cassettes! Keep reading to see the photos.

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