Star Wars: The Last Jedi Kylo Ren Electronic Voice Changer Mask

Enter the world of Star Wars and launch into action and adventure! Discover a galaxy of starships and vehicles, and get immersed in exciting stories of good versus evil against a backdrop of a universe populated by heroes, villains, droids, and space creatures with the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Kylo Ren Electronic Voice Changer Mask! With just a push of the button, kids can disguise their voices and imagine commanding the First Order like the dark warrior, Kylo Ren! Imagine charging into action with the Kylo Ren Electronic Voice Changer Mask, featuring movie-inspired design and adjustable straps to fit most head sizes. Star Wars products are produced by Hasbro under license from Lucasfilm Ltd. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

Product Features

  • Kylo Ren Electronic Voice Changer Mask
  • Kids can disguise their voices like the dark warrior Kylo Ren
  • Press button, wait to hear activation sound, and speak into mask for voice effects
  • Recreate adventures and scenes from the Star Wars universe

Star Wars Imperial Death Trooper Voice Changing Mask – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

This Imperial Death Trooper Voice Changing Mask lets your Rogue One: A Star Wars Story fan speak with true authority! It’s the right fit when issuing commands as they bypass protocol with their own missions.

Product Features

  • Genuine, Original, Authentic Disney Store
  • Molded plastic helmet front
  • Adjustable straps for secure fit
  • Put on mask and speak to sound like an Imperial Death Trooper
  • Switch on to see mask light up!

Star Wars The Force Awakens Chewbacca Electronic Mask

Strike fear into the heart of scum and villainy across the galaxy with the first-ever Chewbacca Electronic Mask. This cool electronic mask transforms you into everyone’s favorite wookiee. Move your mouth while wearing it to activate a variety of authentic wookiee growls and howls to scare off every Stormtrooper in sight! Open your mouth slightly for a light roar, then open it wider to make your wookiee roar even louder. Requires two AAA batteries, included. Star Wars products are produced by Hasbro under license from Lucasfilm Ltd. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

Product Features

  • Movie-like appearance
  • Open mouth slightly to hear Chewbacca roar
  • Open it wider, and the roar gets louder
  • Use straps to adjust fit
  • Includes mask and instructions.

Hasbro Cinematic Universe In Development! Micronauts, Visionaries, GI Joe, Rom Spaceknight & MASK – But No Transformers?

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Hollywood – in the form of Paramount Pictures – is teaming up with Hasbro to create a Cinematic Universe based on Hasbro properties. Micronauts, Rom: Spaceknight, MASK, and Visionaries are slated to tie into existing film franchise GI Joe, and a writer’s room is being assembled in the vein of the one created for the Transformers Cinematic Universe. Transformers is assumed to remain separate – though there was that first Micronauts promotional image, so we’ll see! Keep reading for details.

Bandai gives us a full look at S.H. Figuarts Tuxedo Mask

At the recent Tamashii Nations event, they revealed many new exiting Sailor Moon figures that would be coming out in the next year. One of these exciting new figures will be S.H. Figuarts Tuxedo Mask. He has been one of characters fans have been waiting for since the release of Sailor Moon.

I remember back in the 90’s, Bandai’s Tuxedo Mask doll was just terrible. Sure, as a whole Bandai’s 90’s Sailor Moon dolls were pretty bad, but I still found the Sailor Scouts charming. Tuxedo Mask was just bad, but now many many years later we are getting this figure to rectify that wrong! 

S.H. Figuarts Tuxedo Mask will be coming with his top hat, detachable cape, mask, rose, and cane. His full accessory details aren’t released yet, but I do hope he comes with more than one face. This figure will be released in April 2015. 

[via Sailor Moon Tamashii]

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New Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series COWL MASK By Mattel!

OK, here’s another quick post to share this photo I came across the other day. Now I have not totally confirmed this, but this is supposed to be the BATMAN COWL that Mattel has plans to come out with (They also have a Bat-Belt in the works). I don’t have ANY information yet on price or when it will be made available. But one thing is for sure, I’m gonna be camping out all night in front of the store to get mine, ha ha! I mean, I’ve been waiting for this item since I was 2 years old!! I’m also pretty impressed with the way it looks. The “eyebrows” look so awesome!

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OK, This new Batman Collector’s Item won’t be out in stores for about 3 or 4 months but we couldn’t wait to share this fun pic we got! 

DC Comics/Collectibles is making a BATMAN: DEATH OF THE FAMILY Book and JOKER MASK Set!

This new collectors set includes the critically acclaimed tale BATMAN: DEATH OF
THE FAMILY from the superstar #1 New York Times best-selling team of
writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo. 

Now, this seminal Batman
trade paperback graphic novel is paired with a replica hand-painted
vinyl latex mask of The Joker that features sewn-on hair and a white
elastic band. It’s a must-have for any fan of Scott Snyder’s
groundbreaking work!

Look for it around Sept. 24th, 2014. It’s gonna have 176  pages and will measure approx. 8.1/2″ x 11 3/4” x 5 1/2”. Also, it will have a retail price around $39.99 US.

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New Masterpiece Bumblebee MP-21 Scan Featuring Back of Robot And Amazon Japan Battle Mask

We have a new partial scan featuring Masterpiece Bumblebee today. This time the image focuses on the back of the figure to show how the rear half of the car mode roof works in to the robot form, plus another up close look at the toy-based “battle mask” replacement part exclusive to figures ordered from Amazon Japan. Keep reading to check out the full size image!

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Ume Toys goes serious with a Joker mask sculpt

Ume Toys‘ Rich Page is working on a new sculpt, and like some of his other pieces, he’s pulled a bit of pop culture into the collectibles realm. This time, it’s a replica of The Joker’s mask from the bank robbery scene in the intro of The Dark Knight (which is also one of my favorite cinematic scenes). Right now, all we’ve got is this black and white shot of the unpainted prototype, but it’s looking pretty close to the real deal.

Rich says he’ll be casting it in resin once the sculpt’s done, so we might not be too far away from seeing the first test pulls. It might be a pretty fun piece to see colored, or even in something like a translucent red resin. What do you think?

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BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS – BLACK MASK "Personal Mission" Launch Trailer Video

This trailer showcases Black Mask, the feared gang leader and powerful mob boss in Gotham, now controlling the city’s criminal underworld.
Black Mask (AKA Roman Sionis) has but one goal this Christmas Eve night, to kill the Batman. With the aim to further tighten his grip on the city, this ruthless and sadistic crime lord will stop at nothing to destroy the vigilante. To get this done, Black Mask has put a bounty on Batman’s head, and the eight assassins that are out to claim the prize will be some of the most dangerous and lethal killers the young crime-fighter has ever encountered.

To survive the night and save his city, our hero’s strengths and skills will be tested and pushed to their limits.

Batman: Arkham Origins is available worldwide on October 25th.

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