Crispy! Funko premieres its "Burnt" Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Hikari

Funko has debuted its latest Hikari mold, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (Ghostbusters), with a “Burnt” deco reminiscent of the character’s fate in the first film… and many of the video games.

The mold itself is a mix of cute and creepy. I love the body work, but that face really weird me out. Maybe if the eyes weren’t looking down I wouldn’t be tempted to turn the thing around so it’s not looking at me but, I suppose, the original character was intended to creepy so it fits the general vibe.

The choice of deco is somewhat intuitive since it gives Funko some flexibility while achieving an iconic look. The glossy metallic blue used for the bib (?) and part of the hat also looks great.

Funko’s “Burnt” Stay Puft Hikari can be pre-ordered for US$80 and is slated for a November release. As always, you can also win one by entering Funko’s Facebook contest.

[ Pre-order at Entertainment Earth ]

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DST’s really big Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Vinyl Bank and Godzilla Vinyl Bank on sale this week

See how tiny a banana looks in DST’s over-sized Stay Puft Marshmallow Man‘s hand! The 24-inch vinyl bank begins shipping this week alongside the slightly smaller 12-inch Godzilla vinyl bank.

The Stay Puft vinyl bank (vinyl? C’mon, it’s clearly made of AWESOME!) dwarfs DST’s previously released 12-inch Stay Puft Marshmallow Vinyl Bank and, at 24-inches, will likely tower over everything else you own. EVERYTHING!

While listed as a mere vinyl bank, the new Stay Puft is large enough to be a vault and should be big enough to handle years of accumulated loose change. Unfortunately we don’t have an image of him next to the 12-inch Godzilla Vinyl Bank (which purportedly is 18-inches if you count from the head to the tip of his tail), but hopefully Diamond Select Toys will come through with that awesome comparison shot.

Full images in gallery.

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Marshmallow – Flip Open Sofa – Thomas & Friends Theme

Marshmallow Flip Open Sofa’s are the perfect place for your child to sit, play and rest! Each one is constructed out of incredibly soft materials and comes decorated in all your child’s favorite characters. Discover multiple licenses from Disney, Dora The Explorer, Thomas the Train and more. Whether they want to sit or lounge, the Flip Open Sofa transforms into a comfortable space to rest and lounge. The easily removable slipcover can be washed and placed back on the sofa giving your child a clean environment to sit, nap, read or play. Bring your child’s favorite characters to life as they sit, flip and play with the entire line of Marshmallows Flip Open Sofas!

Product Features

  • Soft Plush Children’s Sized Sofa with Flip Open Lounger
  • Available in all your Favorite Preschool Characters
  • Built-in Slumber is Detachable & Perfect For Naps
  • Removable & Machine Washable Slip Cover The removable cover is fitted with a safety locking zipper To un-zip the cover, slide a paper clip through the opening, pull upwards to unlock and slide to unzip
  • Includes: 1 Flip Open Sofa with Slumber

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